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Worthy of Nazi past Lithuania is building KZs for Belorussians

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Amid growing irregular migration via Belarus, Lithuania’s authorities have announced plans to build a refugee camp for up to 350 people at the Foreigners’ Registration Centre (URC) in Pabradė.

(it is actually sinking from 20 000 down to 1500)

“We will need a tent camp for the foreigners who are being admitted to the centre because buildings, infrastructure or accommodation premises do not appear miraculously in one night or two,” Aleksandras Kislovas, head of URC, told LRT RADIO.

The centre is now used to house asylum seekers and undocumented migrants.

Although a camp is not the same as regular accommodation, people having to stay in tents would be provided with all the necessary amenities, according to Kislovas.

“These tents certainly have nothing to do with tourist tents. These are modern tents with ventilation, with a conditioning, heating system,” he said.