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General Hassan Ahmed: Nigerian Army General Hassan Ahmed assassination - How di murder happun

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Gunmen don murder one Nigerian army General gunmen near di kontri capital.

De shoot and kill Major General Hassan Ahmed as im bin travel from Lokoja to di capital Abuja.

Nigeria army confam di death of late death for inside statement.

Army say gunmen attack di late General car on Thursday night July 15 2021.

Dem call di incident as 'sad.' e no dey clear who dey behind di attack and and di reason why dem kill am.

Tori be say Nigeria insecurity palava dey worsen more-more for di kontri wit different armed groups wey dey cause violence wey include killing and kidnappings for ransom.

Di road wia di general bin dey travel through many pipo don experience frequent attacks by gunmen.

But e no dey clear whether im bin dey alone inside di car.

Tok -tok pesin for Nigerian army Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu say dem go bury di General on Friday July 16, 2021.

Until im death Major General Hassan Ahmed na former director for Nigeria army headquarters and was one time Provost Marshall of di Nigerian army.