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Democrat Division Continues Over Eviction Moratorium

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Infighting is running rampant within the Democrat Party as members struggle to unify under Joe Biden. Over the weekend, progressive Democrats began attacking their own colleagues as the nationwide eviction moratorium expired Saturday. Democrat division has prevented the House from extending the measure.

Several Democrat lawmakers, including congressman Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), accused members of their own party of privately trying to kill the bill because of their connections to special interests. The California lawmaker asserted that there’s more than frustration; there’s outrage.

“Some Democrats privately have tried to kill this bill because of special interest of relators and other groups,” stated Khanna. “And it’s unconscionable that we don’t have a vote on the House floor, that we’re protecting some members behind closed doors and aren’t being transparent. It’s just wrong.”

These accusations of backdoor corruption by the Democrats come as the National Association of Realtors lobbied just last week against extending the eviction moratorium.