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Democrats getting a taste of their own medicine: Based Texas man shoots Biden voters

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An apparently unhinged Texas man allegedly attacked a couple — killing the wife and shooting her husband — because they were Biden voters, according to a report.

Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, who ranted in emails about satanic rituals and abortion, claimed he targeted Georgette and Daniel Kauffman in part because of the Biden flag in their yard and a “doll of Trump” hanging there, local television station KDBC reported.

Georgette Kauffman’s body was found inside her garage, a criminal complaint revealed.

Daniel Kauffman told KDBC he was shot at five times, but managed to crawl out of his home and to a neighbor’s house for help.

Alvarez allegedly targeted the couple on November 14, 2020, shortly after the U.S. presidential election, at their home in El Paso.

Alvarez was arrested Sept. 8, nearly a year later, KWTX reported Friday.

Investigators uncovered emails allegedly sent by Alvarez in which he stated his extremist religious beliefs and identified “pro-choice” advocates as the “Jewish Satanist Party” and claimed abortions were “Jewish child sacrifice.”

An email allegedly sent by Alvarez to the 902D Military Intelligence group included claims he targeted the Kaufmann’s home near Memorial Park because they voted for Biden and had a Biden “flag and a doll of Trump hanging.”