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Newsome spanks the fuck out of repugnicunt 6th astroturf fake "recall" effort

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Not even slightly close, looks like about 66% in favor of Newsome. MAGAts on suicide watch, Elder in tears that his new shoe polish hair dye job couldn't cover up his stupid.

California Governor Gavin Newsom took an early lead as the first votes in the state's recall gubernatorial election were tabulated on Tuesday night.

Official results showed the option to retain Newsom leading by 5,238,573 votes to 2,478,640 votes, a lead of over 35 percent, with 16.7 percent of precincts partially reporting less than an hour after polls closed at 8 p.m. local time. CNN projected that Newsom would survive the recall after an exit poll showed the governor leading by 5,313,621 to 2,562,883 votes after 61 percent of responses had been counted.

The election asked California voters to answer two ballot questions: whether to recall Newsom and, if so, which candidate should be his replacement. Republican frontrunner Larry Elder had a decisive lead of over 30 percent over the runner-up Kevin Paffrath in a crowded field on the second question.