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California woman charged with running sex crazed, booze-fueled parties for teens

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LOS GATOS — A South Bay woman has been charged with hosting a series of illegal parties for her son and his friends at which investigators say she supplied alcohol, pushed them to binge drink and manipulated them into having sex with intoxicated teenage girls — in some cases, facilitating sexual assaults.

Shannon Bruga, also known as Shannon O’Connor, is awaiting extradition to Santa Clara County after she was arrested Saturday in Ada County, Idaho, where she has a home in addition to her residence in Los Gatos that is currently on the market.

She faces 39 criminal charges, including 12 felony counts and 10 misdemeanor counts of child endangerment, one count of misdemeanor sexual battery, three counts of misdemeanor child molestation, and 13 misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to minors.

In an investigative outline submitted by prosecutors, the 47-year-old Bruga is characterized as being obsessed with using text messages and Snapchat to organize secret booze-filled parties attended by as many as 20 teens, in which she was the lone adult and where she often pushed them into drinking to a point of illness or unconsciousness.

“It took a lot of brave children to come forward and to untangle this deeply disturbing case,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said in statement. “As a parent, I’m shocked. As the DA, I’m determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community.”

There was no immediate indication that any of the teen boys described as engaging in sex acts with inebriated girls at Bruga’s parties will be prosecuted. Any charges filed against a minor are typically not public record.