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Threats to dox jury if Rittenhouse not guilty

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VIDEO: Racist Relative of George Floyd Threatens Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Members
We all remember last summer when this country was turned inside out and burned because a cop kneeled on George Floyd’s neck. Suddenly, a Marxist group called Black Lives Matter (BLM) was burning things down and marching through the streets, claiming this was somehow stopping racism.

Liberal politicians joined in and all the rules about staying home for COVID were suddenly ignored. Then, another black man had a run-in with police after a violent situation and was shot, causing more riots.

One of those riots in the small city of Kenosha, Wisconsin is where a 17-year-old called Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself from violent Antifa and BLM thugs, killing three white leftists who were trying to murder him.

Now, his trial is underway and George Floyd’s nephew has put out a video that threatens any juror who doesn’t convict Rittenhouse of murder.

Floyd’s Nephew Goes on Violent Rant
Floyd’s nephew is a man called Cortez Rice. He recently went online to brag about how he got into the home of a Minnesota judge who’s in charge of the Daunte Wright trial. Rice also said he knows Rittenhouse jurors are being followed and doxxed by people.

Rice said he knows “people” who have surveillance “up in there” and are making sure to take photos and follow jurors around.

True or not, Rice’s threat is clear. All those involved in the Rittenhouse trial must return a guilty verdict and put the kid behind bars. Otherwise, they’ll face consequences from a secret army of far-left psychopaths who’ve been following them around.

It’s not like Rice is just some random guy. He’s BLM royalty. He’s also got legions of supporters. a leftist journalist called Andrew Mercado – popped up in comments to pressure Rice to go all out after anyone who doesn’t give the right verdict.