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Bigots of NPR shame themselves again

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NPR deletes ‘race obsessed’ tweet over Asian mayor's victory

NPR has apologized for “causing harm” with a tweet implying that newly-inaugurated Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s victory was “a disappointment” as she is not black.
Wu was sworn in as Boston’s mayor on Tuesday, becoming the first woman and first non-white person to lead the city after an unbroken century of white, male mayors. Kim Janey, a black woman, had been filling in as mayor since Marty Walsh was appointed labor secretary by President Joe Biden in March.

For NPR, however, Wu’s victory was apparently overshadowed by the fact that she defeated three black candidates along the way. “While many are hailing [Wu’s victory] as a turning point,” the taxpayer-funded news outlet tweeted, “others see it as more of a disappointment that the three black candidates couldn’t even come close.”

NPR’s portrayal of the mayoral race as a kind of race war was slated online. “Imagine the kind of worldview one has to think this way – hyper race consciousness, obsession with racial hierarchies, and merit & fairness inversion,” author Peter Boghossian tweeted. “Now imagine an entire channel devoted to promulgating this ideology. That is what NPR has become.”

NPR deleted the tweet shortly afterwards and apologized. “We realize we don't always get things right the first time, and our previous tweet/headline misrepresented the story,” the news organization tweeted. “We deleted the previous tweet, which was causing harm, and have updated the story.”