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Illinois Democratic staffer MOCKS Waukesha SUV tragedy that killed 5

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>This is why the Dems are no longer "my party"

An Illinois Democratic staffer brazenly mocked the Waukesha SUV tragedy that killed five and injured dozens in Wisconsin on Sunday, sarcastically equating the incident to Kyle Rittenhouse's highly-publicized acquittal last week. 'It was probably just self-defense,' Mary Lemanski, 46, reportedly the social media director for the Democratic Party in DuPage County, wrote on Twitter Sunday night in the wake of the Wisconsin attack, in the first of a string of since-deleted, scornful posts. 'Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened,' Lemanski continued in her late-night tirade, referring to the SUV driver in the Waukesha case. 'I'm sure he didn't want to hurt anyone,' she added. 'He came to help people.'