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Serbians and Chinese use Vietnamese slave labour in Serbia.

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Serbians and Chinese use Vietnamese slave labour in Serbia.

Vietnamese Prostitutes in Ghana Rescue - Nguoi Viet Online

Closer look at rescue of Vietnamese women from Ghana brothel - Tuoi Tre News

>A Ghanaian investigative journalist has shared with Tuoitrenews the story of six ... who were sexually exploited in Chinese-run brothels in Ghana.

Vietnamese Prostitutes in Ghana Rescue: Ghana’s Finest Undercover Journalist Exposes Sex Slavery Trade / Africa News

Thousands of Vietnamese women and children sold as "sex slaves"

>Ho Chi Minh City (AsiaNews) - Children sold on internet auctions to the highest bidder, through specialized sites that are updatedat least "three or four times day with new arrivals". Women who end up in prostitution, treated as "sex slaves" by traffickers of neighbouring countries - Cambodia and China - or for the European, American and African markets. In Vietnam the evil trade in human lives continues, with numbers increasing every year.