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Tennessee man upset over pizza wait threatens Little Caesars employees with AK-47

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A Tennessee man is in custody for allegedly pointing a rifle at employees of a pizza shop when told he had to wait 10 minutes for his order.

Knox County Sheriff's Office confirmed Charles Doty Jr., 63, is in the Knox County Jail. Employees at the Cedar Bluff Little Caesars reported Doty Jr. held them at gunpoint with an AK-47 when told his pepperoni pie wasn't "hot-n-ready."

Officers responded to the store around 9 p.m. Nov. 5. Witnesses said the suspect, later identified as Doty Jr., of Knoxville, became angry after being told about the wait, then demanded free breadsticks, WATE reports. A police report obtained by the station states Doty Jr. then left the store, and returned with an AK-47 in hand, demanding the pizza immediately.

Doty Jr. reportedly stopped one employee from leaving the store, and that employee is seen on surveillance video running to the back room of the store to call 911. Another customer ended up giving him her pizza in an attempt to get him to leave. Police said Doty Jr. took off before they arrived on scene.