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The neo Nazi Socialist briben and his son are disgusting

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Ever since Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the US Presidency, the mainstream press and Democrat officials have avoided any investigation or scrutiny into the business dealings of the Biden family syndicate – for fear that any negative news about untoward scandals might damage the Biden political brand. However, due to the sheer amount of chicanery and foreign influence peddling, it’s now become almost impossible to hide, even for the deeply partisan corporate media Cobalt mining in Africa is known to be a dirty industry. UNICEF estimates that out of the estimated 255,000 Congolese mining for cobalt, at least 40,000 are children, some as young as six years old (pictured above), and who handle toxic material with their bare hands. Many of these cobalt miners are working for less than $2 per day.

Incredibly, much of Hunter Biden’s brazen foreign influence peddling took place while Joe Biden was serving as US Vice President under Barack Obama.