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australia invades solomon islands to defend chinese interests

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Australia deploys troops to the Solomon Islands as disturbing scenes erupt with violent anti-China rioters BURNING DOWN a police station and threatening civil war over communist influences

Scott Morrison announces Australian troops to deploy to the Solomon Islands
Civil unrest has broken out in the capital amid a wave of anti-China protests
Building have been torched, shops have been looted and mobs still 'on the move'

'Our purpose here is to provide security and stability to enable the normal constitutional processes within the Solomon Islands to be able to deal with the various issues that have arisen,' the Prime Minister said.

Protesters for a second day in the capital of Honiara demanded the resignation of the Mr Sogavare, voicing their concerns about Chinese influence in the country.

Shops and businesses in Chinatown have been targeted by rioters as well as government buildings and police stations.