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The Lab-Leak Theory Meets Its Perfect Match

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What are the odds, indeed.
>Both pandemic-origin arguments depend on coincidence.

>The evolutionary virologist Michael Worobey is trying to bring the pandemic-origins debate back to where it started: with the notion that the coronavirus made the jump to humans at the Huanan seafood market, in Wuhan, China. Last week, he argued in Science that, contrary to official timelines of infection, the "first known" patient was a market vendor selling shrimp. For Worobey, it's telling-to say the least-that this confirmed case, and most of the other very early ones, was linked to Huanan. In an interview with Jane Qiu, whose excellent rundown of the new analysis appeared on Friday in the MIT Technology Review, he calls a natural spillover in this spot "vastly more likely than any other scenarios based on what we now know."

>But the mystery is hardly solved. The Science piece doesn't say that the shrimp seller was patient zero in the outbreak. Indeed, Worobey's prior work suggests that the very first infection overall, whatever its source, must have occurred weeks earlier, in October or November 2019. And although many of the early, known COVID-19 patients were connected to the market, some were not.

>Worobey's analysis, which corroborates the work of several independent researchers, does not, then, disprove the possibility that the pandemic started from some other source, such as a laboratory accident. It does, however, serve to crystallize the underlying structure of this endless and confusing argument. Those inclined to think, like Worobey, that the pandemic must have started from a traded wild animal share a fundamental intuition with those who point their fingers at the lab: They've both looked at all the facts and then identified a grand coincidence, and they both believe that their theory-and only their theory-can explain it.