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FBI for letting armed gang KEEP a man they abducted to extort his family

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A Colorado police department faces an internal investigation after they let an armed kidnapping gang keep an innocent man they abducted from his home to extort the victim's family.

On November 4 Brandon Sharp, 34, William Holland, 40, and three other men stormed 25-year old Jose Salguero-Martinez' apartment in Aurora claiming to be bounty hunters and proceeded to extort his family for thousands of dollars for his release, police said.

They did so by claiming Salguero-Martinez was wanted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it is claimed, although ICE says there was no such warrant out for the victim.

Holland uploaded a portion of his alleged crime to the Instagram FRA Investigations with the caption: 'This guy ran from New York since 2015, 6 years later here we are.'