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Russia proposes to make a Fallout prequel

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Small nuclear units could be used as an alternative energy source in residential complexes. This proposal was voiced by Andrey Bagaev, deputy general director of Donstroy, in an interview to RIA News.

"I had one idea, which at first glance looks crazy, to use small nuclear units as an energy source in residential complexes," the developer said, adding that in Russia such technology is already used in icebreakers and nuclear submarines.

Bagaev said the nuclear plant could power homes in an area of 1.5 million square metres and would have a life span of seven years. "It is like putting in a battery for seven years: people do not know grief - there are no outages or colossal payments to grid companies for connection," the deputy director general said. He specified that it is possible to treat the proposal with humor, but nevertheless the future of the mankind is in the power of nuclear energy, therefore it is high time to think about such ideas seriously. According to the developer, to implement such initiatives it is necessary to change the legislation.

Some countries, including Russia, consider nuclear power as a source of green energy. At the same time, states such as Germany consider nuclear power to be dangerous. In November, France announced its intention to build new nuclear reactors, a measure that would lower energy prices and help meet the Paris Agreement's zero-emissions targets.