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How do I get a /out/ gf?
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esee knives

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I dont get it
its like when people tell me they find zendaya cute

why? out of all the other choices
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#376-“Loaf” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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What are the outdoors like here, really? InB4 “purple haired liberals and faggots.” I don’t care about their backward ass politics.

Is everything worthwhile on the western side of the state and in the Cascades? What lies beyond that, to the east?
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camper trailer

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Looking to get back into outdoors. I want to do a camper trailer now though. Me the wife and the boy. Anyone have good experiences? Or good brands? Located in Michigan.
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Bioconstruction: meme or based?

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I'm gathering money buy land and build a homestead. This method will theoretically make me save $$, but I don't want to live in a shitty place. Should I learn bioconstruction? Will it all fall over my head within 3 months?

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>Be me
>Live in Colorado
>went up the mountains to go backcountry powder skiing
>On peak to peak highway to Estes park
>going 50-60mph
>Dog comes out of the forest on the left
>Runs towards my car on my side of the road.
>screech to a halt, good thing i had enough distance.
>Dog runs up to my door and puts the paws on the window
>pull of on the side and check dogs collar, see address is in the area, and take phone #
>see gps thing on the dog
>Shit no data on my phone can't make a call, wait and see if I hear calling, yell myself that I have the dog
>I open back, and dog jumps into my car.
>drive to the nearest house in the direction the dog came from, which is a few miles away.
>Short guy in expensive boots red checkered shirt/coat gaylike trimmed beard and canada hat comes stumbling down the drive way, can't even walk on snow. (he must've saw the gps location).
> open window and ask if he is missing a dog
>"fuck ya I am"
>I have her in the back
>"why the fuck do you have her in the back you fuck?!"
>I'm dumbfounded, like what? I'm at your house with your dog?
>doesn't give me time to talk and starts trying to open the back and banging on the back cause he doesn't know how.
>he finally gets it, curses at me again and the dog, and turns around and leaves.
>he looks back again angry as fuck, and I wave back, I'm confused as fuck. My day sorta ruined.

Is picking up someone's dog on the road and taking it the owner some kind of taboo? What else am I supposed to do? What's the proper course of action in this situation?
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Military style boots

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hey, got out of the army recently, and ive been walking with pic related belleville boots for years now. Anyone know of any similar style boots that dont have fucking coyote colors. Really love the high thin style of boots, but dont want to look like a fag wearing my army boots out on the trail. I feel like every decent pair of hiking boots I see has the gay ass thick ankle high boot cut.
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whats outs opinion on david paulidies?

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is he on the level or is he cherrypicking and twisting things? i quite like his stuff, enjoyed the recent hunters video, but thought the first movie was unbelievably weak esp given what he has in the books to work with. people do just vanish, his opinion is that they shouldnt and when they do its unusual.
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Any landscapers here? How hard is to get used to the job as a useless NEET?
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