How to get into (illegal) planting?

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I think it is a very based hobby, fun and also good for the environment. Problem is just that I am not a citycuck. I live in a rather rural area in Germany and I have no asphalt jungles craving a little green spot. Where I live there is a lot of forest, but most of it is just commercially used (semi-)monoculture forest.
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Guys, which ultralight sledgehammer should I buy? Which one is the best one for hiking? Thanks.
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tfw no friends to go /out/ with
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#305-“WuFlu” Edition

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Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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What’s the most /out/ city?

I mean within the actual city limits. Being next to a national park doesn’t count. I vote Montreal. Mont Royal park is huge and fantastic. Lots of other parts too, botanical gardens are amazing and lots of the parks have old growth forests. Also second place is Phoenix. When I stayed a hotel there was a great hiking right on my doorstep.

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climb tree
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Looking to get a new canoe/kayak with the corona bucks. I'm thinking about something like this Old Town Discovery 119. What does out thing about 1 man canoes?
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Could you handle K2?
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What are some survival skills you think every single person should know, regardless if they're an /out/doorsman or not?

I'll start with the obvious: Knowing how to make fire with primitive tools (e.g. hand drill, bow drill, etc.) in various weather conditions.
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>ordered a 2 pack on amazon
>package arrived
>no plastic tab, just two separate cans
>labels slightly fucked
>small dent on lower side of one
>metal worn slightly
I feel like these have been refilled and illegally shipped by the seller. Possibly being paranoid. Should I take the loss and get some new cans or attach my igniter to them? Is it safe at all to refill these?