Stupid updates

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if you dont live in/near the mountains can you even say you are /out/?
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Buy an island

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Why haven't you bought your own island /out/?
>Completely private
>Ultimate /out/ potential
>Do whatever the fuck you want, no laws
>Good weather 99% of the time
>Perfect SHTF in all aspects
>In-laws can't visit
>Volley ball bff

Post your excuses here.
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Does /out/ prep?
Do you have any plans and/or safeguards in place for shft?
From prepping for a few days, few weeks/months, or even total post societal collapse?
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How can I scout for hogs and attract them to my area? I am in FL and have been wanting to go hunting for quite some time now.

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Do any of you guys ever do drugs while camping. I feel like acid is made for camping. Going camping this weekend in mild conditions (3c) on my own and planning to take acid. Any tips for not dying aside from don't do drugs?

Inb4 hippy I'm an accountant
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Dog owners, what breed do you have? What are its pros and cons for going /out/?

I'm thinking of getting a dog, and while I know you should get the dog you want and not treat a dog like a list of specs (like, say, a tent), I'm still curious.
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>wake up
>see snow outside
>day ruined
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fall turkey

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how the fuck do i hunt these guys in the fall?
>see turkey in the spring, summer and winter
>return to same spots in hunting season
>no turkey at all
>call for turkey
>no sounds
>end up seeing over a dozen deer in several encounters
>even flush a few grouse
>but no turkey

how am I supposed to hunt these fuckers in the fall?

>inb4 just camp out in a cornfield
I'm on public land innamountains
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What are some good knots to know about?
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Waterproof boots/socks

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How do you deal with the sweaty foot problem with waterproof boots? Whats the point if i'm just gonna be walking in puddles either way? Also it says breathable but that's because the tongue isn't fucking waterproof... What kinda bullshit is this, waterproof breathable, you obviously can't be both, but these fucks figured out how to be neither.

Also waterproof socks, has anyone tried em? Sweaty feet? They seem great in theory but in practice I wonder if they are just super uncomfortable.
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