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Gabby Petito

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We leave no camper behind.
Anyone have any knowledge on where she is or has been?
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Goodnight sweet prince. We're next
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>tfw no Hiking GF
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Tent footprints?

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Do y'all use a tent footprint?

Found a good deal on a tent (finally buying my own 1-person tent) and I saw that the footprint is not included. I would have to buy it separately.
I looked up what a footprint is and my questions are:

Are they necessary if it's not raining and if I make sure to check for rocks underneath first?
I normally don't stake down my tent (I don't see the point unless it's windy but I could be wrong about that). What if I just laid down a tarp that I cut into size and place my tent on that?

Just wondering what the general opinion is. I'm looking to keep things somewhat LW, but I'm not obsessed with that.

Thanks guys!
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feces disposal

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somewhat newfag here. what should I do when I shit while /out/? Should I carry it home like in a dog bag? currently I've just been burying it with something like picrel but what do you guys recommend
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Shelter modification

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If I want to spray paint my tent to make it more subdued, will that fuck it up? What's the best way to make my tent a different color, am I right to use spray paint?
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protection on the trail

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As we all know, there are quite a bit of whack jobs out and about these days. Open carry and concealed carry of modern firearms is a hassle when it comes to state by state laws, and for someone planning to walk across the country, starting at cape Flattery in Washington, to west quoddy head in Maine. How would you go about ensuring your own safety? I'm thinking open carry a black powder revolver in a leg holster western style for the trails, where the prying eyes of civilization can't save you., and when we near a town simply tuck it into my pack There's also bear spray for "bears", but that doesn't quite give the same effect to a would-be scoundrel as a six shooter on the leg. For any spoopy stuff like skinwalkers/interdimensional bigfoot/etc a silver knife would probably be fine. Any suggestions? thanks
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Military Surplus Gear

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I'm relatively newish to being /out/ and a buddy of mine recommended checking out military surplus gear since it's generally pretty effective, and my tax dollars are subsidizing it anyways so might as well get it on the cheap.

I picked up two of picrel for $15 a pop and looking forward to seeing how good of a second layer these'll be in the winter here.

Any particularly cheap/effective surplus gear you lads have had success with?
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/hpss/ Homesteading, Prepping, and Self Sufficiency General #4

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The general formerly known as /lcg/ LARP Containment General edition.
In an effort to consolidate topics generally considered to be “LARP” on boards including /out/, /an/, /k/, /diy/, /pol/, and others I made /lcg/ but I don’t want the general to be seen as a joke it will be known as /hps/ from now on.
Some examples of topics:
-Where to buy land
-Natural Disasters
Self Sufficiency
“Survival” Skills
Final /lcg/ (previous) thread >>2164925
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