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Winter Camping

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What are your thoughts on keeping warm?
sleeping bag alone or + bivy?
Air or foam ground insulation?
sleeping naked or clothed?
Tent heat source propane, wood, etc?
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Vagabonding Advice: Food

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Best methods for obtaining food for free? Best foods to buy for cheap?

Campsite rate and larper hate thread too

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Previous thread >>2179121 has hit it's image limit.

Too many threads on missing hikers and which tent to buy next.
Prove that you actually go outside by posting a pic from your most recent /out/ing, and rate other people's campsites

animeposters and /k/ommandos welcome !
Have a good time.
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Desolate /out/ Destinations

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I went to Arizona a few weeks back to the grand canyon parashant national monument, and it is among the most desolate places to be in within the continental USA. It’s about the size of Rhode Island and is the most desolate place I’ve ever been to. I bet there’s no one around for 30 or 40 miles at its most desolate. I went camping for a week there and it was so refreshing to not have anyone bother you. A jeep with a lift kit is a must if you’re traveling out there though, since the roads are very rarely traveled on.

Have any of you traveled to a particularly desolate place?
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'Mountain Mike'

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Is this what happens when you spend years in the forest alone? I'm not insulting the man he seems happy and he has a nice little setup and honestly I'm a bit jealous jealous but I'm genuinely concerned about ending up like this from spending too much time alone. He comes off as being completely crazy.
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/out/ Questions that don't deserve their own thread
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The fuck did I just witness?

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Innawoods in Door County, Wisconsin (pic related) on a moonless, pitch black night, not a wind moving, not a sound to be heard but the falling leaves... and in the trees in the distance, I see the palest, faintest light, moving incredibly slowly. Far too dim to be a human/flashlight. Maybe 100 yards away through the trees, I have to reposition to see it. I stood there looking at it for 5 minutes, mouth agape in awe, until I got spooked as hell from the darkness and silence and got back in my car and fell asleep immediately, dreaming of swimming through a perfect, crystal clear lake and finding a mysterious large cabin on the other side of the lake - as soon as I reach the cabin, I bolt awake.

What the fuck was it? I was 100% sober. This whole experience creeped me the hell out but the dream was nice I guess. Anyone know any folklore or mythology that could explain this?
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/packs/ - /backpacks/

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This is a thread for [mostly] civil discussion of big packs, daypacks, bags and other load-bearing equipment.

Ask questions, post packs, review stuff you have used, help anon out.
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Post some cool bridges you hang out under
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Paranormal /out/

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What's the weirdest thing you've come across while out? Have you had any strange experiences? Any creepy abandoned places?
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