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Jesus christ I fucking hate attack dogs.

>be me
>feel the need to stretch my legs
>go out on a stroll in the nice weather
>middle school just got out but I'm not going to let some jeering children ruin my desperate need to exercise my leg muscles
>come across a niglet
>he's lying across the path browsing his phone
>attached to him is a giant brown attack dog
>attack dog gets one look at me and starts loudly barking
>attempt to make conversation with the niglet in order to maybe appease the attack dog
>this does not please the attack dog
>the attack dog continues to loudly bark warning me to leave it and its master alone
>inform the niglet that it should have a good day and that I'll be heading the other way
>the niglet jumps up and reins in his hell hound and says, "No it's okay you can go this way" to try and compensate for the deranged hell beast's unruly behavior
>laugh at him and continue to put as much distance between myself and the ungodly nightmare animal as possible

Any stories from when your normal attempts to traverse physical space have been ruined by despicable demon creatures?