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Anyone else ever feel burnt out on life?

Having grown up going to school, graduating then doing more school and now working in an office, I'm beginning to wonder if I've ever even lived
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Which knots does out find most essential?

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How do I master the campfire? I want to be the guy who makes the best fires.

Please /out/ teach me your secrets
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Chickens got soaked today, now it's freezing rain. I'm leaving the heat lamp on all night tonight, but it doesn't do anything other than keep them up.

We'll see if they freeze to death tonight.

If they make it, I'm going to buy a second lamp.
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Tent thread
Is the Laser Competition 1 still good, or has it been surpassed by other makes?
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Y'all have any idea what this is? I saw 2 along a new trail I was trying out. They're solidly in the ground, went move at all when I kicked it. I searched google everyway I know how and came up with diddly squat. If you can't read it it says "Department of the Interior, Unlawful to disturb, BH 09, N.P.S MACA." I did figure out NPS MACA is National Parks System Mammoth Cave park.
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Does anything simliar to a Stainless Steel Nalgene exist but with threads on the outside instead of inside?
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based norseman

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Anybody esle watch this guy? hes cool af, basically talks about society and how we punish masculinity and promote onions boys while sitting under a tarp in the norwegien wilddierness. Comment sections are usually pretty inciteful too.

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>have some of the most beautiful unspoilt land left in the world
>everyone else loves it
>but you don't give a shit and just keep cutting and burning it for lulz

Why do Brazillians do this shit? Do they just not care? Is it the govt's fault?
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