Fire Watch

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How do I get a summer job on a fire watch?
What are some of the skills I need?
Anyone have any stories?

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How did ancient people around the world survive with stone tools? What about before that? I'm really interested in survival and ancient, primitive stuff.
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Boots/Footwear General

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Why the fuck are insulated, safety/steel toed boots that are affordable so god damn hard to find, and are these really my only option? Also, boots/footwear general
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BW Parka

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Let's take a moment to discuss the venerable Bundeswehr winter parka.

- Nigh-indestructible cotton twill outer
- Removable liner
- Available everywhere, especially in the NATOsphere
- Loden is the best camouflage color on the planet. If you set this thing down on a stump, you'd better remember which one.

- Can't wear in public in Europe without being mistaken for either a left- or right-wing terrorist
- Can't wear in public in USA without being mistaken for a homeless cannibal
- Heavy as shit and 10x heavier when wet
- Waterproofing consists of two fragile slips of plastic under the shoulders
- Zipper doesn't extend all the way down
- Two slash pockets instead of voluminous pouches like everyone else's armed forces
- Poorly fitted. You get winded just trying to hike with it. Arms too short to fit anyone but a Chernobyl child.

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geoengineering project

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I am looking for someone to help me turn the world into a dense forest. Anyone interested?
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#294-“Greyscale” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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My girlfriend lost my edc flashlight, so now I'm in the market for another one. It was a protac 1L-1aa, which I really liked, except for the shitty clip. I'm looking for something that's around $40, uses lithium batteries and puts out at least 350 lumens. Any recommendations?
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why didn't you warn me, /out/?

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>be me
>go to dolly sods on scout trip when 12
>completely deserted, place is magical
>family soon moves out to west coast, get used to /out/ing there

fast foward 10 years
>now on east coast for college
>decide to hit up the dolly sods this weekend for good times sake
>since school has fall break, plan to be there from thurs-sunday

first day
>get there in the mid-afternoon, only west virginia locals hanging out at the parking lot, with 1 or 2 out of state cars
>easy to find a spot
>hiking in complete solitude
>amazing, just as good as remembered
>bushwhacked to a remote spot overlooking the ridge

second day
>hmm, seems like there's a few more people here today
>well, it's only Friday, guess the weekend crowd if pulling in
>mostly small groups of 2-4 people, a couple solo hikers like my autistic self
>by afternooon, running into people every 5-10 minutes
>larger groups pouring in, groups of 6-8 people playing music on their speakers
>dogs running around off leash
>1 hour before sunset, figure it's time to find a spot to camp
>what the fuck, why are all of these spots now taken
>every 300 ft is another spot, but again taken by another group of people
>find a couple empty spots, but they are all within earshot of the larger groups blasting loud music and hooting at each other like chimpanzees
>end up bushwhacking an hour past sunset to find a decent spot

third day
>even more people in the morning
>on the way out, there's a group of people always within sight, can't even take a picture of the trail without someone popping up beyond the next turn
>wtf i thought the bad weather would chase them away
>get to parking lot
>see pic related
>everyone from DC and their grandmother is here
>fuck this, this isn't comfy any more.jpg
>pack up and go home early

wtf happened /out/? This isn't almost heaven anymore.
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