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This little guy just landed on my boot.
Should i be worried?
I am in a burn area in northern california, not sure if that matters
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Toughest outdoor pants?

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So I have started getting more in to hiking recently and was wondering what are the best/most durable hiking or outdoor pants you can get. I have already tried some Prana Brions that worked alright, but I’m looking for something a little cooler and durable. Any advice?
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>here, let me take my bugspray, shit, and sweat coated hand and put in on the part of my eating utensil that i put into my mouth

These are disgusting.
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Why is it so fucking cold out?
less than 3 weeks to June and its 32f outside my house right now
Every year it gets colder and colder.
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>Idaho lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at killing the majority of the state’s wolves, which gets rid of most limits on hunting the predators.
>It will allow hunters and private contractors to kill 90 percent or more of the state’s wolves, which number around 1,500 at last count. The decision comes just months after the species was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species Act, though wolves in the Northern Rockies have been delisted since 2011.
>According to the most recent USFWS data, there are only 108 wolves in Washington state, 158 in Oregon, and 15 in California, while wolves are ‘functionally extinct’ in Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.”
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I got an old canvas backpack and I'd like to weatherproof it. Some cursory googling yields a number of waxing methods, either beeswax, paraffin or a combination of both. Some recipes also call for adding boiled linseed oil and/or turpentine. Wax is either painted onto the canvas while melted, or rubbed on once hardened. Then you apply heat with a heatgun or blowdrier to set the wax into the canvas.

Anyone have experience doing this themselves? Can you recommend a recipe? Apparently blo can make the fabric susceptible to mildew and adding pine tar can help with this? Turpentine seems optional and is added to help work the wax into the canvas, but can leave it smelling and requires a lot of time outside to evaporate. Also apparently this treatment can make the canvas quite flammable, is that a concern?
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What are some good hiking/trail/walking shoes?

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Does anyone know what plant this is?
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Handheld radio

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Red pill me on handheld hams /out/.
Looking to get a cheap one like pic related. Mostly to listen to local emergency service channels when shit goes down.
How do I go about finding local emergency channels?
What specifications should I be looking for with a beginners handheld if I only want to listen locally and maybe transmit locally?
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Killing Coyotes(without guns)

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Is it theoratically possible when confronted by a coyote to suddenly drop and play dead or injured so you can lure it close enough then fight it melee (knife or hand)?

I've been having a nuisance problem and a pretty big one went after my 65lb dog the other day and luckily I noticed and was able to chase it away in time. we've seen three different ones in the last three days.
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