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post shits you've taken while /out/

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I laid this monster earlier today on the side of a mountain. Unfortunately it snapped in two as it came out of my ass.
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What the hell is this?

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Found this in the woods near my village in southwestern Austria. It's only about 100ft from a nearby (non-busy) road, and has certainly been there for less than a week. At first I thought it was just some tree bark, but then I noticed the blood vessels and extraordinarily slimy surface, with liquid building up on the downhill-facing side. There's no strong odor to be smelt and neither did I notice any bones lying around it. Can you help me /out/?
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Hey /out/ I know some of you have chickens here.

What do you do for water? A buddy of mine just recently got these water bucket things with little pockets. It looks nice in theory, but they fill up with so much gunk and dirt, and we've got missy pictured jumping all over them which probably isn't helping.

I get out there pretty often and clean them out, but I don't feel like I'm out there enough, and because of their small size it's going to be easier if I just drop the whole system and give them a regular bowl or something (much easier to clean).

What do you guys use?

Sorry about the angle on the photo, I had to poke my phone through fence panel.
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>when a traditionalfag's pack alone weighs more than all my gear+consumables
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Fungi Thread

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Mysterious Bolete edition
Last one reached its image limit. Post pictures of your fungi here.
Need an unknown sample identifying? Remember to post underside shots and the location you found it in.
>OP pic
I found this in a lawn at the flats I manage, North england. I know its a bolete but im not sure the genus. The pores are pale yellowish with a rusty staining. Also, the cap should be a perfect dome but this one was damaged.
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>He fancies himself a "mountaineer"
>Has never gone up any mountains over 10,000 ft.

What's the matter anon? You're not afraid of a little altitude, are you? Please don't tell me you're going to be scaling your little bunny hills for the rest of your life.
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Books on nature

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Post any books about nature or guides on survival

Ted mentions two books in this interview.
>Edible Wild Plants of Eastern North America, by Fernald and Kinsey
>Wild Edible Plants of the Western United States, by Donald Kirk
Has anyone read these themselves?
I saw reviews saying both are kinda meh due to a lack of pictures. Not looking to larp. Just wanna learn about my environment during my /out/ings
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backpack thread

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was cleaning out in the barn and found these two haglöf external frame packs, orange one is an alaska i think but the small green one i dont know what it is
gonna try it out as oposed to my regular jääkäri s next time im packing
orange haglöf alaska is pretty rare if im not mistaken
anyone know anything about the smaller one?
aluminium frame on alaska and either aluminium or steel as best i could tell on the smaller
thanks for reading my blog
resume backpack thread
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Has anyone ever climbed down to the bottom of a large crevasse and explored the inside of a glacier?
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That's enough camping for a while...

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>Go to Glastenbury VT
>solo camping
>dead silent all night
>just snowed there Friday
>get up midnight sat to sound of snow falling from the tress or something(4 hours ago)
>human footprint all around my campsite
>nothing touched.
>No tire tracks into the campsite
>peaced the fuck out back to mass

Just got home. Never been so spooked in my life, I am shivering just thinking about it.
Who tf walks around in bare feet when its 20 deg out.

I didn't have a gun with me because of mass stupid gun laws.

I don't believe in any of that bigfoot folklore which leads me to one logical conclusion.
There is some schizo psycho creeping around that place. I'm never going back there again
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