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Is it wrong to steal birch bark?

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My buddy was born in and has lived in the South his whole life, but whenever he drives up to Wisconsin to visit family, he always take a few extra hours round trip to a local public forest and strips 2-3 mature birch trees. Is this wrong? He always does it responsibly and only takes the top layer, and only mature trees only, and never wastes it. He says he just can't help himself and that there's no good equivalent Southern tree that works so good as a firestarter.

Is this wrong, from an ethics standpoint? Would a Northerner kill my buddy if they caught him doing this?

Pic related, some of his harvest.
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how hard is it being a hermit

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/arch/ery general

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Picking up arrows edition

>Post groupings
>Bitch about any style that isn't yours
>Ask and answer newb questions
>Talk tillering
>Discuss the theoretical physics in tuning arrow
>Discuss the theology of letting your bow do it for you

St. Sebastian, pray for us.
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How do you guys keep skeeters off you? the woods behind my house are nice but they're infested with the little shits.
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Please recommend a good drybag/waterproof stuff sack, This 13L green one by vango works well but I'm sick of the colour.
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Leatherman Multitools

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Which one of these fuckers do I get? It'll go in my STHF bag most likely, so I'd like it to be able to do lots but also last.
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Wasn't one in the catalog.
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Transportation problem

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Hi /out/

Moving to a town of 80k people and the nearest wilderness is about a 30 minute drive.
Not bad.
However I have a nice truck and don't want to leave it parked where someone can mess with it when I go out.
I won't even be leaving any valuables in there I just really don't want to leave my truck parked at the WMA (wildlife management area).
I plan on spending a lot of time there this upcoming fall and winter camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, etc. and doing plenty of overnight trips.
I have been thinking about getting pic related to ride out to the WMA and then hide it and cover it where no one can mess with it. It will just be from my apartment to the WMA.
What should I do and what are my alternatives vs driving the truck out there and leaving it parked right next to the road where anyone can break it or mess with it or steal it.
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Dying While /Out/

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Is anyone else suprised this doesn't happen more oftennow that more rugged areas are becoming more popular? Is this a trend we can expect to continue? Discuss death in the wildlands ITT
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>Be 10-12 years old, living in NJ
>Dad takes me out hiking/camping for the first time at the Del Gap
>Campfired at sunfish pond, slept next to crater lake, climbed up the rocks of Buttermilk Falls, fished and caught mussels for marinara along the river
>Had our dog with us the whole time
>Had the best time of my life and will spend the rest of it trying to emulate that experience
>mfw 15 years later I realize we did all of it illegally, didn't even pay for parking, and would've been charged $75 for each "infraction"
>mfw my dad could've been fined nearly $1k in bullshit
>mfw he did it anyway
The man was more /out/ than me and always will be. Now I know to move out west so my children won't ever have this fear. Washington state, here I come.
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