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Better than Coffee

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Instead of brewing coffee when I'm /out/, I just have one of these with my breakfast if I need to wake up. They taste fantastic and wake me up instantly.
I highly recommend Scho-ka-kola, fellers.
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/Arch/ery General

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Archery General because I haven't seen one in a while.

I want to start fletching my own arrows - what's a good jig that won't cost an arm and a leg?
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I'm a former neet currently picking fruit in France and bored out of my mind, AMA.
Red slug unrelated.
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identifying /out/ists in the field

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We have our lovely animeposters with figures, and we have our fun patchy bois- but is there more we can do?
Perhaps we should have a subtle way to mark our tents or packs in a way that lets eachother know we are good friends on the trail
Your thoughts, and ideas on markings ?
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Deer Hunting Thread

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Here we discuss the chase of the white-assed cervids.

Bow hunting season starts soon. What are your plans for this year? What's your set up? Post your gets.
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>inherit this cottage from your grandfather

what do you do with it? sell it? how much would you even get on the open market? i guess it's like hundreds of millions.
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Things you are genuinely afraid of

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For me it's the plant gympie-gympie. I usually mess around off trail and have a habit of hiking straight through plants like blackberry bushes which are 6 foot high, one time I got stuck in one for 20 minutes. I think it's fun but eventually I'm going to rub my leg or arm against this plant and it will be bad bros. I've only ever seen it once in the wild but it's ones you don't see that will get you.

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I feel like you can't really enjoy /out/ if you aren't American. Almost every post is US/Canada related, there's not discussion about Europe, South America, Asia or the rest of the world.

Picture: Teide National Park on Tenerife, Spain.
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Magnet Fishing Thread

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Do you guys magnet fish when you go camping? Is it worth the extra pound of equipment to bring backpacking?
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How do an poorfag like me into alpine goggles?
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