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Steppy stepp

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So i live in a shitty city and want to out. Cant even get myself to take a walk. Pls help.

No idea what pic to post, just want some motivation to get something rollin.

How do you motivate yourself to /out? Is there an app or or something that gives you points fot going to places? Pls help me egg, i want to explore my area and i know its legal but i think im retarded.
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hi /out/, this is my first time posting here btw but i was wondering if you could help me and my frens find some cool spots to camp in arizona state for cheap with awesome views, waterfalls and beautiful stuffs along these lines. were just lookin to chill, maybe take some mushrooms and do some easy hikes during the day, stargaze and all that. i realize most of the beautiful places require higher fees and longer hikes but if you have any recommendations with nothing more than a 4-5 mile round trip hike to the destination and low cost we would really appreciate it.

Where do you go sailing camping / island camping

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Been watching some videos on Youtube recently, about guys that just go from one island to another, sometimes for survival with nothing at all in order to do some survival, and more often with some gear, like tents fishing roads, coolers etc, to have a great time.

Where do you do that? Some of the guys I watch have strong australian accents, but I don't know much more. I personnaly live in southern France, so there are too much tourists to find wild beaches on the shores, and most of the islands we have are in a protected national park, we can't fish or set foot there.

Do you guys know where this island camping thing is doable? If you guys know places around the Mediterranean sea it would be great, but I can travel too so anywhere really.
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could you?
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off the grid lifestyle begginer tips - tedpilled general

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I've read Ted Kaczynski's manifesto recently and it managed to convince me that he was right in a lot of ways. Because of that I wanted to start prepping to become as autonomous and independent from society as I can, just in case shit hits the fan and I'll need to survive in the wilderness eventually. Thing is, I am quite the city slicker right now and have no skills and don't really know where to start. As of now I only started working out and slowly buying up canned food, but nothing sustainable.

What are the most important things I should be doing to prepare if I ever need to live the Ted-pilled lifestyle? Which skills are the most useful that are heavily dependent on a lot of prior hours of practice?
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Trying to summit Mt Marcy in the winter as a complete beginner.

Good or bad idea, bros?
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going to Coldfoot, AK at the end of Feb. I'm going to be sitting in the woods the whole time and staring at the northern lights. No idea what to pack butt looking at a Carhartt Yukon Extreme coverall with hood right now and it seems like the best option. Any tips?
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Sleeping bag tips

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My zipper just will not stay up when I am in my bag. It just wont together even if I am not moving around much.
What is going on here?

Am I alone with this problem?
Will a bag liner help ?
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/out/ media thread

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Television series, films, books, etc.
Stand by me is kino
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/hrt/ Hunter Recruitment Thread

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Thread for the specific purpose of helping newfags learn, obtain licenses, permits, hunters safety, and general newfag knowledge.
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