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Hat thread?

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Best all rounder hats, pic related.
It looks good for outdoors use...
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Build muscie /out/

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I've been going to the gym for around a month or two but don't enjoy it all because it's boring as fuck to me.

What are some /out/ activities for building muscle/gain weight and farmer strength?
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I'm looking for some good guides on going 90%+ offgrid besides a few amenities including internet which will be satellite. Are there any good guides for things such as non electric climate control and plumbing for hotwater and wood based water heaters? Also carpentry and furniture making would be nice.
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Any of yall been to philmont? IWGBTP right about now
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/lighter/ general

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you're not a real man unless you can start a fire with 10 seconds notice
my zippo is one of the few things I get flashy with, I'm replacing a lighter I lost so which case should I replace it with?
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/ski gear/

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What do you wear when you go skiing/snowboarding? What's your equipment?
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i tried to out

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What do I need to do to make my video /out/ worthy? I know this was my first test trail as it were but any feedback is appreciated.

I know the editing needs to be improved ten fold.
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So much winning!

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I just dumped a sofa in a river to own the left.
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Is there any modern exploring jobs/careers? I’ve always been infatuated with exploring, but with satellite imagery and overpopulation everything seems to be discovered, and whatever isn’t discovered, no one cares about.
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