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what are some of your guys favorite urban legends/general spooky stories?
need something to tell around the campfire once the weather lightens up and I can go /out/ again.


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So-called "nomads" and "van lifers" are just 21st Century hobos.
Change my mind.
>you can't
Go be homeless somewhere else.
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Any suggestions for hikes in Oahu? I already did mountain head and I’m looking for a good trail at ko’olau or anywhere else that’s picturesque and not necessarily easy either.
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How weather worthy is pic related if i were to build one out of regular planks? Will it last beyond 1 season?
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What /out/ skills do you need to be a cowboy? Obviously camping and horse riding, but what else?
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Post a better staple food than a block of cheese to bring camping

>protip: you can’t


>easy to pack due to blockiness
>10g of protein for 100cals
>dense for the amount of cals
>don’t need to cook it to eat
>the plastic wrapper the only trash left
>high in electrolytes
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Food for hot desert regions?

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Howdy guys, I don't pretend to be some experienced /out/ist. What is the best food to take with you, if you were going to be spending two weeks innadesert? There isn't any shade for my car (so naturally it will be an oven inside of it), and all I have is my sleeping tent (which I imagine won't be THAT much cooler during the day). I think canned foods are a no go due to the heat (am I wrong here?), but I can't eat only beef jerky for two weeks straight either. Any advice would be appreciated.
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/Shovel/ general

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What is the best shovel to add to my pack? Money is not a concern. Bonus points if the shovel doubles as an "axe".
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What is the process to become a park ranger? Do you really have to be an ex cop or vet? Do you really need a degree in conservation or earth sciences or something? Please enlighten me
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>though the initiative is likely to please environmentalists and progressive Democrats, it could encounter pushback from Republicans and moderate Democrats in Congress, as well as oil and gas companies, logging interests and mine owners that depend on access to federal land.
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