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What bike are you riding? What are the best fullys on the market?
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Scare Thread

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>amoebas that eat your brains can get you when you're swimming
>cougars can drop on you form behind on the trail
>bears can smell your food kilometers away and can come up on you while you're sleeping
>authorities refuse to say how many people disappear or are lost
>illegal pop-up drug labs and grow ops
>a simple broken ankle can render you helpless and stranded
>your gear can fail you at any moment
>your body a little less robust everyday, a little slower, less coordinated, more prone to accidents
>rain soaking you to the bone and wind sucking the heat-life force out of you

I hope you guys know the risks you are taking.
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Food dehydrators and vacuum sealers

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Sup sc/out/s

Thinking about possibly getting a food dehydrator and a vacuum sealer to make my own trail meals. Not really interested in continuing to pay $$$ for pre made meals and I wanna eat something better than ramen/rice sides with tuna or summer sausage.

Any tips, reviews or things to look out for?
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This is an embarrassing post for me but I'm desperate. I'm a homebody. All of my hobbies are essentially centered around things I can do at home (read, guitar, etc) but I'm so fucking tired of it. Especially with all of the pandemic lock downs. I want to find something to do outdoors but any time I've tried it ends up being really boring to me or I look like a raging faggot doing it by myself and people discover I have no idea what I'm doing. On top of that, I don't really have any friends who do anything outdoors themselves so it compounds the issues.

So my embarrassing do get into outdoor activities with no knowledge and no friends who enjoy it?
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Winter hikes (Alberta)

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3 week lockdown starts today. Any hidden gems or lesser known trails to do? Besides the well known ones in banff and jasper

(Johnston’s canyon is the picture did it last year)

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I would like to inform myself what to look for on the smallest, lighest, easyest to set camping tents that would still keep rain and bugs off the inside of it. I can't seem to be able to even find what I have in mind on google images so I can post it here. I'm inclined to believe I've saw one that is some kind of arrangement of wires that you release and it arm itself as a tube. I can accept suggestions too, considering that I need things to be light, compact after set up, with no complex or moving parts or nails or strings to support it, that is pretty much a bubble to keep rain and bugs off of you while you sleep inside of it. Temperature would not be considered because that would be modulated by the sleeping bag on this context. Help? Thanks
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/pol/ refugees have straight up made this board unbearable. Post your latest snow /out/ing and please don't larp.
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>one of the best times of my life
Hawaii man. You just can't beat it.
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Why Do You Go Out?

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What's out there for you?
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>tfw you smell a group of female hikers
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