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What does /out/ use to kill snakes while being cottaging? I usually don't want the slimy fuckers to bite me or my dog so I just try to whack em dead with these things. But you know, they're hard to hit, it's dangerous and painful for the snake so there must be a better way.

Also, we don't have guns here.
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Can you reccomend me some binos? I like to day hike up local mountains and want to enjoy the view even more!

Bushnell H20 10X25 looks alright?

Are there any variable-magnification ones or do I just gotta pick one number?

Not looking to spend a fortune here.

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Best axe head for a hatchet

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Currently looking for a good hatchet for innawoods and was wondering which attachment for an axe head is the best for it
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Let's discuss cow dung fungi.Are they poisonous? do they grow on other specie's dung?
in humans?
I kinda want to buy some cow shit,let it fester,and retrieve the dung mushrooms
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Prepper General /PG/

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In this thread we will focus on things that will help alleviate the trauma government is inflicting upon the people.
I think one of the most concerning things is obviously food.
So we should make some infographics and supply information to consolidate and spread throughout normieville
Can we please start by addressing long term food storage? People are capable of buying buckets with the right lids and filling them with white rice and dry beans... but we need to make sure the information includes how much/how long it feeds a person.
Also choosing the best bucket is definitely a task where we can save people a lot of time by picking the right bucket.
Lets stick to what a 5 gallon bucket stores and for how long, and how many calories it has

Preferred bush knife length?

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What is your preference when it comes to length? Is anything over 150-180mm worth it?
inb4 muh personal preferences
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Anyone else into benchmark hunting?

I like it cause it’s like geocaching but not as autistic
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What’s stopping you?

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What’s stopping you, Anon? Why not leave your life in the modern world behind?
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Farm Loans?

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Anyone here know about how to apply for/acquire a farm loan? I’ll provide context

> apprentice at large scale and diverse farm, greenhouses, chickens, pigs, etc.
> Will have about 20ish grand saved up by the time my apprenticeship ends in the fall or spring next year
> I’ve eyed up a few pieces of land in upstate NY, and I’ve tabulated my starting costs for land/equipment/seed at ~100,000$

Anyone have any experience/advice in this kind of matter?
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Why are they so fucking bad
>packs are always several liters smaller than advertised
>straps rip at the slightest strain
>shitty nylon compartments
>shitty frames
>shitty... everything
Yet they sell for more than much, MUCH, better packs. Why is this.
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