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>be me
>skinny dude with very long hair
>volunteer as a camp counselor for a camp made for 4th graders
>everything's fine kids are cool, they like the activities we made for them
>one of them calls me femboy
>laugh it off
>2 days later everyone's calling me a femboy
>I hate it
>camp ends
>meet up with friend
>he heard about the femboy stuff
>mother fucker pulls out a maid outfit
>go home with said maid outfit in bag
>thinking about shaving my head bald
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North fork mountain trail

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Anyone do this trail?
Is it better shuttle north-to-south or south-to-north
Or just do an out-and-back kind of hike?

I've heard there's no water, so you basically have to carry 2 days' worth in.

>inb4 DC homo comes to ruin the thread
this is a backpacking thread, urbanite faggots fuck off

Tilley Hat

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Are these worth the money?
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Running From Home to Maine

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I want to run from my home in Ohio, where I live with very restrictive parents, and into a place like New York or Maine, near wildlife. I don't have much money (~$1000) and I don't want to make a life-changing decision without preparing first, but I know that this is something I must do sooner or later. What do I need to consider/what's the best way to do this?
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Is there anywhere to hide?

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I am a 25 year old white male poorfag living in the US who is absolutely fed up with society. I have spent the last year acquiring survival gear and bug out equipment. My question to you guys is is it even possible in this day and age to just run out deep into the woods and live out there without being discovered? My plan was to load up my car, use gps to find an isolated spot, and then drive down the most remote roads I can and abandon my car somewhere hidden. Is this possible? What are the best locations for this?
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Semi-regular historic/LARP /out/ thread

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Larpers more /out/ than you, edition.

General thread for historic treks, rendezvous, reenacting, and LARP. Post cool pictures, ask questions, and talk about upcoming events if any.
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Are US/CANADA the best /out/ countries?

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From my french perspective, even their parks look better than ours. The way everything is sparse, the way they haven't paved every place they have, their national parks that actually are big and don't have tons of villages inside. It's hard to explain, I haven't been to these countries but I could just glance at it on Google Earth + what I read about them, it just feels right. Everything is so clustered in Europe. Everything looks like shit and no care is taken for natural environnement.
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Difficult Conversation

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Why are there so many historically-imposed barriers for African Americans wanting to enjoy the outdoors?
We see large racial disparities between the visiting populations that enjoy our national park systems.
How can we solve these disparities?

What kind of fruit is this?

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I passed this tree today. It is about 20 feet tall. It was covered with fruit. It appears to be some sort of crab apple. But the fruits are very small. They aren't quite ripe. It appeared that they would be red when they are fully ripe. The flesh has the texture of an apple. But they are very small, about the size of a grape.

I was trying to google. This is northeastern NA. It seems like it might be malus coronaria. But I can't quite tell from the photos.
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Are underquilts necessary
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