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How do you get paid to go on expeditions?
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found these on my travels. when should I go back to pick?
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Starting a garden

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I’m gonna try to start a garden tomorrow guys. What kind of seeds should I get at the nursery? Preferably something that can be planted in a medium to large pot because we don’t have a backyard at the moment :/

I live in downstate New York so I can’t plant everything but I’m sure I can plant a lot of the good stuff.

Gonna check this thread tomorrow before or during work because I’m walking to the nursery immediately after. Sorry for no replies immediately.
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What is your favorite edible plant/berry

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For me, it's the teaberry
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Favourite /out/ thinkers?

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"Hi I'm Zap and this is Scooter! What's your trail name Anon?"
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comfy campsite for longtime camping

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Hi, I've been thinking to buy me little plot of land to put a cabin on so I could every so often get away from the daily life for some short breaks. (few days or maybe max few weeks if i can take a vacation).
Lately I came to an idea -- why not some large tent instead -- otherwise I would be worried about looters/vandals.
With tent I'd just pack my "cabin" up and put it on the car. It would also be cheaper and I could theoretically set it up somewhere else. No issues about building permits or codes etc. either.
How could one make a life in tent as comfy as possible. Suggestions of where to get suitable tent for good price. What to take into account when choosing a plot, what kind of improvements could one make on the plot and what kind of stuff to bring along to make life neater and more in the line of having an actual cabin in the woods.
I was thinking an outhouse and a fire pit would be self explanatory improvements for example.
Pic kind of related - I think some old-timey canvas tents could do fine as the weight is not an issue. Maybe a tad larger, heating would be bonus but not a must I guess. Although wintertime camping seems to be an interesting idea. Could pretend I have a ski lodge.
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Anyone else into forestry?

I'm an RT but have limited experience and I can't remember everything from school 10 years ago.

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Mushroom noob here. I dried these and ate some. Will I die. I fucking hope these are pans.
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Patch General /pg/

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Cairnkicker edition.
Last thread: >>1536062
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