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Me and my boyfriend made this cosy set-up, what do you think
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Why cant mountaineers just blast their way up instead of wasting days waiting for avalanche gods to calm down
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I’m looking to buy my first knife for hiking and camping, and I don’t know anything about knives really. I liked the look of picrel and it has good reviews, can anyone weigh in? Thanks.
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RGB Headlamp

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Didn’t know who else to ask this. Maybe you can help me /out/. I use pic related as my go-to headlamp. It has a bright white light, but it also has red, blue, and green options. I know red helps preserve night vision, but what’s the point of the green and blue? Does it do something the red doesn’t?
Also post headlamps so this thread isn’t a one answer waste of time.
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What's the best place to learn how to shoot slingshots better?

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Gay ass Australian gun laws got even worse in my state recently, so I began looking into alternatives for going hunting. I decided to settle on a slingshot which I've had quite a bit of fun blinking soup cans with. Problem is, I can't find a comfy way to shoot accurately. What are some recommended sites or videos to help me get better with hitting targets more consistency, or does anyone here have any pointers?

Pic related: My 'deadly weapon' according to most Australian mothers. Fun toy according to mine.
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Picking up stones while /out/

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Do yall also bring home random shiny or otherwise remarkable stones from your time out
Found this today in New Zealand, it would probably look pretty decent if polished or something
Post yours ITT if you do the same
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internet and computer addiction

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Anyone here suffer from computer addiction and successfully get over it and transition into an outdoor lifestyle? I've been computer saturated since childhood but now I'm trying to basically spedn no time on it and find other hobbies, especially outdoors. But my brain feels fucked up from the ADHD effect you get from compulsively browsing shit all day. I downloaded this program that blocks me from even logging into my computer and I feel better after a few days.

Erbswurst modification

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Would it be feasible to make erbswurst with some kind of bean? If you don’t know, erbswurst is a “sausage” made of split peas, (sometimes) meat, and fat to make it adhere and was typically mixed with warm water to make a soup. It was originally part of Germany’s iron ration during WW1 and WW2. Bean soup seems better than pea soup+beans would have a higher protein content. What beans would you anons use? I would be partial to kidney beans but those will make you very sick if raw and sometimes erbswurst is somewhat undercooked.
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Rate My Cascadia Roadtrip

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General plan is to tour Vancouver Island down to Olympic Forest for peak comfy, then pack west for Glacier before leaving by Edmonton. Probably will be in July but most of this is just in the air. Does this make the most of the /out/doors there reasonably? Do be aware my family are normies
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