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/out/ Oregon

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Where do I go to be alone on the beach in Oregon
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Could you handle K2?
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How's Missouri as an /out/ state? thinking about moving there in a few years and buying some land for a homestead. I've heard its a very friendly state for homesteaders
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>Makes /out/ go into tard rage hulk smash mode
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Why do they do it?
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Land Navigation. Any Navigation anons?

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I've recently started trying to learn Land Navigation with a Map and Compass, and for whatever reason the information on the actual steps needed in order to get from point a to point be are convoluted and blurry.

I understand map scales, map legends, distance on a map, Grid North vs True North vs Magnetic North Declination. I got all that. But what is very difficult to ascertain is what steps to take and when to take them.

I've watched videos, I read some about and it seems like these people purposefully try to make it complicated so that it remains some sort of esoteric skill.

What do I do first?
>Orient the map
>See which way is North
>Adjust the Declination on my Compass
? It's been very unclear what exact steps to take, it's always some "Wilderness Expert" throwing around terms left and right, and what they will do is just brush over the word "Declination" as if anyone watches already knows what that is or even how to account for it.

What if I'm referencing my map and I realize that I have no clue where I am, and that there really are no identifying terrain features where I am, then what?

Are there any actual GOOD videos or tutorials or links someone can provide me? Thanks, appreciate it.
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what is your favourite campfire setup? for me? the keyhole fire
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I bring great shame upon my family

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My fishing rod refuses to cast the line out and stops halfway every time, i now picked it apart and took out the solidified rubbish and then oiled the cogs a bit. Took it out for a spin in the lake and it still stops at the same way as before. Then after trying to cast it a few times my big metal bait snapped loose from my wire.
I can't do anything right i'm such a failure.
What do i do to fix my rod?
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How stupid would it be to buy a cheap sailboat to live on if I don't know shit about boats?
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I want an /out/ approved tattoo. Any suggestions?
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