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Long distance bycycling

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Any anons who did long distance bicycling? Im planning to go solo on a almost 3000km(1800miles) bicycle tour through europe. I have been already training alot in the past few months(and previously bicycling alot in the past years) aswell as gearing up my bike(ergonomic handles, seat, carrier). My next "practice tour" will be 130km (80miles). My goal will be to do 50-100km per day to achieve the 3000km. Can anyone share their experience? What items are crucial to take with me(except repair kit lol). Especially food wise, what should i take with me? Water wont be such a problem, i'll take like 4 liters with me, or less, i can just buy new waterbottles at each village/city/town i pass.
For accomodation i have a tent and also a hammock with rainprotection. Im still not sure which one to take. The hammock is more lightweight and easier to set up, but requires 2trees, while a tent is heavier but more relieable.
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Hey /out/ists what is the gameplay when coming across trail cameras?
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Glacier NP

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I'm in Whitefish for a week and I was hoping to get in some good hikes or drives around Glacier. Any off-the-beaten-path recommendations anons?
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/bikepacking/ general

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Post routes, rides, gear, rate and compare to others.

>Kona Rove ST
>cheap gear
>average speed 19 kph
>longest trip 2500 kms, 1 month
>largest vertical in a day 1500m
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Chart thread

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Can we have a nice chart thread? I know you guys have some good ones

Does anyone on /out/ actually go outdoors?

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Or are you just a bunch of gearfags who like to play make-believe from the comfort of mommy's basement?
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>be me 2011
>14 year old burger visiting my grandparents in northern Maine
>they own a bunch of acres of property near the US/Canada border, most of which has no checkpoints or anyone guarding for miles
>decide to see if I can find this border
>take grandpa's ATV through big field, eventually leaving property, and going for a few miles over old roads and shit away from everything
>no phone at the time so I went by map and compass
>eventually come to patch of woods I can't ride through, get off and go on foot
>a few old and rusted no trespassing signs sitting around, nothing about the border
>walk through woods for about a half hour or so and reach the other side to another field
>this one had a farm in the distance
>and a few Canadian flags
>check map and realized I had gone out of state bounds
>out of national bounds
>realize I'm not an illegal border jumper
>immediately turn back into the woods and run back to the ATV
>go back to grandparents

How often does shit like that happen? What sort of trouble could I have gotten in? Why is the Canadian/American border not taken seriously?
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Replacement For Boots?

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I've had the same pair of Danner mount adams boots for 6 years and the sole is starting to wear out. What would be a good replacement or is there anyone who resoles this kind of boot?
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How hard is being homeless really?

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Any formerly homeless anons with any wisdom? I will be homeless soon due to circumstances outside of my control. I do have an SUV big enough to sleep in and carry a good amount of stuff. I also have a very warm military sleeping bag suitable for the mild winters here. Luckily I will also be able to register an address to receive mail. So I guess I have it better than most homeless. Also not a drug addict or anything. What should I know? What do I need?
>t. Southern appalachia region
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I’m sorry if this is not /out/

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I have a fetish for public nudity, exhibitionism, and sex. Are there nude beaches or resorts or campgrounds that are designed for young attractive people (with high female population)?

Would prefer to stay in USA/Caribbean and I can bring a female if there is a no single men rule.

Haven’t found much with beaches so I’m wondering if there’s wilderness camps or retreats for this.
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