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How much water do you bring with you while camping or hiking? I'm always worried I won't have enough but don't want to carry too much weight.
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>you WILL NOT defend your pets from cougar
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You think there are any serial killers who do their killing while hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.?
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what does /out/ carry for river/stream crossings innawoods? Thinking of getting a pair of rubber boots or something.
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/out/ cutlery
Do you just use regular kitchenware, or some leet, super light titanium spork with foldable screwdrivers or whatever?
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Do you REALLY need to cook while out?
I feel like in almost all circumstances eating cold food is fine, cooking it is larp.
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Rate my off the grid tarp setup
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best innawoods dog breeds?

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im partial to border collies myself because i grew up with them.

/out/ movies

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what are some good /out/ movies to watch? LOTR trilogy and the hobbit trilogy are ones that come to mind
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Any thoughts on tricking one of these out for lightweight backpacking? My current loadout is heavy as fuck and I love being able to autistically customize my shit. Thinking I'd use one of these, potentially in conjunction with a belt and vest combo, if I go hammock camping. Anyone ever tried one of these (or know if there are any other companies selling similar things)? Thoughts on whether or not it's feasible? I imagine I'd need some sort of cover in case it started raining.