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I want to assemble a team who's in?

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My dream is to catch every species of fish throughout the world's oceans. I'm a young intelligent /fit/ guy who's been obsessed with fishing for around 4 years now. I think the only way to get the necessary time on the water (as opposed to just flying somewhere for a week and taking a charter to catch fish, i don't want that, i want to catch many species in each location big and small) at the cheapest rate possible would be to sail country to country and live on the boat. I would sail because you simply can't cross an ocean on gas. Regarding the slow speed of a sailboat as opposed to a motorboat, it wouldn't matter because the point is to fish everything, who knows what you could catch in the deep Pacific ocean between California and Hawaii, you understand, I'm desperate to catch and see these rare creatures up close for myself. So my question is how could I make money while doing this? Who and what skill sets and how many people would I need to help me undertake such a task of maning a vessel? Right now, Im thinking what would be needed if I truly wanted to hop from small country to small country fishing in every crevice is a linguist. It would have to be people who want to see the world as well and would do this for no pay from me and have an equal stake in this as I do. So /out/ give me your thoughts.
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Mycelium innawoods

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Been thinking about going out, do a day or so of camping and taking some. Figure best to do it innawoods as its part of nature and best if i want to reconnect myself with the earth. Give me advice or reasons why i shouldnt? Pic related is a sample of about 3.5g.
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The eternal bear strikes again.
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PHILMONT THREAD - New Mexico General (/NMG/)

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Who's attending Philmont this year? Any Rangers out there? New Mexico, the best in the southwest. Forest service dudes, Philmont frens, Sc/out/s, Wildland firefighters, or just hiking enthusiasts whatever. Talk about your experiences in the region, swap stories, advice, and shoot the shit.

Let's get a group going - maybe even a regional meetup?
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Weirdest thing you saw /out/doors ?

Greentexts and pictures are welcome
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Was Christopher McCandless the ultimate cautionary tale of being /out/ and not preparing?
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Packable woodstoves?

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I've been thinking about picking up one of these firebox stoves; usually I don't like to make a fire and cold camp instead. But I like the idea of cooking/boiling water on the smallest possible fire. Any experience?
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Hey uhhhh, do you shit and piss in the woods??? Help quick
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Abandoned Mall Urbex

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Also hi to everyone who remembers me, im finally back with some more autism

see you fuckers this summer
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how far would you go to get rid of them permanently
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