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Flatlanders Out

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Should people living in flatland states like Florida and New Jersey be allowed to hike in serious mountaineering states like New York and New Hampshire? I say no.
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I’m hiking from Florida to Oregon all on foot starting tomorrow morning. I’ll list my gear ITT and you guys rate it.
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Oi, mate! Do you have a loicense to be outside?

/hgm/ Homegrowmen Thread #254 Farming and Gardening

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Old thread: >>1914961

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Homeless chads

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Take the homeless pill

They dont want you to know living outdoors is normal

They want you to be so weak you cannot tolerate living outdoors

Does it not anger you that you cannot be comfortable without a bed?

Does it not bother you that you pay money to evade your fear of no comfort?

Has it dawned on you that its all a lie and living outdoors is not good nor bad it is merely natural?

You're all like beaten women with the way you pay bills.

Stockholm syndrome consumers.

Living outdoors is not hardship. It is freedom.
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>Am suicidal because of weight/binge eating
>stayed in behavioral health unit for 4 days but nothing changed because I didn’t want meds
>got out and decided I wanted to go homeless and hike across the entire country
>spur of the moment plan, used greyhound/flights to get from my home in PNW to Orlando Florida
>currently in hotel room with no gear besides phone, battery powered radio, extra clothes, portable charger and debit card
>still don’t have a concrete plan

I got kind of disoriented last night when I arrived in Orlando because I was operating on 2 hours of sleep the previous night, and now I’m still a bit confused and am having some trouble retracing my steps as to what I was thinking (4chan/reddit posts are how I’ve been able to put it together)

How do I do this? What do I do? Go to Walmart and buy the supplies then start walking?
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Bros what shoes do you wear for the outdoors for the rain, mudd and snow season that wee are starting?

I was thinking on getting these Dunlop wildlander snugboot for hiking this winter. They seem to be designed for hunting and offtrail terrain. What do you guys think?
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Why is it that I've heard people say catfish put up a good fight? Earlier today, I put some shrimp on my line, cast out into a stream, and put the rod on the ground with the bail down (because I'm quirky).
NOT ONE of those fat fucks even moved the rod a foot. Now, keep in mind these catfish were around arm length, they were kind of annoying to lift up. So, what the fuck is it with all these people saying catfish put a good fight? It took me like 25 secs to reel in my largest catch. Are the catfish just weird this time of year?
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You've been hiking in the snow for several hours and have finally reached camp.
What's for dinner, /out/?

>for me, it's ramen with spam
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