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Anyone tried tanning their own hides?

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Just got the materials to attempt to do so myself this year.

What is the hardest part/any gotchyas?
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Plant id books

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Hi /out/ I need your help. I live in Georgia(Europe, not american one) and need a decent plant id book. i couldn't find any regional ones unfortunately, but i'd be glad if books contained pine and oak woodland plants, but be free to post anything else as well! thanks in advance.
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Anyone know any good and free advanced survival guides/websites? I know basic survival already and some advanced stuff along with a little bit of bushcraft, but I want to know more. I don't have any family members who can teach me anything I don't already know, so if any of you know where I can learn more for free that would be great.

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>be /out/ alone
>no gun
>see 2 of those
>lock eyes
what do you do?
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Best, lightweight medkits for weekend hiking/camping?
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Why can't we just clear mountains of bodies and recover them for relatives?
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Imagine being a bitch and losing your leaves in the fall lol

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Can anyone help me identify this Fungi? I found some old unlabeled spore prints when clearing out my uncles house and decided to attempt to grow some figuring none would likely take. One took surprisingly. It took quite a while to colonize, well over a month. They're now fruiting pic related. Anyone know anything about fungi?
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Fire Starters

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Which one do you use to start fires?

Pleb-tier: Lighter and kerosene
Patrician-tier: Rubbing sticks
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What's the absolute comfiest way to go /out/ in Bongland and why is it narrowboating on our God-tier canal network?
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