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Erbswurst modification

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Would it be feasible to make erbswurst with some kind of bean? If you don’t know, erbswurst is a “sausage” made of split peas, (sometimes) meat, and fat to make it adhere and was typically mixed with warm water to make a soup. It was originally part of Germany’s iron ration during WW1 and WW2. Bean soup seems better than pea soup+beans would have a higher protein content. What beans would you anons use? I would be partial to kidney beans but those will make you very sick if raw and sometimes erbswurst is somewhat undercooked.
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Rate My Cascadia Roadtrip

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General plan is to tour Vancouver Island down to Olympic Forest for peak comfy, then pack west for Glacier before leaving by Edmonton. Probably will be in July but most of this is just in the air. Does this make the most of the /out/doors there reasonably? Do be aware my family are normies
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where does one start with sailing?

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Where do people poop when they go hiking? this girl of mine invited me to hike this mountain and wants us to stay overnight and camp, I have a feeling she wants sex, but I really don't want to fuck a girl with a smelly asshole and sweaty pussy after walking for 8 hours. I've always liked the idea of camping and hiking big mountains, but until recently I never thought about the act of pooping while taking part in said activity.
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I have to leave my parents house in 20 days, and from then on I’m homeless, jobless and friendless I don’t have a drivers license and I’m fatter than fuck.

How do I hike across the country to Florida? Eugene Oregon is boring as fuck
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Greentext story thread

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Pull up a chair, anon. It's winter. Time for a return of the comfy greentext story thread.


>step inside the cabin, stomping snow off your boots and removing them by the door
>hang your rifle up on the rack, then hang up your hat and coat
>your ears are freezing
>walk over to the pot belly stove in the corner of your cabin, open the door with a stick, and toss in another chunk of wood to kick up the fire
>make yourself a batch of hot chocolate and pour a can of beef stew into a pot to cook on the stove
>check the weather on your phone
>bad snowstorm is coming in, looks like you're going to be stuck here for days instead of just coming up for the weekend
>oh no, how terrible, you chuckle to yourself as you text your boss that you're stranded in the cabin and won't be able to make it to work... and that you'll probably lose phone service from the storm, just before turning your phone off and tossing it aside
>you lay down on the cot and snuggle under the wool blankets, bowl of stew on the table beside you, and open up your book to where you left off
>tail thumping, your dog sticks her head up to nuzzle you and you scratch her ears before she settles back down in her bed and starts snoring again
>eventually, you're too sleepy to stay up any longer; you set the book aside, toss another log in the fire, and turn out the gas lantern by the bedside
>belly full of warm stew, the crackle of the fire dimly lighting the inside of the cabin, the howl of the wind and snow outside, and nobody telling you what to do
>life doesn't get any better than this
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It's caturday. Post cats.

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If you own toys of any kind, you are coping from a loss of civility in the world and you're trying to control your environment by any means.
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You went /out/ this weekend, right Anon? You know you’ll feel better once you do.
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Night walking

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>Love walking at night, with no one around
>Death in the family, stressful few weeks
>Walk around pond and recreation path at 3 AM to clear my head
>Listening to pic related
>Police officer stops me, says I look suspicious walking around at 3 when it's 11 degrees
>I'm nervous if I'm trespassing and ask him if it's illegal to be there after dark so I know in the future
>He interprets that as me being a smartass (I learned after it is legal) so he gives me a hard time

I wish people would just leave me alone bros and I could enjoy nature in peace.
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