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>girl tells me she loves hiking/camping
>invite her to come hiking with me
>“sure sounds fun!”
>cool I was gonna do a quick 4 mile day hike this saturda-
>“whoa 4 miles! that’s way too long, let’s do something else instead”
Why do so many women pull this shit? If you think a 2 or 3 or 4 mile hike is ‘long’ then you don’t actually like hiking, you like taking pictures of nature for instagram likes.
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Sneak into a lockdown through the woods

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My girlfriend is in a lockdown in Slovakia and I'm in Germany, Berlin. I need to get into that country to be with my girl and I'm dead serious about it as I'm not leaving her alone there. I have basic military training, I'm healthy and fit, I got a negative test for covid-19 and I can go for days in the woods. I would be glad for any piece of advice you guys could give me, even if for the ones telling me this is a stupid idea. God bless you.
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most common newbie camping mistakes

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I used to go camping a lot when I was a kid, but that was about 30 years ago. I'm planning on easing my way back into camping, starting with "car camping" this spring, but much of what I learned back then is not clear in my mind these days.

So to be fully prepared, I want to ask what are some of the most common items that new campers forget to bring or common mistakes they make, even in a leisurely camping experience?
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Does Charcloth offer any advantages over something like cotton balls & vaseline or similar? Or is making it yourself just wasted effort
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Don’t read if you’re offering subpar advice.

All the parks are closed
Just bought 600$ of camping/backpacking gear
Do I go in May? I spent all my savings buying my gear so I need to work a bit next month to make back what I spent

I'm thinking of starting a small survival garden

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With all this kung-flu panic going on, I'm gonna start planting seeds of fruit and vegetables, so I can still have some food later. I already planted some radishes and carrots in two pots on my back deck, but I don't know If I should have a small plant started under a light inside. I also got a sunflower seed packet just for the hell of it.
What do you think I should do/plant?
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Just drove 1274 over the past week from my apartment in Dallas to my folks in Raleigh to quarantine. Stayed on back roads and camped state parks the whole way to limit human contact. My dog howled back at a coyote and Deliverance hillbillies ran me off a mountain. This was my edc
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Fatass in the wilderness

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>pic related is dropped off in the woods with everything she has with her in the picture for a new survival tv show
>is also allowed to bring a duffel bag full of food
>her goal is to survive for two months, and is given a radio to call in food drops which will be placed in a random area in the woods she must get to to find
How does the show go and how long can she last?
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/out/ OC

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A short hike from today
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