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Engine stick pokers

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Anybody else out there looking for these glorious chipped rocks?
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How good of an idea is this?

I want to get a Roofnest Sparrow Eye (roof top tent seen in the image) and put 320w of solar panels on top (2x160w flexible panels).

Is that enough to supply power to a dometic fridge, 4g cell repeater, laptop + other small electronics? Is that a good setup in general?

My goal is to be able to car camp and work (I'm a software developer) from the mountains/various national parks for maybe up to a week at a time.
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Flatland pine forests in the rockies?

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Where can I find forests like pic related in ID/WY/UT area? I know ID/WY border near island park has one. Are there any others?
Looking for winter /out/ places that arn't steep mountains.
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What is the most underrated /out/door part of the U.S. and why is it the Wind River range in Wyoming?
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Do Americans consider a plate to be 20kg or 25kg?

So 3pl8 would be 140kg/~300lbs, for example
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Lost my old phone fellow /out/ists. Can we get an /out/ greentext thread going so I can get some classics back?
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/frus/ frustration thread

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I live in one of the most industrialized areas of Europe. The terrain is also flat meaning total absence of hills or forests for tens of km around the city. All the terrain is used for agriculture/industry/infrastructure/houses.

I'm fucking tired of this place. I've always wanted to get deeper into /out/ kind of stuff but everytime i try to organize even something small like a day hike it feels like it's impossible (i don't have a car and the areas reachable by train are urbanized)
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Is birdwatching the lamest outdoors hobby? Just a bunch of cringey old white people.
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Plinking and target shooting

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Best /out/ hobbies next to hiking and backpacking!
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