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bro do you even stalk?
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Does high cut shoes actually helps with carrying heavy backpack and walking on bad terrain or just a meme?
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>my bag alone is 8.2lb
ultralight bros....
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Is tunneling /out/?
>Can create living space anywhere
>safe from the depredations of the surface
>free to make new rooms when necessary
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Is reinforcing 4 season boots with over boots for winter a good idea? What are some pitfalls I should be aware of?

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God I fucking LOVE nature bros.

Post your favorite thing about nature RIGHT NOW
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/out/ jobs

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Do any of you have /out/ jobs?
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Bivies and tarps

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Found this Tyvek bivy for ~$30 and want to see if these are reasonable expectations for pairing it with my normal tarp. These are the use cases I'm thinking:

-packing it for rain, in case wind changes and blows rain through an A-frame or lean-to

-colder weather, partially for a smidge of extra warmth, and partially as a wind break (sometimes I can feel a strong wind through my sleeping bag)

-warm weather, when I want to open my sleeping bag but not be completely exposed to bugs

-possibly prevent dew wetting my sleeping bag when cowboy camping

I'm not planning on it being a primary shelter, just to supplement a tarp when needed. Tyvek is supposed to be breathable but I don't know to what extent-- I've heard of people making rain jackets with it. I've never seen the appeal of bivies but something this cheap and packable could be useful

also general bivy/tarp thread
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Regrowing Green Onions/Scallions

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So in the last year scallions have gone up 100% in price to a dollar a bundle now which means I need to start regrowing.

I have been fairly successful but I only get about one full regrow sometimes two before it goes rotten and dies. Should you trim a little off the top of all or down to the original base?

Also, the soil isn't very moist but they keep dieing after a few weeks. Am I overwatering or do they just naturally die?



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It's salmon run for another couple weeks.
discuss/share salmon pics you've captured
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