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Abandoned Mall Urbex

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Also hi to everyone who remembers me, im finally back with some more autism

see you fuckers this summer
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how far would you go to get rid of them permanently
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Have you taken the zinc oxide pill?

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> SPF 9001
> Treats diaper rash, poison oak, mosquito bites, and chafing
> shelf stable
> Nice.jpg

I put it to you that the only medkit you need /out/ (short of an IFAK) is ZO and some med-tape.
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Shill me chest rigs to carry a pistol innawoods.

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Don't wanna resort to fanny pack, unsure of what to get. Help a brother out?
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You do partake in the most /out/pilled sport in the world, don't you?
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Best/Worst/Strangest state and national parks

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I'm relatively new to /out/ing, the only camping I've done is full hookup tent camping in various Texas state parks. I'd love to do longer, 2 to 3 week trips where I stay in one state for a couple nights then drive to a different one for the next couple nights, repeating this a few times to cover a bunch of different regions.

More seasoned /out/ers, what are the worst state/national parks you've visited, whether it be awful facilities, lackluster trails, or bad experiences with staff or guests? Are there entire states I should avoid?

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Why don't people, when they can't take their life anymore, just spend all their money on supplies and start living the woods?
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/sdg/ - SCUBA Diving General

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Previous thread: >>2038123

SCUBA = Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Share your most memorable dives here, good and bad.
Post pictures, videos, and memes.
Brag about certs, experience, and achievements.
Discuss/recommend equipment, techniques, and otherwise share your love for diving in general,
Divers of all levels welcome, freedivers, as well as people just thinking about diving.

Feel free to contribute to it either directly or indirectly through the thread.

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how come cities have to be so awful? i'm sure most of the people reading this remember learning about how the hanging gardens of babylon was one of the wonders of the ancient world, how come our cities can't be more like that?
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/outdoor/ with a mask on

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so recently my mom started asking to come /outdoor/ with me. I took her on a short mountain trip as a beginning. Me mom is a good person, but she is a lefty NPC and one thing I can't stand is the fact that she's always wearing a mask, constantly. And when we cross with other hikers they give us a pissed look and stop to put their mask on (thing that never happens when I hike alone). Also, if there's a fence and she touches it, shortly after she'll sanitize her hands even in front of other hikers. That's extremely embarrassing. How do you deal with NPCs in the nature? I love me mom and I don't want her to think that she embarrasses me. (also she already took the jab)
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