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Firestarting general thread.

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thread for discussing any methods or stories related to starting fires outdoors
had a go at starting a fire by rubbing wood together. Only succeeded at giving myself a blister on my hand. Used the method where you cut a notch in the end of the rubbing stick and have finger loops to help with downward pressure. Cut the plank and stick from some dead standing wood in my yard using the axe
after trying that used punkwood char struck with a ferro rod in a bundle of dry grass which worked a treat. I use a shoe polish tin as the char box as it has a spinning bit of metal that helps pop it open even after the heat makes it stick.
share your stories and methods below
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Does anyone have any info on buck/hog hunting Sam Houston National Forest? Public land/stalk hunting isn't huge in Texas and I hunted my whole childhood, but that was in stands on private property, and the last time was when I was maybe 15 (24 now). I'd like to stalk hunt but I've been looking up other people's kills at SHNF and I can't find very much on other people's successes there.


I don't want to take anyone's spot but maybe a tip on the left or right side of the map. The left is where the majority of the land is, but the right being more sparsely populated should mean fewer people, and more animals, any advice would be appreciated.

How much would it cost to build a house from scratch?

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Identifying edible plants

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What are some good resources for identifying plants? Preferably books, websites are good too but my data plan is dogshit so I probably won't be able to access them while innawoods. I dont have any prior knowledge so treat me like a child/retard.
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Urban homeless survival

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I need to go homeless for a few weeks how should I approach this and what kind of area should I go. I have money for supplies but what do I need

Im in the UK if it matters. I just need to know how I can stay warm, fed, reasonably hygienic (at least brushing my teeth) and preferably away from people so I dont get robbed, while I'm homeless. This will only be for a few weeks

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Who else /Birds/ here?
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Hammock camping…enlighten me.
I want to try it so I can move camps easier while stream fishing smallness and trout,
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>blocks your path
What do you do in this situation?
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ITT: /out/'s weird stories

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I know some would believe this thread would fit more on /x/ but /x/ never leaves their basement so I would like to ask you anons for your weirder stories. Everything from a hobo jacking off to paranormal shit goes
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So i'm thinking about buying new boots since summers starts to get way hot for my meindls
i need recommendations for a boot thats comfortable in 30 degrees celsius
i have been looking at some desert army boots but they seem kinda warm still
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