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Anyone know what is growing on this leaf? I googled leaf growths and galls but I don't think these are from bugs because I cut one open and it was just solid green on the inside.
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redpill me on this specific mini bugout model for EDC
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OKC or Seattle

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Going to be moving soon if this whole end of the world thing starts to get better

I work from home so employment is not an issue, the two places I am looking to move to are either Washington state seattle or tacoma, or move to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I have lived on the west coast in the desert with nothing but sun my whole life, I love overcast weather and rain and I visit the northwest at least once a year, it would be great to move somewhere with as little sunlight and as much clouds/rain/ thunderstorms as possible so WA seems amazing


I also LOVE tornadoes, ever since I saw my first one in the distance on a trip out to OKC a few years ago I have been enamored with them, now I don't plan on casing them down like a storm chaser however I would not mind it at all if I could every now and then drive out a few miles to see them in person again at a safe distance, it sounds like absolute heaven however from the looks of things OKC is pretty fucking dumpy and boring with nothing to speak of entertainment or food wise etc, it also seems to e a pretty sunny place

So if there is anyone here who lives in either area and could let me know the major or secret pros and cons to each area I would really appreciate it while I look into making my decision

Seattle is also mad expensive, more than OKC for sure but tacoma is pretty damn cheap and their crackhead problem is a lot less than it used to be
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What the fuck is this!!!

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Found this in my backyard. I think it’s a cocoon of sorts. Or something else?
Anyone have ideas?
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Shill me your survival knives

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My wife wants to get more into survival training. She doesn't have her own knife yet and i want to get her one.

Her knife pp cant be bigger than mine though.

Shill away.
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rolling for rare lobster
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Heat Thread

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Alternate FIshing Method

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ITT: Alt Fish Thred

1. Trout-Tickling
2. Bow Fishing
3. Tenkara
4. Dynamite

plz, discuss your alt-fish method for sourcing aquatic sustenance

>be me, like 7, live in a house located next to a sleepy, winding creek that feeds into major river in N. Cal.
>fall storms, massive flooding
>venture to flooding, raging wash that once was sleepy creek
>quickly discover massive salmon spawn beneath bridge in the shallows
>begin to walk slowly across creek to other side
>accidentally kick ginormous, spawning steelhead
>pick up/bear hug said fish and proceed to take it home to show mom
>easily 3 - 4 lb fish
>i think prolly illegal interrupting a fish spawn, but i was 7 ffs.

>tfw caught trophy-sized fish in my backyard

>no, did not consume rotting, helf-ded, zombie flesh salmon corpse
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camping in western central Europe

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complete /beg/ here, sorry in advance
I've got some spare time on my hands this summer and I'm planning to go camping alone for the first time. Don't want to go to far from home with the crisis and all, so I was thinking about the ardennes region in southern Belgium or northern france (max). I have a couple of questions and It'd be cool if you could help. It's also fine if you have any related questions, I don't want to hog an entire thread. Anyway for the questions:
1)Does anybody know any nice routes/ camping places in the region? there is some documentation on the interenet but it's all very outdated.
2) should I stick to paths and actual camping spots or is wild camping worth it? (technically illegal in this part of europe but not enforced)
3)How long was your first trip, and what is the ideal length to have a good time?
3)what other activities do you enjoy while /out/ besides hiking?
4) what are some beginner mistakes I should care about? I'm not completely clueless since i've done camping with the boyscouts before, and I lurk here regularly

I think that about sums it up, thanks for taking the time
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