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Why do some people oppose boar hunting so fiercely?
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This thread is a shrine to the GREATEST INVENTION KNOWN TO MAN!
What's a poncho? I'm glad you asked.
It's a....
>Rain coat
>Bag cover
>Wind block
And many more things, all in one. You can string it between trekking poles, wear it, use it as a ground cover, anything you desire!
talk about ponchos
Show off your poncho setups
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Small Game Hunting

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Any tips on how to hunt squirrel/rabbit in a high altitude pine forest?
What is a good way to cook them?
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Wood Stoves With Pipe

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Anyone here running these collapsible/take-down wood stoves with pipe for heating/cooking? What do you guys run? Is it worth it to get the titanium version of these takedown stoves? What is your experience with them?
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>be in Germany
>decide to take a trip to a bunch of lakes and forests
>all forests are fenced in and plastered with signs
>all lakes are fenced in as well
>end up in boring mowed meadows
>go up a hill to at least look at some shit from distance
>some Försterfag appears out of nowhere and tells me to GTFO the hill because BETRETEN VERBOTEN

What a shithole
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Better lighters than zippo

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Cool looking cases but damn these new ones break so quickly.
2 broken within a year and I'm only an occasional user.

Can you guys recommend a differnt brand?
Not interested in bic, must be a refillable.
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It is ok for gay people from the city to hike.

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What sunglasses do you wear when you're /out/?

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I just have cheap department store sunglasses and I want to upgrade.
My biggest concern is scratch resistance. I don't have the money for Oakleys or anything. Opinions on Goodr or Knockaround?
pic rel are $20 polarized Field and Stream from Dick's
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Strange cylinder in the woods

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Found this in the woods today. Does somebody know what that is?
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