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KG: Backpacking edition
Discuss, rage, cringe, cry. Do it all here.
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What are some cool and informative Bushtubers? I really like Joe Robinet.
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I'm thinking of getting into batoning since the weather has changed.
Any tips?
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be honest /out/, when's the last time you went outdoors?

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>y-you do go outside, don't you anon?
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Who else runs /out/ just to cope with stress?
What do you do to unwind innawoods?
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I think these are edible Volvopluteus gloiocephalus mushrooms. Am I right or wrong?
Do you know of any good website, messaging app group, web forum or such to ask?
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>live in flat state
>only ever seen big mountains in pictures
>never thought they were that big, probably qbout the size of an average sized building
>"oh, 15,000 feet huh? That's probably only sea level"
>never really seen anything to scale
>looking at 360 image of Mt Rainier on Google Maps earlier
>realize I'm up in the clouds, overlooking dozens of miles of landscape
>look at mountain and see the cameraman is almost to the top
>look closer
>zoom in on some tiny dots surrounding the base of where we are
>it's all fucking people, probably a mile away
>realize I've misjudged the pure size and scope of mountains my entire life

I think I might have given myself megalophobia, but at the same time I'm super interested in visiting one myself. Is Mt Rainier a good place to start?
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Redpill me on trekking support tights
does the so-called ""taping theory"" tights work as advertised and make your trek LONGER and HARDER or just bs marketing gimmick?
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Winter Activities

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I live in a rustbelt town that gets brutally fucked by lake effect snow and short days during the winter. I take vitamin D to cope but some sunlight wouldn't hurt, shit gets outright depressing here sometimes. Anyone else have any recommendations for winter activities?

So far I narrowed down the choices to

Expensive to get in to, and my nearest slope is a half an hour drive, but could be fun.
Like hiking, which I do a lot of already.
>Ice Skating
Very few places to do this outdoors, as the ice never gets thick enough to support a persons weight. Mostly rinks around here so it kind of defeats the point.

Anyone else have some recommendations? I am open to all the weird and esoteric shit that is dredged up on image boards.
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