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How would u go about finding underground bunkers in a city to explore?

meme fish hat

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>it's not just a meme anymore
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Any mycologists lurking in here? Picked these the other day and dried them out. They look a lot like liberty caps but I'm also worried they may be some sort of poisonous shroom like a milky concecap.

Thanks in advance
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Wood working tools

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Any recommendations on a wood working axe for small stuff like whittling out a spoon? Any brands for decent knives? Can't find anything decent it brittanistan due to anti stabbing laws

Duck hunting

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Hey guys, went duck hunting for the first time yesterday and it's safe to say I'm hooked. Any tips for a cash strapped beginner you can share with me? Especially hunting w/o decoys or making your own. I'd love to learn, thanks.

Whats your favorite type of monkey?

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Any other videos about snedding?

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R8 my setup.

Thanks !
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Turkey Hunting

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I'm not a hunter. I like to fish. I like pheasant hunting but I don't live in that area of the country anymore and haven't in years. I do however live in turkey country and I hear them in the woods behind my house. Turkey is going to be 2.5x what in was last year and so I ask...what kind of 12ga shell do I use. Can I use my phone as a call. Are wild turkeys tough and not tasty? Help me out Turkey bros. It's one and done. picrel: my Designated Riflewoman
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/myco/ - Mycology and Mushrooms thread

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Death caps for 2D qt3.14

Got any good pictures of fungi from your hikes? Post 'em here.

Asking for an ID? For starters, please provide:
>pictures of the underside
>where they were found (part of the country, on wood/ground, what kind of tree)
>a cross section with the color of the flesh
>spore print

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