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/out/ careers

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tell us about your job that involves going /out/, I’m trying to figure out if that life is for me
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How to poop while /out/ during winter?
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Microfishing thread

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Why aren’t you microfishing in your local creek right now?
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Where do I meet friends to do /out/ stuff? All my current friends are degenerates who don't do anything apart from drinking/partying. If I had a girlfriend I could do stuff with her but I don't have one either. Where I live isn't good for /out/ (Buffalo) but I am hoping to eventually move. Where can I meet new friends with similar interests in the outdoors? Where can I meet a girl that isn't afraid of the outdoors?
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Thoughts on Kelly Kettles?
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Northern Arizona Land

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There are lots of affordable 40 arcre lots between Kingman and Flagstaff. Whats the catch? Is it like 5 miles to power lines and 5000 feet for a well or something?
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Light weight hot tent a meme/cold weather advice

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Last weekend I finally tried cold weather camping (50f high and 26f low) and I enjoyed it very much.
I want to get pic related, outer/inner tent 4.5lbs and stove is 4lbs. It seems relatively lightweight and would be very comfy.
I do most of my camping from a dualsport motorcycle in the high desert (ut/id) and the rockies in warmer weather. weight isnt a huge deal.

Has anyone had experience with Luxe tents or hot tents in general? It's just me solo and i wouldnt mind the extra 5 pounds for a warm tent at night.
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Jacket clothing

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I've read here, in the past, a thread about two american brands of leather (probably suede) jackets which used to be cheap and are know extremely expensive (since becoming fashionable). Can you name them please?
Pic probably unrelated

Hiking and Guns

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>What gun do you typically carry while /out/?

HK45 Compact V7 here. What about you, /out/?
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Hey /out/ I'm moving to Wisconsin and I'm looking to learn about lots of beneficial plants/fungi and how to positively id them and not consume/use fakes. Can some ppl help me.
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