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Spooky Drop Spot?

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Hey guys

I found this weird little cave entrance at the base of a rockwall off the interstate road near my home. I pass by it often after giving my brother a ride to work and was always curious. I noticed someone had stacked rocks in the entrance and then one day it looked like there were even figures as well. I finally went to look at it today and the stack was still there, along with a much larger rock sitting at the back, possibly blocking further access. The figures I saw were actually a nativity scene someone left by the stack of rocks. The figure of Joseph had fallen over so I set him back up where I assumed he was originally sitting, just to be nice. What do you guys make of this?
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Rock and stick

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Just got the unabombers manifesto, what's the next step to destroying industrial society?
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Why are most people so degenerate?
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What’s the most /out/ city?

I mean within the actual city limits. Being next to a national park doesn’t count. I vote Montreal. Mont Royal park is huge and fantastic. Lots of other parts too, botanical gardens are amazing and lots of the parks have old growth forests. Also second place is Phoenix. When I stayed a hotel there was a great hiking right on my doorstep.

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My work will be moving me to Dallas after all of this is over. Am I fucked for all things out? I'm used to northern forests.
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Stream dam consequences

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I built a shitty little dam on my property and it filled up way higher than I expected cause of heavy rains recently and now I'[m worried about the EPA comming to buttfuck me up the ass. What' would happen if i didn't break it down and someon efound out? It raised from like 5 inches deep to nearly three feet
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US gov land

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What’s the difference? Which can I hunt/fish/camp on?

>wildlife refuge

No BLM land in my state either.
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What sleepingsystem do you use? What do you recommend?

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Im the anon who did my first /out/ing couple of weeks ago which i posted on here (>>1712411). Now its clear that my sleepingbag is not sufficient for the current climate, Im currently looking into ultralight sleepingbags but most of them seem to handle summer weather. Id like to get one i can use in spring/summer/autum. Anyone got any recommendations on good, not too pricey and preferably lightweight/compact sleepingbags?

Also id like to know what you guys are sleeping in
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living out of my car

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i have found myself in the unfortunate situation of becoming homeless for a few weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for living out of my car? (pic related)
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/out/ patch appreciation thread:

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Post your collections, create, trade and sell your patches here.
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