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ITT: /out/'s weird stories

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I know some would believe this thread would fit more on /x/ but /x/ never leaves their basement so I would like to ask you anons for your weirder stories. Everything from a hobo jacking off to paranormal shit goes
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So i'm thinking about buying new boots since summers starts to get way hot for my meindls
i need recommendations for a boot thats comfortable in 30 degrees celsius
i have been looking at some desert army boots but they seem kinda warm still
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i like the homeless posts and running away larps
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>just live in the woods bro

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(originally wanted to post this on /pol/ but instead of going on a rant I thought maybe you guys are more chill and have actual advice)

how am i supposed to do that? I'm in the middle of europe, almost all forests here are either privately owned, owned by governments or are nature reserves. You're not allowed to camp on somebody elses forest and you arent allowed to build a house in your own forest even if you own the land.
To leave society behind you'd have to move to Siberia or Alaska to be left completely alone I guess and even then you still need all kinds of papers to do anything.
I just want to return to monkey and leave this clown world for good but it seems near impossible to do so.
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Dogs on the trail

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What is the appropriate way to react when someone’s unleashed dog approaches you on the trail? I really hate it when dog owners say “Oh don’t worry about it, he’s friendly”. What that means to me is, “Too bad, I can’t be bothered to control my animal around other people”. I haven’t had any run in with aggressive dogs yet but you never know with random dogs coming towards you.
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>Wants to leave mankind and go be apart of nature
>Lives in the first manmade thing he could find
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Oil on new Opinel?

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Just got a new opinel carbon steel, and it came covered in some kind of oil, and was wondering if anyone knows what kind of oil it is? Is it food safe?

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Why did my transpiration bag yield so little water

How will I survive

It was up there for like a week

Tall people kit

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Most packs and gear is sized for menfolk and halflings. What do you recommend to fit an elf?
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This probably belongs on /x/, but those guys are wierdos. Does /out/ think there is some underlying/ subconscious spiritual aspect to trees? When I'm out and about and I see a random tree in the middle of a corn field or whatever I always wonder why it was left there. Looking at the tree I am filled with I don't know how to articulate it but a great sense that that particular tree belongs as some sort of higher purpose or order. An overseer to that place. I wonder if the farmer felt the same way as it would be a pain to plant and harvest around it. Maybe im just too autistic but I dont fell that way about all trees.
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