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Binocular vs monocular which is better for just looking at things far away?
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Be honest, have you ever cut a camping trip short because you fucked up?
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Does anyone have anything bad to say about Rinella or this company in general? He recently bought an AR-15 so is no longer a Fudd. Guy seems like one of the best people for hunting and conservation in a long time. I love Nugent but he is kind of crazy to your average joe. Only thing I've heard is his company was bought by some rich liberal but I'm sure he doesn't intervene in the day to day and just wants to make money. Everything in Hollywood is jewish controlled anyway but I really like this guy's show and recipes and have watched every episode on Netflix or Youtube.
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Backpacking Through Europe

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I'm looking for tips, advice and general experience.
Bit of background: I've got an interrail pass with 7 days travel within a 30 day period, I curently stay in Romania and I think of spearheading it to Portugal with 3 days travel and then coming back on foot/hitchhiking with 4 days of travel spare for emergency or to go up to Finland if the time allows.
I've done a 5 year contract in the Foreign Legion so I'm trained to walk extremely long distance and survive on limited resources, I also speak at communication level a couple of European languages. I worked as a park ranger in my teens so I know my way innawoods, but I could use some help for urban/hobo survival.
Any is help much appreciated, pic unrelated

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I got a few heaps of logs the width of pic related and a few meters long. How do i go about to build a small wooden shack out of em with my axe?
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If giving water to plants is good for their growth, wouldn't milk be even better? Make them grow bigger and stronger?

2021 /out/ meetup

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I have a venue proposal, but don’t see a thread about the event
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At 14 deg C outside temperature can a simple fleece bedcover provide enough warmth for a proper sleep in a hammock, without sleeping mat, but under a proper tarp? I sleep frequently outside, but now i want to leave my Forclaz 900 extreme 0 sleeping bag, as last time 2 weeks ago i had to sleep with zip open, and my feet completely outside, because it was too warm.
I know, this bag is overkill, but i moved and gave away/threw out all the other, old/legacy gear, and i fear i wont be able to source a summer-bag in time for the next trip, but i also would like to go as light as possible. No way to test it properly, as oi got no forest nearby, and i would feel myself really uncomfortable to sleep on my balcony, i would be way to visible.
Plan to go at friday night, it will be tiresome trip. Would a fleece mat provide enough warmth? Pic related.
You can also recommend good summer-bags with little-to-nothing size and weight. Thanks!
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Will I get Lyme disease if I crush a non-engorged tick? It did not bite me.

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