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This really is the superior area for an outdoorsmen, isn't it?
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How do we put it back?
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Western WA

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Now that the smoke is finally clearing I'm itching to go out again. Share pics, spots, stories. Does the rain bother you this time of year?
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What is /out/'s favourite wood? i really like birch because of the bark, the nice smell when it burns and because of how pretty it is during summer
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Cooking General

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Hi /out/. Let's swap recipes, tips, tricks, and opinions on cooking implements.
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/hgm/ Homegrowmen Thread #250 Farming and Gardening

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Old thread: >>1866135

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Anthroponics, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Co-operative Farming, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hugelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mittleider Method, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Plasticulture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout No-work Garden, Sharecropping, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Straw Bale Gardening, Subsistence Agriculture, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting

Agouti, Alpaca, Animal Husbandry, Antelope, Beefalo, Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Brushturkey, Capybara, Cattle, Cavy, Chickens, Coypu, Crayfish, Curassow, Dairy, Deer, Donkey, Dove, Duck, Emu, Feeder Insect, Fish, Game Bird, Geese, Giant Guinea Pig (Cuy), Goat, Grouse, Guan, Guineafowl, Hedgehog, Heliciculture, Honey Bee, Iguanas, Llama, Ostrich, Partridge, Pheasant, Pigeon, Pig, Poultry, Quail/Bobwhite, Rabbits, Rat (Cricetomy/Thryonomy), Sheep, Silkworm, Snail, Tegu, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

General Info & Anon-created Guides:
Check sister thread: >>>/an/plant
/hgm/ does not have a Discord, please use our sister general's channel on /an/cord instead:

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Litterbugs get the rope.

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Litterbugs get the rope.
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What is the use for ponchos? Why not just get a rain jacket?
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Shit ass spring bb gun for small game?

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300 fps
purdy accurate.

Your thoughts? Viable for small game hunting? Anything else?
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/seamen/ - Sailing General No.1: Bon Voyage edition

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Previous bread

Hello fellow /seamen/, we've had quite a few sailing threads by now and I thought it would be great to maintain the momentum by formalizing the OP a bit. Firstly, are we all okay with "/seamen/"?

Some anons in the previous thread recommended that we start a more inclusive "water sports general" instead (e.g. scuba, kayaking, etc.), but since those topics already have their own "general" thread, I didn't include any info for them in the OP. What do you think?

**Old threads:**
1. >>1799222 <>;

1. To see full list of resources (cannot include in OP due to post field character limit) (non-editable): <>;
1. OP collab (editable, feel free to contribute): <>;, <>;
1. Good anon quotes: <>;

**Getting started:**
1. Simply contact your nearest yacht club and volunteer for menial labor like being rail-meat. Remember to be nice and humble.
1. Read (see resources below).
1. Never forget to have fun!

**Foundational knowledge and books:**
1. COLREGs: <>;
1. Marine VHF radio: <>;
1. Books by Tom Cunliffe: <>;
1. Crossing international waters: >>1814803
1. By Capn Fatty Goodlander: *Buy, Outfit, Sail: How To Inexpensively and Safely Buy, Outfit, and Sail a Small Vessel Around the World*

PS: Formatting of OP inspired by "/ohm/ - electronics general" over on /diy/.
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