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For me, it's the Thompson-Okanagan plateau. The only desert in Canada
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You rage, you lose

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Why is it so hard to do anything /out/ in Australia? I can't go camping anywhere besides shitty designated camping spots.
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What should I wear for cloudy humid and coolish (42f) weather?

I’m thinking ski pants And a long sleeve base layer thermal. Rain coat in the backpack if I need it
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Why are so many people dieing from trying to take /out/ selfies?

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How do we reduce the amount of these deaths?
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Backpack General

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>Backpack General.

Why is it that I often see tactical backpacks like this in person that have lining/covering over the entire zipper area/lining from front to start to prevent rain from getting through the entire zipper areas, but I cannot find tactical backpacks with that online?
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What's your choice of knife sharpener? Do you use different techniques/tools for kitchen knives vs bushcraft knives?
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Going to be moving from Seattle to Los Angeles and I really despise the drive down so I am looking to break it up by planning a bunch of hikes/trail runs to do along the way in the various regions.

I'll be taking i-5 almost all of the way so I am looking for suggestions primarily in Western Washington, Western Oregon, and the Western parts of Northern California (Redding/Eureka/Shasta/etc)

Prefer to keep it under 10 miles and 4500 feet of gain but I am open to anything if you think it's worthwhile enough. Any thoughts?
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Caving Thread

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Anyone here make squeeze boxes for practicing prior to entering the cave? Personally, I think they are a must for safety. The idea of getting stuck or having your friend get stuck, dying, and you can't get past them to get back out doesn't sound appealing.
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