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Climbing General #22: Partner Edition

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Climbing General #22

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Off-belay >>2250318

Don't forget your helmet, Anon!
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Does this look like slate or iron ore? Picked it up by the Oslo coast, planning to use it for my fish tank. Not sure if any of you can help, but I thought some of you outdoorsy people might know a thing or two about rocks:)

Thanks in advance!

What is with the hype with the PNW?

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Other than the views, which I admit look beautiful, is is really that good of a place for actual /out/ activity
>thru hiking
>required gear
Convince me that it isn't overrated.
If anything else, the south east coast or more tropical climates in general are slept on. As long as you have waterproof gear and a bug net I find the /out/ experience here much more preferable then camping in colder mountainous areas.
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Fire methods

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Hi /out/. /k/ here. I'm looking for suggestions on methods burning this pile of pine rounds. Most of them have got knots or something else going on that make it near impossible to split them properly into pieces without a hydraulic splitter. I tried drilling holes in a few to make wooden rocket stoves out of them, but it's taking a toll on my good drill and it's a pain to match the holes perfectly. Any ideas?
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Has anyone been seeing more of them recently?

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The Amish have been moving everywhere lately making new settlements all over the place.

I know they are pretty hardcore, but how are they so successful? Is low tech underrated because it’s ridiculous how much they are expanding while retaining their methods.

Not saying anyone should try to larp as them, but what can be learned as they are clearly doing something right.
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Found this - Post artifacts etc.

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Found this down by the crik, not sure what it is. Also post artifacts and other finds from outside
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Lined or unlined boots

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Does anyone have experience in unlined leather boots?
I'm planning on wearing them in about 0 °C - (hopefully not) 36 °C. I'm gonna use them for Hiking and just everyday wear.
I'm torn between the "LOWA Zephyr GTX Hi TF" which are basically modern combat boots gtx/leather construction for 190€
and the "Särmä TST Alpina Recon Boots" Which are pure leather and no liner for 150€.
I'm not really looking at the price but I put it in because I've seen the lowas for 450$ for some reason.
I have no experience with lowa but I've heard good things, I have worn alpinas in the past since they were "the" brand in Slovenia since ww2 for mountaineering boots.
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/out/ photos thread

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Post your pictures from your most recent /out/ing.
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Worth it? Just bought a lifetime membership for $20.
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