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Have you guys ever smelled cum in the woods? There have been multiple times when walking through an area, and suddenly it smells like someone is trying chloroform me with a cum rag. I mentioned it to a friend once and she agreed the woods smelled like cum, so I don't think I'm crazy.

The fuck did I just witness?

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Innawoods in Door County, Wisconsin (pic related) on a moonless, pitch black night, not a wind moving, not a sound to be heard but the falling leaves... and in the trees in the distance, I see the palest, faintest light, moving incredibly slowly. Far too dim to be a human/flashlight. Maybe 100 yards away through the trees, I have to reposition to see it. I stood there looking at it for 5 minutes, mouth agape in awe, until I got spooked as hell from the darkness and silence and got back in my car and fell asleep immediately, dreaming of swimming through a perfect, crystal clear lake and finding a mysterious large cabin on the other side of the lake - as soon as I reach the cabin, I bolt awake.

What the fuck was it? I was 100% sober. This whole experience creeped me the hell out but the dream was nice I guess. Anyone know any folklore or mythology that could explain this?
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What food to take for multi day hike?

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I'll be going on a 4 or 5 day hike, no civilization and lot of walking
What's your favorite food to take on trips like these? I'm thinking of grabbing two of pic related but that's only 3000 calories, I need to fill in the remaining 7000

what do?
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/out/ Questions that don't deserve their own thread
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Comfy Hidden Gems of Central Appalachia?

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There's not a whole ton of information online about the most mountainous, remote sections of states like West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

Pennsylvania and far-Western Virginia have a bit more info on them - but still there's plenty of trails that exist only on topo maps and its unclear if they are still usable.

Do you have any suggestions for lesser known destinations in this resplendently beautiful area?
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Annual thermos thread

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We used to have a thermos thread every fall but for some reason the tradition seemed to end.

Lets have a thermos thread for old times!
Have you gotten yours out yet?
Whats in your thermos?
Thermos thread
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What do ya'll do with your campfires at the end of the night? People say they should be doused and cold to the touch but it's hard to have that much water on hand unless you are camped right up on a water source.
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So did Mallory and Irvine summit Everest before their demise?
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Fall Foraging thread

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Last one: >>2160146

Post hauls, recipes, discuss and ask questions.

Muh pawpaws.
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Where are your favorite places to go /out/ in the Greatest Britain?

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Share them larp spots
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