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what knife do you carry when you go /out/?
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How can I live like this? I'm currently a dead end construction worker
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Gentlemen, i have an announcement
That is all
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Thoughts on going barefoot or using barefoot shoes in the woods? Viable?
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Scat identification

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Any idea what kind of scat this is? Location is south-central Alabama. .223 for scale.
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I'm trying to level up my hat game, what are some /out/ approved headwear outside the classic beanie? Also is this hat cringe?
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Axe recommendations

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I'm looking for the best ~20" axe I can get under the price of the Husqvarna Carpenters axe cause I'm trying to buy a lot of kit at once and I need to shave off any dollars I can. Preferably wood handle, preferably no obnoxious colors, but if it's a quality axe at the right price I am pretty flexible in those regards.
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Ocean camping

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I'm interested in camping on the ocean or in a sea. Maybe a massive lake. Whatever waters it may be, I want that feeling of endlessness and especially the opportunity to see the sky with 0 light pollution.

Where do I start? I'm not talking about beach camping, I'm talking about me and some friends going on a boat and just sailing around. Is that possible? Assuming we know where we're going and we know how to get back?

I'd like to learn more about this type of camping and adventure. Nothing like being on a massive boat with a ton of people, just me and some friends.
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Looking down on you for buying a $200 gransfors fuks when home depot sells estwings for $35. Don’t fall for the meme. Even if the meme looks way sexier.

Movie Night

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What are some good expedition/explorer movies/docs/YouTube vids to watch while I'm stuck in the house /out/?

I just watched Alone Across The Arctic on Prime Video. Shoalts seems like a good rugged chap.
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