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*sneaks up behind u*

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Everything the sodomite touches dies in a blaze of fire
Even our childhoods
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/out/ meetup

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let's find /out/ frens in our areas, these threads always get a good response from non asocial anons, gonna copy the last anon's thread template

no /soc/ shit or female orbiting, just nohomo wholesome /out/ companionship

post your


how far you're willing to go on a trail, also how long

your age, since many /out/ists are boomers and don't want to hike with zoomers maybe

do you like swamps? winter camping? hiking?

try to have some experience to not drag your partner down, but perhaps some anons will be willing to mentor you in exchange for boypussy, either way start hiking faggot

>trips you wanna tell about
your best/worst/most fun/interesting trip

>special skills
hunting/fishing/DIY/cooking/herbalism/skinwalker detecting, whatever you care to list of your /out/ wisdom

>no goes

>contact info
you can wait for a reply itt if you're worried about glow in the darks tracking you, or create a throwaway email for anons to get in touch
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Post freight hopping stories
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Imagine being faced with a real emergency and this is all you have to work with
I carry Diapers and Tampons to treat gunshot wounds and deep cuts along with other improvised equipment
What EMERGENCY GEAR DOES /out/ ? carry

USARMY 68W and 91A here shouts to Fort Sam Houston TX
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Recurve bow for beginners?

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Sup guys, I don't know shit about outdooring but I want to get a recurve bow to practice archery and eventually be able to hunt small/medium game. I need a hobby that gets me outside instead of just playing vidya all day.
Whats a good recurve bow for someone who has never done archery to get into it? I've looked around and people say the samick sage is good but I wanted some more opinions. Budget is ~$200 or less. Thanks lads.
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How do i start outing
I am city boy. Never been outside. I dunno what to do. I live in a subtropical swamp My parents never really raised me. I dunno how to drive and i have no skills. Figured id try to live outside?
How do i /out/ but get started on no money?
I dont understand how people go outside and not be destroyed by bugs or catch a virus get coveredbin ticks. I dont understand the concept of sleeping outside and an animal doesnt eat you. Especially when you dont use a tent cause i dont really wanna use a tent it seems like a huge pain and needless for a single person.
Ive never lit a fire or cooked before either. I dunno someone help!!
Right now im looking at
>coleman camp axe
>sleeping bag
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Fuck Ultralight Gear

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This is a heavy thread. Post heavy gear, historical gear, or LARP gear.
What is a lightweight mountaineering/bush rifle? The Mauser 98k, pic related.
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Going west (Rocky Mountain Country)

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Is it worth it?
>INB4 fuk off we’re full :))))
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/nightwalks/ Gen: Boonies Without Cityboi Lights Edition

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Post your photos, tell your tales. 40 F, shitloads of wind, and 68% moon through clouds tonight, it was perfect.
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