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Primitive Archery and Weapons

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Harvested this in my local woods. Twig source was some kind of spiked aged bush, type is unknown... Heartwood(brown) is good, not rotten.
Some help needed as my first time making a primitive bow:
1. Sould i dry it out before shaping?
2. Should i utilize the curve and in what direction?
3. How to deal with a knots?

useful links are also appreciated
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Are banana peels "litter"?

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Anyone around Småland/Östergötaland wanna meet up for a hike? we can also fuck???
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Backpack thread.

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post your new packs, old packs, tips for modifications and just small stuff you want others to know.
I'm looking into getting a new bag for my trips, I typically go for 3 days at the most, very rarely ever more than 5. I'm looking into getting something for around $200-$300, with a capacity of around 35-40 liters. I'm not a massive fan of rucks and prefer packs with pouches built in. I'm between three packs
Maxpedition Gyrfalcon
>seems to be fairly good from what ive seen, but I don't see many people that actually talk about it, good or bad.
Eberlestock F53
>bigger than I need and looks very military esque which isn't something I'm a big fan of. but I know this is a reputable, trusted manufacturer
mystery ranch coulee 40
>esssentially a ruck, im only including it because being tri zip fixes one of the problems I have with ruck designs. also from a company I know makes good products.
Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks sc/out/s
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why didn't you listen, anon?
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How do you pooperino in nature?

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Personally I just lift off a piece of moss and shit on the exposed ground and then put the moss back on top of my cake.

If I'm in the mountain and there is not vegetation or soil I just poop behind a big stone and cover it with some small rocks. In this scenario I often burn the toilet paper to avoid it blowing around in the wind.

What's your way /out/?
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Long John Silvers thread

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Jesus guys , I nearly forgot this year.
Forgive me

Post link to great sales.
Post favorite LJS brands.
Argue with fellow boardmembers about merino wool vs cotton.
Everything long john silvers related belongs here.

Its getting cold, do you have yours yet?
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Why do women complain a lot when camping/doing any outdoor activity?

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Off-Grid Skooile/RV

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How does /out/ feel about living on BLM land in a skoolie/rv full time, completely self-sufficient? Anyone with experience?
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>Globally, ticks are becoming more and more abundant every year
>Cost billions to agriculture, spread diseases which can permanently cripple or kill dogs & humans
Why is there no good way to deal with these little fuckers /out/?
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