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How much paracord do you bring when you go /out/? And are quick release paracord bracelets useful or just a larp?

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/GFG/ - GearFagGeneral #2
Thread to discuss, reccomend, and shit on gear.
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Apocalypse Proof Water Filter

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>make purified drinking water
>only needs solar energy
>doesn't require replacement parts from a industrial supplier
Are there chemicals solar distillation wont filter out?
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This is what happens when you go outside.
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>be /out/ alone
>no gun
>see this
>lock eyes
what do you do?
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What are your strengths and weaknesses as a /out/ist?

In good shape so can hike all day

Pretty poor at navigation, I don't even know how to use a compass.
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61°43'07.2"N 27°17'17.0"E
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Wildfire History

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Are you aware of any archaeological study of wild fire in the United States? I spoke to a forest ranger at the Angeles National Forest about the historic frequency of fire but they had no idea beyond their own written records of fire.

Every time after a big fire event a lot of mud washes down into the local riverbeds. I figure it could show some historical record of fire.
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Trail camera hate thread

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Am I the only one that absolutely despises the idea of my privacy being ruined outdoors by drones and trail cameras ?
Is there any organization out there trying to fight this shit?

Can we share tips and tricks for destroying shit like this without having legal problems ?

This fucking shit needs to end
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How to get over fear of wildlife when solo backpacking? Particularly black bears and moose. I'm always kept up at night inside my tent because I fear a black bear will try to come in or a moose will trample me to death.
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