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Knife Suggestions

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So I've been looking for a new EDC to replace my Spyderco Tenacious and I've been interested in a combination edge with an Emerson wave opener that has a 3.75" (doesn't necessarily have to be this size) blade length. The only ones I've been able to find with that combination are actual Emersons which after doing some research aren't the greatest choice based off reviews. Any suggestions?
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How do I learn to make a bow from scratch with nothing but a knife? Like a Hatchet style extended survival situation
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So Idaho is the country's leading potato producer

Why not Wyoming, the land is cheaper, is there something that radically separates these 2 states in terms of climate

t. Person who wants to grow potatoes but doesn't want to pay more than 20k for a decent piece of land
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/fug/ - Fugitive Gen #1

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The thread dedicated to those nomads without motorized vehicles and a thread for anyone who chose to travel (or had no other choice but to travel) around their country or around the world.

Topics related to fugitive activities:
>stand-alone loadouts
>cheap gear
>long-duration disposables
>low cost travel
>low profile travel and camping
>stealth camping
>foraging/collecting resources
>water management
>outdoors/wilderness safety and hygiene
>first aid
>tools/gear maintenance
>internet access
>society/urban avoidance
>income possibilities
>wild camping laws

First thread.
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Stoners of /out/. What is your preferred method of consumption for the great outdoors? I havnt yet switched to vapor which I imagine would be the most efficient way, but I've found a contraption that is quite useful for old fashioned flower. Not picrel, joints tend to be a waste when you're by yourself
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/LCG/ Prepper Thread AKA LARP Containment General

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In an effort to help out this slow ass board I want to try and make what is essentially going to be a LARP general. And guys I know, we’re all “planning on getting some land” and “making a homestead” someday, I think about it too, but after lurking for a few months I see too many asinine threads killing off threads that are slow but interesting (the bee thread for example) to ask the same question someone else asked yesterday.
tl;dr post your infographics in here, talk about homesteading in here, LARP with other anons who don’t actually /out/ either here. Stop shitting up /out/.
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Camper van company name suggestions?

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would like to hear some suggestions on a camper van conversion company name any suggestions /out/?

Picture related; from a recent conversion more pics to follow.
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redpill me. As much as I’ve loved my whole life in CO, I think I need a change.
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Memorial day /out/ gathering in northern california?
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/Sling/ing general

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Beleric Vs Shepard edition
>Post Slings You've made/Matirials you used to make them
>Post how you made them
>Post pics of pots or jars you smashed with the slings you braided.
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