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Kayaking, paddling in January

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Hi guys, I would like to try kayaking for the first time this Xmas holidays.
Is Florida good for it? Is it really fun? Is it dangerous?
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#296-“Xmas Season” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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Pooping in the woods

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I'm kinda new to camping so i'll ask my questions and hopefully you guys will be kind enough to answer them for me.

1) Are piss and poop bad for a forest?

2) How do you correctly shit in a forest?

3) What do you do with your poop afterwards?
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What type of stove for cooking dioes /out/ use,
is it gas(propane/butane), or do you use multifuel and what model/company?
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/pg/ parka general

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I am trying to decide between the Rab Neutrino Down Plus and the Patagonia DAS Parka.

Both of these will function as a Parka to be worn on top of my Wool base layer + Fleece + small down puffer. Since I have found those three layers only keep me warm down to 15F if I stop moving. This is my understanding of how the Parka Belaying layer is supposed to be used correct? As a last and final additional layer of peak warmth for when you stop moving and it's really cold?

Anyways, the Rab is insulated with Down and the Patagonia is synthetic. Both have DWR coatings which basically don't do much but the Rab does have Pertex® Quantum Pro outer fabric which is supposed to be pretty damn water resistant (albeit not water proof).

Anyways? Is down or synthetic the better insulation for parkas? What parkas does /out/ recommend and how do you layer them? Which one of these would /out/ get for winter & alpine use?

The coming collapse

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Society is going to collapse, there's no way around that and we can't avoid it. What we can do is prepare to some degree. What are my chances living in the second largest city in sweden? How do i prep, what things do i need that i could've missed?

I have no experience whatsoever with being innawoods, but i can learn quickly.
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Help me find a new cookpot. I just got a whisperlite stove and my current 1L pot is too narrow and won’t fit on the legs, so I need a wider pot, at least 4” diameter, and somewhere between 900ml-2L.
I’ve found the MSR Alpine Stowaway 1.6L pot, but it’s made of stainless and is like 1.5+lbs. The whisperlite stove will nest inside of it.
Then there’s the TOAKs 1350ml pot, but it’s like $55 and the lid sucks, but it’s only 5oz. The stove won’t nest inside of it.
I’d like a $35 version of either of those, not made from steel, but made out of aluminum Or titanium. Anyone have any wide pots they like?
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Is hammock camping the superior way to camp in the winter /out/?

>gets you off the ground and above all the snow
>no need for sleeping pads. just warm top quilt and underquilt.
>tarp allows for more livable area to set up camp

What do you guys think? I'm in the PNW and I'm debating trying hammock camping this winter. Is it a meme? Am I bamboozling myself? or it really superior to ground hugging on the cold ground?
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Supersonic Clouds

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Recently I witnessed a cloud carpet (cloudy day) move with insane speed. Considering the distance (distant movement appears slower when observer), those clouds likely had supersonic+ speed.

>anon, that's impossible
Well, randomly look at your clouds for a month or two, it will likely happen again then you'll see what I saw.
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Does anyone have any experience spear hunting? Gun ownership got delayed for me and there are a ton of pigs on the station I'm living but I've only got a bow and I don't want to wing one and have everything go terribly wrong. Where would sell a boar spear in this day and age? I have a dog but he's pretty young/stupid and don't think he'd do well at getting one.
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