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How do you build an underground bunker without it rotting out?
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/sg/ Stove General

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Post your current set up, or favourite stove.
Cook kits, pots, kettles, and billies.

Do you stay away from aluminum? I like stainless steel, myself.

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Hammock camping

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Unironically: is there any reason NOT to hammock camp?
It seems to me to be the underrated gem of solo camping in all seasons, weather, biomes, etc.
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What was he eating while innawoods?
He wasn't a hunter or was he?
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QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread (thread)

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>Sleep in a sleeping bag for the first time in a few years, used a mat under it and everything
>horrible back pain in the morning

Oh god its happening

Beginner mistakes

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What are some funny experiences you’ve had when you first started hiking? I can’t stop thinking about this and I gotta get it off my chest. A few years ago I went to a local mountain natural reserve and I set up camp to spend the night, a few hours go by, horrible wind and rain, my fucking flecktarn poncho I had used as a roof flies away and then my sleeping bag flies away too.
I pack up and start making my way to my car, with my headlamp and my torch, I trip and fall because it’s dark as fuck and I can’t see shit, headlamp is broken, I’m wet, muddy and exhausted
I finally get to the car and feel like a complete faggot and drive back home
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What are your methods for washing dishes when /out/? I've only ever done short trips in areas with plentiful water, so I either do them normally with soap like I would at home, or just make meals that don't require any cleaning up
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Vagabonding Advice: Food

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Best methods for obtaining food for free? Best foods to buy for cheap?