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Wildfire History

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Are you aware of any archaeological study of wild fire in the United States? I spoke to a forest ranger at the Angeles National Forest about the historic frequency of fire but they had no idea beyond their own written records of fire.

Every time after a big fire event a lot of mud washes down into the local riverbeds. I figure it could show some historical record of fire.
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Trail camera hate thread

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Am I the only one that absolutely despises the idea of my privacy being ruined outdoors by drones and trail cameras ?
Is there any organization out there trying to fight this shit?

Can we share tips and tricks for destroying shit like this without having legal problems ?

This fucking shit needs to end
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How to get over fear of wildlife when solo backpacking? Particularly black bears and moose. I'm always kept up at night inside my tent because I fear a black bear will try to come in or a moose will trample me to death.
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Fuck ticks

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These little cunts need to be exterminated!
I slept one night in the tent and carefully checked for ticks before going to sleep. After I left the tent once to take a leak during the night, I woke up with 7 of these fuckers! SEVEN!
How do I deal with these disease carrying abominations?
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What is the best edc screwdriver?

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I wanted to add a screwdriver to my every-day carry kit. I am looking for one with multiple bits and a belt clip. Currently I am considering buying the Stanley 4 in 1.
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What is the final solution to the chigger problem?
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Wilderness First Responders

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Is anyone in here a wilderness first responder? I signed up for a 5 day course in WA at the end of the month and am almost done with study guide and exam. Just want to know what to expect in those 5 days and what kind of job I can get after? We've been getting so many forest fires on the west coast and I hate them so much, I want to at least be able to help the people in them if I can.
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Best /out/ state?
>From forested mountains to plains to vast deserts
>Also Philmont
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Dealing with homeless drug addict campers

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I live in rural Bongland and one of my favourite woodland spots has become occupied by some dubious meth addicts in a tent. It is in a clearing that is very hard to find and I resent losing this spot. They have been there for months and show no sign of leaving. I have scouted them from a distance and see them just smoking meth and throwing cans of beer around. How can I fuck them up without endangering myself or committing a serious crime? Burning their tent or shooting at it with an air gun is out of the question.
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I'm interested in learning how to grow and farm my own food for me and my wife. We have a two acre plot of land, which I am aware is not big enough to grow for a year's worth of food traditionally, but I am curious if I could devote a good bit of it to aquaponics/hydroponics/aquaculture and use the land more efficiently. I'm under the impression also that chicken, pekin duck, and guinea pig are easy or relatively easy meat sources, so long as I learn how to do it and put in the time necessary. I'm not planning on starting soon, either, so I want to know if there are any pieces of advice or big issues with what I'm discussing right here that I, as a beginner, wouldn't see.
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