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Ultimate /out/ car

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Is the outback the /out/ car? Great fuel economy, lots of space, AWD standard? What is not to love?
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>Intimidates all armchair /out/ists on this board in your path.
What do?
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SCUBA thread, are your preferred dive sites wrecks or a reefs?
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Tritane bottes and hot water.

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Can you pour hot water in a tritane bottle?
Let's say you boil your water, you leave it for a couple of minutes (5-10) and you pour the water inside. Will it damage the bottle or make it change the chemical composition of the Tritane plastic?
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I fucking hate mankind. My plan to leave society is to head into the British Columbian wilderness and live there forever. I also plan on having a secret lab.
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Weekend's /out/ing

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Been /out/ing to Lagorai mountains (pic related) this weekend (Northern Italy). Autumn is coming. Slept on a comfy cabin at around 0-5°C (not the one on pic related) and had a nice meat and beans stew. Trek on the day after
How bout yours anons
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My girlfriend lost my edc flashlight, so now I'm in the market for another one. It was a protac 1L-1aa, which I really liked, except for the shitty clip. I'm looking for something that's around $40, uses lithium batteries and puts out at least 350 lumens. Any recommendations?
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How does /out/ carry water?
I just bought a water bladder because that seemed smart.
Now I'm wondering if I also need filtration though.
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/Pol/ Pot Appreciation

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Childhood is idolizing the Unabomber. Adulthood is idolizing /Pol/ Pot. What the Unabomber did was send out a few bombs. He was a gnat trying to kill an elephant. What /Pol/ Pot did was empty out the (((cities))), force a return to a pre-industrial agrarian society and kill off the oversocialized intellectuals. He did everything the Unabomber wanted to do in an entire country.

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My old knife was pretty shit quality and broke last weekend. Can anyone recommend me a new one? Preferably UK legal
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