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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
Old one >>1922800 reached the bump limit and is on page 9 so I thought I'd make a new one and ask my question in here:
Can any Germans recommend me a book on edible plants? Preferably those that grow in the forest but others are also fine. More interested in stuff that gets me calories than some sort of natural medicine but I am open to all suggestions as long as you own or read it yourself.
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Loadout thread?

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Loadout thread.

Post your current gear/set up for these colder months. Its been hard to get out these past couple years with getting married, buying a new house, and having a baby, but I'm going to try to get in at least a couple over night trips next month.

Not all items will be taken, but it's options I have depending on where I'm going and feel like doing
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Ugliest nature in the world.
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Hey gang. I’m back. Been rough. For everyone who doesn’t remember. Back in July I died.
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Booshcraft without leaving a trace

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Is it even possible to booshcraft without cutting stuff down? I went innawoods and the only deadfall I could find had disease or was not thicc enough. Also the "woods" that I go to is literally just the uncut part of a suburban area so would "leave no trace" still apply?
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Archery Thread - /arch/

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Come in and tell us

> What kind of bow are you using?
> How long do you archer?
> Do you use your bow to Hunt or just to shoot on Targets?

Or feel free to post /arch/ related stuff.

Want to get into Archery? Just ask questions
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Its over folks, 34 million people will be made Americans, there family will join them. Our population will skyrocket towards 400 million, and the silence and beauty of nature will require longer and longer travel to get to. And once there you will not be alone.
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Do east coasties know that most of the PNW is bug free?. No ticks, roaches, mosquitoes, deer fly no see ums, etc?
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Best nature photography while /out/

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Post ‘em
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Are titanium pots worth the cost? I'm not some hard core ultralight guy but I like to save weight when I can. Been interested in getting a pot to replace my cheap-o aluminum pot set. Would mainly be used to boil water, make ramen, soup, etc. Nothing hardcore. Been looking at ROCREEK Titanium 750ml Pot with Bail Handle on amazon for sale $26.
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