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/out/ dog breeds

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What's an /out/ dog breed?

I currently own a pomeranian and while they're pretty resilient to the cold and more sturdy than you'd think they have no chance vs. wild animals and can't protect you (or scare anything off) if you encounter something while innawoods.

>pic rel is my doge
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Hello outfags can someone tells me what is the best integrator to buy on amazon et similia for an ipotetical radiation intoxication? I want to build a bug out bag whit a little pharmacy .

Appalachia and West Virginia Hiking General - Image Limit Reached Edition

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Post pictures of your secret spots in west virginia and the other deciduous mountains of appalachia!

This way we can all post them to alltrails together

bonus points if they are close to airbnbs!!
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What is a good tree to plant for fuel?

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Is there something that grows quickly and can thrive in the climate of SW Minnesota?
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My jackpack

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Sewed from two jean shorts, one pair jean pants. Some nylon webbing and buckles, some leather and an old drawstring.
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Early bird gets the .....

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I found a pig skull, I think.

Post interesting things you found: carcasses, bones, skulls, ruins, abandoned buildings...
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EDC thread? every other board seems to have one.
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/arch/very general

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Finally figured it out--edition.

>Post groupings
>Bitch about olympic shooters
>Ask and answer newb questions
>Talk tillering
>Discuss the theoretical physics in tuning arrow
>Discuss the theology of letting your bow do it for you
>Horsebow still best girl.

Hurt my back at work, took two months, a lighter draw weight, and "Tsurune" making rotating khatra (I don't remember what kyudofags call it) cool again to get back to this.
Different faces because my empty bag makes me shoot through dropping arrows at least once a day.

St. Hubert, pray for us.
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