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Is snowshoeing a meme?

I just bought a pair of MSR snowshoes for cheap off craigslist cause it was too good a deal to pass up. What pants and boots should I wear to go snowshoeing? I assume a good wool base layer bottoms but what pants are best? Should I get snow paints? Do I even need waterproof pants if I just wear high gaiters?
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Is hammock camping the superior way to camp in the winter /out/?

>gets you off the ground and above all the snow
>no need for sleeping pads. just warm top quilt and underquilt.
>tarp allows for more livable area to set up camp

What do you guys think? I'm in the PNW and I'm debating trying hammock camping this winter. Is it a meme? Am I bamboozling myself? or it really superior to ground hugging on the cold ground?

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Need to buy an Opinel from a shop in the UK, Decathlon no longer sell them, Where do I go?
Another cheap but "usable" knife will suffice too
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Anyone here had a dicey run in with animals while /out/? Such as being stalked, attacked, approached or even harassed by something?

I've had a friend's cup get swiped by a raccoon. Another time I was on a trail and walked into a lone hiker who said he
stumbled upon a mama bear with cubs, ended up getting charged by the mama bear (possibly a bluff charge, being a black bear and all, but could have been real considering the cubs).

Mountain lions freak me out. One could be stalking you and you'd never know it.

Pic unrelated, the opossums are bro tier.
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We did it brehs

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/out/ Watch

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Looking for a watch for /out/ but I'm also looking for taking it out ice fishing. Where I'm from this means the temperature could get to -20f (-28.8c)

while on my wrist it may not get there, the windchill while looking at the watch may get it really freaking cold. I'm looking at the Pathfinder PAG240-1 from Casio but I can't seem to find the operating temperature.
I know the sensor only goes from 14 degrees to 104 or something, but not really any info on operating temp of the LCD.

I know Casio also makes a Low Temp LCD watch but it doesn't have the options. Or is there another brand that is low-temp with lots of /out/ options?

Gen watch threat too
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The blacks were never on this side of town years back

/myc/ Mycology General

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Probably a deadly galerina edition.
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Is motorcycle camping any fun? Been looking at a tenerae for a fuel efficient way to reach far away places to hike/camp
>inb4 fuck off to /o/, they cant stop fapping to sportbikes
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I have never been camping a day in my life and I'm in the process of joining an 18th century reenactment club where they camp out and shoot BP. Problem is their next campout is in two months and i have never camp out a day in my life much less with 18th century equipment. I feel like I'm a little over my head guys. I have no clue where to start on supplies.
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