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Comfy Hidden Gems of Central Appalachia?

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There's not a whole ton of information online about the most mountainous, remote sections of states like West Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

Pennsylvania and far-Western Virginia have a bit more info on them - but still there's plenty of trails that exist only on topo maps and its unclear if they are still usable.

Do you have any suggestions for lesser known destinations in this resplendently beautiful area?
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Silky Forest Destroyer

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This is what separates the LARPers from the Survivalists. If you don't carry a 3lb almost 60 inch total length folding saw so you can eradicate an entire forest you're basically a pussy.
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What can i do if my sleeping bag takes up too much space?
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Do we have any Anons who live in Japan? How's the country like for /out/? Would you say its suited for it? What are some must-visit locations? It is fun? (As in things to do) Stories would be appreciated.
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Brian Laundrie

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Assuming he is alive and you were him how long could you evade police trackers, dogs and aerial surveillance? It seems like tracking humans has become a lost art and anyone who can track an animal could hide their own tracks from a human. Dogs would be more difficult to evade but not impossible so long as you keep mobile. Aerial surveillance will pick up other people who aren't you and would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

How long would /out/ last?
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Im doing it bros. Im going off grid.
Any advice?
Heres some details, parents have inherited to me 100 acres of woodland in Eastern Canada. building a 24x24 camp innawoods. Plan to have propane stove, and a combination of wind/solar to power lights and a small television and N64.
Barn on the property with 3 stalls , I plan to rear hens and turkey, goats and swine.
I would consider this lite mode because im more than willing to visit a grocery store at first but somewhere down the line I would like to attempt a full year without purchasing food. Anyways im kind of rambling here but wish me luck, and please offer any input

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/out/ photos thread

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Previous thread >>2214599
Please post pictures from your recent /out/ings and have a good time !
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: [

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They’re tearing down the forest I grew up playing in right now. Those trees are my fren.
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What skills do you think would be beneficial to acquire in order to better cope with the upcoming climate change?

It is evident the world will only subtly go to shit, so there's hardly any reason I think to believe that most services (i.e. car mechanics) will disappear.

So: on what to focus?

Into The Wild

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Was he based or cringe?
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