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New Gear

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What sort of things have arrived in the mail recently for you guys?
I needed a new tent and stuff for finding fossils/minerals because I gave my old fossil hunting and rockhounding stuff to my parents a few years ago during a long move. Not pictured is a Belomo loupe.
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does anybody eat these little shits? got a whole family of them that moved in and they're eating all my rabbits and squirrels that I like to hunt (not that I reqppy care, got a million of them too). I just wondering if any of you might know good recipes for them. I hear the meat is tough
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/out/ Approved Music

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ITT we post /out/ approved music.

I'll start. John Denver. Awesome nature-oriented music singing about the beauty of the mountains and it's preservation.
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How do i learn to climb any object or building?
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spooky/unexplained/weird shit that has happened to you innawoods

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>be me
>hiking with my gf on trail in northern Ontario
>go ~100m off trail, sit down to rest
>as we're talking, we both look down and see a perfectly round "star" made of 6 sticks/branches, crisscrossed, on the ground.
>we can't explain it, doesn't seem to be natural, the branches/sticks seem to be from different trees.
>continue hiking
>suddenly, star 'hearing' something waaay off in the distance that sounded like muffled voices, combined with a sense of dread.
>I can't take another step.
>I force myself to keep walking but sense of "don't go in there" gets worse
>turn around and gtfo

On the same area, a few months later
>be hiking at dusk with gf again
>as we're talking, see a flash, like a camera's flash, right behind us.
>turn around, there's nothing there, and no other hikers are in the park (empty parking lot when leaving)
>my gf saw it too
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Homemade Wanderlust

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Say something nice about Dixie

> unironically more /out/ than 99% of /out/
> not some crazy feminist
> southern charm
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books for lurkers

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pic related. did Boy Scouts pre-diddling and received this, always fascinated with the depth as a city kid but picked it up recently and starting to apply the shit innawoods now that i moved. anyone else have good reads to fill the time between outings?

weekend camper/hiker until summer hits so would appreciate content related to that, but general survival books are appreciated too
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Are sneakers and jeans /out/ approved?
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/out/ books

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post /out/ literature
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highest mountain you can see the peak from sea level

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Does anyone know how tall the tallest mountain which you can see the entirety of from the bottom is?
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