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Found this in a swamp, some kind of leather, plastic, metal, cardboard around a dead tree. Was this done for a purpose? It was on a nature preserve, and it would have been pretty hard to get to it even with a canoe. Is there a reason why this was done? Google finds me nothing.
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So guys, how do you deal with swarms of horseflies? Like for example it's relatively easy to handle mosquitoes - just buy yourself repellent with high concentration of DEET but it doesn't scare horsflies at all

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What is the minimum amount of money you would jump into a bunch of thorns and nettles with only underwear on for?

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what is your favourite campfire setup? for me? the keyhole fire
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Cityfag hate thread

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post annoyances,encounters ,stores of stupidity,and other complaints with the city slackers

pic semi-related
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Bayonet against boars

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Lately I've been having problems with boars in the woods i hike.
Their numbers are increasing and they do not fear Man anymore, had a small pack follow me on the track for minutes even while making noise (we were also a group of 3).
I've been thinking of making a bayonet mount on my walking stick, so that i could mount a specifically designed knife if needed.
Do you have any suggestion for knife/bayonet mechanisms? Any better ideas?
>inb4 gun: I live in Europe
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Anyone carry a cleaver style knife? The blade profile appeals to me based on my love of sheepsfoot and wharncliffe blades.
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I bring great shame upon my family

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My fishing rod refuses to cast the line out and stops halfway every time, i now picked it apart and took out the solidified rubbish and then oiled the cogs a bit. Took it out for a spin in the lake and it still stops at the same way as before. Then after trying to cast it a few times my big metal bait snapped loose from my wire.
I can't do anything right i'm such a failure.
What do i do to fix my rod?
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Which European country has the best countryside?

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Tuscany in Italy looks nice
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