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How does /out/ deal with rabies?

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Aside from staying away from sickly looking animals and cooking the shit out of food, how does one prepare their meat to prevent catching fucked up diseases like rabies or CWD? Would a campfire be hot enough to eliminate most diseases? Also, meal prep thread.
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Ask anything from a Finn who is /out/ spending two nights in deep forest

>Are you a Finn spending two nights in forest?

>Can I ask anything
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Any suggestions/tips for E-tools(entrenching tools)
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What is the best outdoor portable stove. And why is it the Jet Boil Stash

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What's it like living in the rural Pacific northwest? I have some /pol/ related reasons why id like to move here but the other 90% are /out/ reasons. Looking for forest, mountains, and snow as far away from civilization as possible without making life a major headache.

Any city/states to recommend? My first thought is west Montana but I don't know much about the area
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WTF no binocular flashlight combo?

Among other reasons I do some Security (basically car camping every night and getting paid to shitpost, how can one man be so lucky?) on mostly big outdoor sites where its handy to use cheap about 10X binos and also a powerful flashlight with good Zoom narrow beam. But its tricky to get the spotlight and optics to line up.

Seems like binos and narrow beam flashlight light are perfect combo and so far only seen combo for toddlers.

Obviously don't want FIXED combo, just some provision to make them a single unit. Most binos got standard 1/4" thread for use on tripod so maybe gripper for typical small police grade narrow beam flashlight.

This is for bino-distances so not sure if pistol lights got good narrow beam past 50yrds.

I like wearing zoom headlights on head or better is on hard hat but hard to make sync with binos.

Pick related: no one made folding lounge chairs until they discovered King Tuts.

Anyone make that? WTF it called?
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Climbing General #21: Rest Here

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Climbing General #21

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Off-belay >>2219562

What's the tallest route that you've ever climbed, anon?
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Central Appalachia Hiking and Outdoors - Wildlife Management Appreciation Edition

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Do you forage anything in the spring - morels, ramps, ferns, nettles?

What are you looking forward to doing when the weather finally warms a little in March?

How do you handle the snow - micro-spikes - special gear/shoes?
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I'm wanting to get a kayak this spring. For small lakes and fishing. Tired of fishing on the bank and in my state kayaks require no stickers or registration.

Would this be a good first kayak:

I could spend up to $500, but this seems to have everything I need. I don't know the first thing about it, nor do I know anyone that is into it for fishing. If I were to get on the river I imagine I would want a sit in, but is fishing with a cheap sit in still fun or is sit on top much better?
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Bros our boy Paulides has lost it, he's going full schizoid.
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