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I guess this is /out/ related.
It's summer, so it's stargazing time. You did learn all 88 constellations and major star names, right, /out/?
What are the best and worst spots?
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/fug/ - Fugitive Gen #3

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The thread dedicated to those nomads without motorized vehicles and a thread for anyone who chose to travel (or had no other choice but to travel) around their country or around the world.

Topics related to fugitive activities:
>backpacking and bikepacking
>cheap gear
>long-duration disposables
>bike touring
>low cost travel
>low profile travel and camping
>stealth camping
>foraging/collecting resources
>water management
>outdoors/wilderness safety
>outdoors hygiene and first aid
>tools/gear maintenance
>free internet access
>urban avoidance
>outdoors income possibilities
>wild camping laws

Infographics collection:

Informative replies/advice from previous threads:

Last thread: >>2127199
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/out/ with a firearm

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>where at
>how far from civilization
>what you expect to face on your trip
>what firearm you take with you

Also any interesting stories of going /out/ with a firearm?
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Why do people want to escape to the woods so bad? Look at cabin shit on ytb and see how many million views they get... was uncle Ted right all along?
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Ready to have a campfire-less trip, lads?
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you guys wear gaiters? can any one recommend good waterproof ones?
trails around my house are always washed out I'm sick of always having wet boots
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What do you guys eat on camping trips? I was considering one of these, never had MREs before.
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retarded boomer dad is wasting all the good big logs on a fire that's not hot enough again
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OC thread

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Prove you go outside, post your outings.

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>claims to like fish
>”ew this tastes fishy!”
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