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What is good way to set up a regular tarp in a way so that it is enclosed and low profile?
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Conifier vs leaf trees?

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I see there's a lot of hate going both ways on this topic and it never even occurred to me this was a thing. I have basically never seen anything other than conifer forests before, so it made curious why some people hate it so much. What's better with leaf forests?
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does ya eat

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do you eat what you hunt?
how much fish do you eat?

i like: deer. boar. rabbid, troud. salmon. frog. fish eggs.
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/hgm/ Homegrowmen Thread #255 Farming and Gardening

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Old thread: >>1924882

USDA Hardiness Zone Map:
Koppen Climate Map:

Search terms:
Agrarian, Agriculture, Agrology, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Berkeley Method Hot Composting, Cold Frames, Companion Planting, Composting, Container Gardening, Co-operative Farming, Core Gardening Method, Cultivation, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Dry Farming, Espalier, Farmer's Market, Forest Gardening, Forestry, Fungiculture, Geoponics, Greenhouses, Homesteading, Horticulture, Hot Boxes, Hugelkultur, Humanure, Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System, Hydroponics, Keyhole Garden, Korean Natural Farming, Kratky Method, Landscaping, Lasagna Gardening, Ley Farming, Market Garden, Mulching, No-till Method, Ollas Irrigation, Orchard, Permaculture, Polyculture, Polytunnels, Propagation, Rain Gutter Garden, Raised Beds, Ranch, Rooftop Gardening, Ruth Stout Garden, Sharecropping, Shifting Cultivation, Soil-bag Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Stale Seed Bed, Straw Bale Gardening, Subsistence Agriculture, Sugar Bush, Truck Farming, Vermiculture, Vertical Gardening, Window Frame Garden, Windrow Composting

Alpaca, Animal Husbandry, Antelope, Beefalo, Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Brushturkey, Cattle, Cavy, Chickens, Coypu, Crayfish, Curassow, Dairy, Deer, Donkey, Dove, Duck, Emu, Feeder Insect, Fish, Game Bird, Geese, Giant Guinea Pig (Cuy), Goat, Grouse, Guan, Guineafowl, Hedgehog, Heliciculture, Honey Bee, Iguanas, Llama, Ostrich, Partridge, Pheasant, Pigeon, Pig, Poultry, Quail/Bobwhite, Rabbits, Sheep, Silkworm, Snail, Toad, Trumpeter, Turkey, Worm

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Solar energy

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China is doing this to mountains. In California there covering huge Slots of the desert and solar panels.
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Is there any reason to get carbon steel Morakniv instead of stainless steel ones? I've heard if you put it in the acid for several hours after purchase it won't rot in the future and it's much more sturdy than stainless steel ones. Thanks in advance.
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I fucking hate these.

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Every trendy fuck has one. I passed someone on a trail with two of them. Fucking two.
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Its over folks, 34 million people will be made Americans, there family will join them. Our population will skyrocket towards 400 million, and the silence and beauty of nature will require longer and longer travel to get to. And once there you will not be alone.
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mmm sexy mountain thread
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>he can't reach 5000m (16500 ft.) without extra oxygen or external help like a little baby
what's your excuse for being an lunglet /out/?
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