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Spore Spraying

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Have any of you considered throwing some of these in the blender with some milk and spraying the contents around your neighborhood? I feel like itd be real comfy having edible mushrooms growing nearby
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Build muscie /out/

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I've been going to the gym for around a month or two but don't enjoy it all because it's boring as fuck to me.

What are some /out/ activities for building muscle/gain weight and farmer strength?
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Why did ultralight threads disappeared from /out/?

Also general light your load thread.
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So....what is your base and total weight?

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I cant seem to get below 9.5kg/21lbs. And that is with no first aid or guns, and only one set of spare clothes. I don't buy UL stuff, but i'm careful of what i do buy. I wouldn't even complain except that:
>i hate cold and my summer bag is already insufficient even for April
>i'm a big water drinker and i have a thirst fobia, so i refuse to bring less than 3L
>and i consider that a 1 day worth of water
>i have a 2p tent as i like some room for stuff and headspace for chilling

All of that brings my total to 13.5kg/30lbs. Not bad but i would like a little less. The only way i see that happening is by switching to some shitty single person bivi tent, and dropping a liter of water.

What's your base and total?
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What would be essentials for surviving in the woods for 2 years?

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I'm looking for most needed and necessary items.
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/put/ Anime Thread?

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When I was a kid, I didn’t like going outside. Then, my dad showed me this movie, and that was the beginning of a long love affair with the outdoors.

> anyone else got a favorite?
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Thinking about getting a job over the summer to get outside in the woods and the like, or just generally away from everything for a month or so, but unsure of options. Any recommendations?

Hammock fly/covers

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Sup fags,

I'm new to hammock camping and was looking for an inexpensive but good rain cover for mine. The shit at REI is like $80 which seems excessive for a nylon tarp.

Can anyone recommend one? Especially one that has "wings" or covers out along the sides to stop rain/wind coming in at an angle, and packs smallish.

how to hobo smartly

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Need to start living, so I'm leaving my suburban life behind to go and stay on my dads's land in Lake County, FL for a few months or so to learn how to fish, hunt, swim well, boat, dive, rockclimb etc, all while living outdoors with my dog. I want the supertramp lifestyle, but I don't want to be retarded about it. I have a budget that'll last at least two years if I stick to around $800-1000 a month after I've paid bills like vehicle insurance, phone bill etc. I have a paid off, routinely serviced 4WD vehicle with a fair amount of miles on it, an AR-15 with a red dot, several handguns, a few pairs of military grade boots, a busted knife, and I'm also open to selling anything in order to be better equipped.

I imagine it'd be pretty retarded to learn how to hunt with an AR, so I'm looking at selling that first to get a weapon that'd be optimal to learn to hunt with as well as any other equipment I'd need. Any weapon / gear suggestions would be awesome. Happy to hunt with the AR if people say it's fine, though. The plan is to learn the basics and then push across to the west to California all along the south of the US once my friend comes some time in May. The route is basically decided already. After he leaves (he's staying for a month), I'd like to either go to Hawaii and learn to surf properly there, or maybe push up to Washington/Oregon and start hunting and learning bushcraft there.
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Boot Thread

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Didn't see a boot thread up, so I figured I'd start one with a question of my own. I'm looking for some nice, durable hiking boots that are accommodating for wider feet. Was deadset on getting some Lowa Renegades today, until I tried them on, and they were too narrow (even in the wide size). Are there any durable hiking boots that are a little wider? Looking for something I can wear every day, and still be good on the trail, price is not an issue, as I am willing to save up for a good pair.
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