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I'm wanting to get a kayak this spring. For small lakes and fishing. Tired of fishing on the bank and in my state kayaks require no stickers or registration.

Would this be a good first kayak:

I could spend up to $500, but this seems to have everything I need. I don't know the first thing about it, nor do I know anyone that is into it for fishing. If I were to get on the river I imagine I would want a sit in, but is fishing with a cheap sit in still fun or is sit on top much better?
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Bros our boy Paulides has lost it, he's going full schizoid.
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How do you build a shelter in lush deciduous forest? In coniferous forest its easy to find small trees that a straight and similar diameter but I cant find anything around here that isnt crooked. It's mostly old growth
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What's a good zip off trouser for less than £30?
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explain this
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Arizona Thread

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S'up /out/, I'm moving to Arizona this summer. What can I expect in terms of landscape, geography, /out/ness, and anything else I need to know about the Grand Canyon state. Also,
>Arizona thread.
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Scotland is an ecological wasteland but people look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about it.
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why arent you /out/side right now?

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What, are you scared of a little cold?
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Oilcloth Yurt

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Hey guys. I’m going camping in upstate NY at the end of the month with some buddies. My friend has a small tent stove we want to use but no tent big enough for all of us. We want to make a tent out of oilcloth, yurt style. Round footprint with a conical roof. Does anybody have plans or schematics for a tent pattern?
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Backyard Piss Pit

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Gentlemen, I have a particular spot in the yard where I always piss when I'm outside which is most of the day. It's convenient and not in view from the neighbors or anything and pretty much serves 90% of my daily pissing needs, and there's not really any other good spots that can serve the same purpose. Naturally it is a rancid smelling piss-mud-pit.

Is there a way that I can construct something relatively minimal which reduces the rancid mud aspect? I'm not trying to make a full on outhouse here, and I am never shitting in this thing, so it just basically needs to facilitate the liquid getting deeper into the ground. My first thought was basically just to dig out a hole and fill it with gravel but I'm not sure how effective this would be.
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