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/out/ books

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post /out/ literature
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highest mountain you can see the peak from sea level

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Does anyone know how tall the tallest mountain which you can see the entirety of from the bottom is?
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Spooky shit from the pacific northwest

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Does anybody have some good stories of spooky shit from the washington/oregon area. Not on X because it doesn't need to be paranormal.
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Entry level outdoors jobs

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Does anyone have ideas or links for some sort of outdoor job that I could get that’s entry level without experience? I’m in the US, conservation corps trail building sounded interesting but I’m older than 26 and want to get paid a fair wage. Ready for a change from what I’ve been doing in my hometown don’t really have any job experience except in a pretty specialized field don’t have college education

Good camping food

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I was wondering what good options there are for non dehydrated camping food, outside of the usual spam and crackers. I live in an area of Texas with no natural bodies of water and can't really afford to be cooking with my meager supply I can carry for a 2 or so day camping trip.

One item I came across fairly recently were canned herring kippers. Pretty tasty really, and they're not very expensive either.

Bonus for food lacking:
-onions (s_o_y in case it censors the word like /pol/)
-conola, vegetable, or rapeseed oil
-high fructose corn syrup or other glucose syrups
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Australia vs Canada

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Alright /out/, I've been thinking about this for some time. Which one has the better landscape? Which one is better suited for /out/? Which one is the most fun? (As in things to do) Stories would be appreciated. Bonus points if you can bring your pets with you.
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post your go to boots and rate others out of 10
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Weirdest shit you’ve found innawoods?

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>miku shrine I found hiking ~2 hours away
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Brit/out/ - Spastic Edition

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post best post industrial shit holes in this depressing dog shit country
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join now

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