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Climbing - General Thread

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Rock or and vids if you got em
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Guess the location thread

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Post a pic from your recent /out/ings and guess each other's locations

pic related, let's start off with a comfy picture of Conifer Country
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How do you get Iodine?

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I just figured in a WW3 nuclear scenario people who live in landlocked areas will have troubles obtaining enough Iodine for nutrition and anti radioactive purposes on the long term. If you research about food etc you'd realize every non Seafood food that contains Iodine does so because the animals have been fed with food that contains Iodine. Or salted with salt that has been enriched with iodine.
Now Iodine is important in terms of health, but also to prevent certain forms of thyroid cancer caused by radiation.
I did some minor research and so far I figured Iodine is found in rocks and gets washed out. So my question is how do you obtain Iodine? how can you "mine" your own Iodine? Where do you find these rocks? I googled it and cant fine a proper result.
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(Re)Introduced Species

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I was up in the higlands of Scotland recently and saw some beavers on my hike, was pretty suprised and wasn't expecting to see them at all but glad that they have been brought back. Got me thinking about whether the proposals for lynx and wolves are possible or just wishfull thinking. I like the idea of re-wilding Scotland and wondered what animals your countries are introducing or propose to introduce? Grew up in NZ and seen how furtrade invasive species have fucked things up big time.

Pic somewhat related (Bears in Scotland when?)
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What GPS Apps Do You Guys Use For Hiking And Plotting Your Own Trails?

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What apps do you guys use to follow trails or mark your own? It seems like the age of the handheld dedicated gps device is over and everyone is using phones.
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The Timbs are 220€ but I feel like most of that money is going towards their brand name. Are there any higher quality shoes that a similar to this? I don’t know if it’s Timberland‘s reputation being an established street wear brand, but I feel like you can get away with wearing them much easier. A lot of similar shows just look too traddy/rugged. They are just going to be a fashion shoe but I feel like you guys probably know more about this than /fa/. One thing I’d like to add is that I am not looking for a cheaper shoe, just a shoe that has a bit more craftsmanship and paying a little more wouldn’t bother me
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I just want to say fuck charcoal and everyone who uses it. Never in my life have I had more miserable experiences with such an awful piece of shit supposedly meant to be easy to work with, hot, and long lasting. What a crock of absolute bullshit.

Every time you light this fucking pile of garbage, it flares for a quarter of a second and makes "coals" which are so "hot" it takes 30 minutes to fry bacon on it. That is of course if you manage to light it, because with or without lighter fluid charcoal is simply god damn impossible to light. You'd have better chances melting rocks with embers from a stick. Then you realize only 3 briquettes have formed coals; the other 35 have gone out completely. Want to try to light those other briquettes? Maybe dump some lighter fluid on them, show it who's boss? Sorry but it won't fucking work. Charcoal is immune to everything you try to do to light it. Sneeze and every briquette is fucking ruined. Look at the coals wrong and the "fire" fizzles out.

Now you want real heat to cook your meals and eat your breakfasts? Make a god damn campfire. Two logs, raft on top, tinder beneath, and just light the nigger. Easiest shit you'll ever do. Stays hot, easy to add fuel to, and makes plenty of light. Smells great. Smoke BTFOs fucking insects all day and night long. Then you can climb into your tent and make sweet, sweet love to your girl by the light of a warm fire. There's nothing like it.

So do yourself a favor and give up on fucking charcoal. God, what a fucking piece of shit scam. Fuck you.
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a moment of silence please. I broke my hiking stick I've had for five years today. I carved it from a cedar sapling and its been on many adventures with me. my body oil brought it to a perfect finish, it had a ergonomic notch at exactly hand hight, it was exactly the most comfortable diameter. it had a gentle curve that let it flex just a little absorbing impact, it had a cluster of knots at the tip which kept it from wearing down. I will never find its equal again.

/myco/ - Mycology General

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You have been out looking for mushrooms lately haven't you /out/?
Got any good pictures of fungi from your hikes? Post 'em here.

pic related, lets start off with some dear mushrooms
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Are 500$ binoculars worth it?

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