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To Disappear Completely

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anons, do you ever feel like disappearing completely? Just one day walking innawoods and never coming back? Just seemingly vanishing into thin air?

I sure do. It feels like society is going to shit, we have no privacy and all is evil. The surveillance is everywhere. I want no part in any of this, I just want To Disappear Completely one day.
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Better than Coffee

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Instead of brewing coffee when I'm /out/, I just have one of these with my breakfast if I need to wake up. They taste fantastic and wake me up instantly.
I highly recommend Scho-ka-kola, fellers.
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/Arch/ery General

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Archery General because I haven't seen one in a while.

I want to start fletching my own arrows - what's a good jig that won't cost an arm and a leg?
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I'm a former neet currently picking fruit in France and bored out of my mind, AMA.
Red slug unrelated.
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identifying /out/ists in the field

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We have our lovely animeposters with figures, and we have our fun patchy bois- but is there more we can do?
Perhaps we should have a subtle way to mark our tents or packs in a way that lets eachother know we are good friends on the trail
Your thoughts, and ideas on markings ?
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Deer Hunting Thread

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Here we discuss the chase of the white-assed cervids.

Bow hunting season starts soon. What are your plans for this year? What's your set up? Post your gets.
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>inherit this cottage from your grandfather

what do you do with it? sell it? how much would you even get on the open market? i guess it's like hundreds of millions.
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Butane Zippo is kinda cool

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You guys shat on my Zippo thread but that's alright, they are kind a novelty and not a real lighter. They're more of a pocket sized oil lamp.
However I just gots me a butane insert and this cool case from japland and it's baller. The blue won't ever chip off because it's anodized titanium, and it'll never oxidize either. The fucking insert is lit and the flame goes so high. I'm saying don't rip on Zippos anymore because with the butane insert they're legit lighters, not some collectable toy.

As a bonus you get to see my M cup fondling hands.
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I asked on /ck/, but they told me to ask you guys too

So, recently, I got a house in the countryside. Still doing renovations and shit, but hopefully in half a year or so it would be mostly done. I'm not planning on starting a farm or anything, gonna use it mostly as a summer villa to chill and maybe start a decent garden with crops and shit since I have a huge yard too.
I was thinking about also getting some chicken. Not a lot, maybe just 5-6 to have fresh eggs everyday and maybe slaughter and eat them at the end of the summer...
My question is, might sound dumb, but should I buy feed(sneed) for them? I've heard from people that its actually better to just let them roam in the yard whole and they manage to feed themselves on "natural" food, finding all kinds of bugs and worms, and shit and apparently the chicken feed they sell is mostly filled with garbage. I've heard that just feeding them straight grains or corn ain't that great for the taste either.
I'm not one of those "bio" freaks obsessed with hippie shit, all I care is for the taste of the eggs and meat eventually, whats the best option? Will they be able to get enough food that way?
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/hpss/ Homesteading, Prepping, Self Sufficiency, and Running away from home General

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The general formerly known as /lcg/ LARP Containment General edition.

This general is an effort to consolidate topics generally considered to be “LARP” on boards including /out/, /an/, /k/, /diy/, /pol/, and others:

Some examples of topics:
-Where to buy land
-Natural Disasters
-Self Sufficiency
-“Survival” Skills
-Running away from home
-Nomad threads

Previous >>2208520
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