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What gear do you recommend for urban exploration? Snuggly fitting sport clothes, headlamp, sport shoes and working gloves?
Anything more?
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Anyone else not like running into other people in the wild? It always feels awkward. We're away from the law, in the middle of nowhere. What are you going to do? We always stare at each other for a distance before approaching and the exchanges always seem tense. Is this normal?
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>hehe nothing personnel kid
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Hikertrash general /htg/

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Thru hikers get in here. LARPers strictly forbidden
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Warning sign by my work. Fucking beautiful
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/out/ patch thread

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Still waiting edition.

Post your ideas, new patches, etc. You know the drill.
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How does one achieve this feel bros?
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Recent /out/ings Thread

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Not the semi-regular OP but still consider it my duty

Old thread kind of related thread since Nobody Goes Out Anymore

I took my ex on some kayaking trips this easter long weekend. I live on the river in an alpine part NE-VIC in Australia in a bit of a confluence where we can drop in behind my house and float ~25km downstream, or go 10-15km along different creeks up-river back home. Autumn colours but still very hot during the day

It's getting warmer for most of you now. What are you up to? What have you done or are doing? What are your plans?
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Wild Mushrooms

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These grew on a fallen tree in my yard. Are they good to eat?