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/out/ Business Thread

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Still out related because I have a business that’s outdoors and involves nature

What’s your /out/ business? Here’s mine

>Own a campsite
>multiple 24’ tipis
>primitive campsites
>have a shed-pub people can rent and use
>shed used for hiking and camping info for within 50-miles
>also drive people to hiking/camping spots, pick them up later
>have an amphitheater for shows and community events
>I sell products I make from my hobby farm like goat cheese and canned veggies and jams and produce
>give 5% profits back to the nearby reservation to and in return sell their products and get their blessing

I own 80 acres and I love it. What do you guys do? Outfit? Farm? Smokechaser? Government job?
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Anyone ever succesfully managed to conquer fear of heights?

I always get weak in the knees, no matter how many times I take myself to a scary height
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Farming thread

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Why there are no farmers on 4chan?
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environmental engineering work outdoors?

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I'm thinking of studying that and I wanted to know if you work in nature
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What's it like in Montana?
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/ski/ general

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Didn't see one, let's gooo

How does mammut gear fit? Especially the pants, I'm like a size 48 at the waist (81cm) but more of a size 50 at my hips (101cm) because I have wide hips, big bubble butt and large thighs. It's for the Eisfeld guide SO softshell pants it says it should be an athletic fit so I guess the 48 will fit but be a little snug? Or just size up to 50?

What kind of 2nd lens from to get for overcast and night skiing? I already have the saphirre iridium lens so I'm not sure if I should get either the rose/persimmon/hi pink/clear
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Spam stew discussion

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>Go for last shopping before out
>buying usual stuff such as water
>decide to try out the famous spam for first time
>take some onions and spices too (whatever heart tells me to take)
>time to cook oh yes
>Open the can
>doesnt smell like dog food
>no weird parts in the mass of flesh
>better than expected.csv
>Cut up the meat while still in can
>heat up the frying pan and let the meats sweat on it (melt fat and jelly)
>Throw in some onions and garlic on now fatty pan
>fry up the meat until brown (MMMMMMMmmmm)
>Cover with a little bit of water
>taste it(salty)
>decided not to add more salt and instead add the spices to wet mess
>it simmers and smells like nice hot meal and cleaning chemicals
>decide to add the plan B (instant sauce)
>Sprinkle a litte over and add some nutmeg and garlic powder
>many pepper
>finally add flour-water mixture to make it more stiff
>Time to eat!
So good!
Such a discovery
Picrel is home recreation.
What do you like to cook?
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Does anyone on this board go outdoors?

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The board is named /out/ - Outdoors, but I don't see any evidence that anyone here actually goes outdoors
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What part of the US has the least shitty bug situation? Here in northern New England we have Lyme disease carrying ticks to worry about, and once you get out into the woods the mesquites and horse flys relentlessly attack you. From like June to September it's pretty unbearable.
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Big cat stories

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Anyone here ever run into a cougar while doing /out/ stuff? If so, please share your story here.
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