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/fit/ is trying to build a homestead/monastery

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>>>/fit/52877382 I've been posting in this thread regarding an idea to build a communal homestead farm/monastery in /fit/, are any sc/out/s, especially those involved in homesteading or operating a small farm, interested in sharing information? Also if you look at my posts in the thread, please let me know what I'm wrong about. I don't know very much.
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>Will sleeping in a tent with a little buddy heater kill me?

The tent is open like this on the top, and we also have a vent in the bottom of the tent open, my original plan was to not use a buddy heater at all and drape a tarp over it but I was more concerned with condensation at that point.

>pic is my tent
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what's the most roughest /out/ you've ever done?

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Any of you ever do geocaching?
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/lg/ Layers general: ITT we discuss our preferred item to wear for each layer.
>pic related
Muh PNW loadout for Fall/Winter. Yes I don't wear rain paints, just high gaitors and DWR pants with wax treatment. Worse comes to worse, if it actually rains instead of just the constant drizzle. I'll get a rain kilt and be covered 100%. I've noticed the upper half of my pants don't get wet either way, mostly just bottom half hence the gaitors.

Post your loadout.

What is everyone else wearing this Fall/Winter?
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Utah Bread

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Any Utes on here?
Have any spots you're willing to share?
Anyone interested in /out/ist friends?
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What does /out/ use for a water bottle?
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Wild fire general, discussion, stories and oc.

Pic related the Brin's Mesa fire, Sedona, AZ. Started by a homeless man's unattended campfire. Everyone knew he was camped out there, then he left town. Burned out the old growth on top of Wilson Mountain.
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Western KY only

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I'm convinced more than half of /out/ lives in Western Kentucky. Post your favorite fishing, camping, holding, etc spots in WK. Also WK role call.
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