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You have been out looking for mushrooms lately haven't you /out/?
Got any good pictures of fungi from your hikes? Post 'em here.

pic related, lets start off with some dear mushrooms
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Are 500$ binoculars worth it?

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Oregon man ate bugs, drank urine to survive to see wife again

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ROSEBURG, Ore. (KPIC) — Harry Burleigh went fishing in May and disappeared. For 17 days, his wife worried. His son traveled to Roseburg, Oregon from Arizona. Search and rescue crews combed the woods east of the city.

Then news broke: He'd been found — alive.

But for Burleigh himself, those 17 days were a fight to survive one more day to see his wife and family again.

He shared his story for the first time Thursday, almost two months after his ordeal.

Burleigh said he felt like he left the mountain top with something he didn't have before. His body was beaten and his mind was stretched, but his "life spark" was filled.

He also recognizes he didn't follow the general protocols of hiking and fishing. He was rusty; he hadn't been out in a year due to the COVID pandemic.

When the wind picked up, he cut his fishing trip short. But he had the need for a thrill and thought he could "dash" up a trail. He didn't bring any supplies because he thought he would be in and out of a trail.

It didn't work out that way.

After signing in at the trailhead, he hit a spot where the trail split. He said it would've been a good spot to turn around but he continued on. When he finally decided to turn around, it was dark. No one knew where he was. He was out of cell service range.

Then he realized he would be there overnight.

He found a log and cleaned it out. He got bark and laid it down so he wouldn't be on the ground. He didn't sleep because it was so cold. He got up and was greeted with snow.

He tried scaling down a rock and tripped and fell. He hit his head and was bleeding. In an instant, everything got serious. He says it was no longer just a hike. It was survival.
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Need help from the based schizo survivalists

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I have:

0 experience whit camping
0 experience whit woods
0 experience whit hunting
Im a very quick learner, especially when it matters
Im fucking tired but most of all enraged, i will pulverize anyone that attempt to destroy my peace
My saves are only 5k

You, a based schizo that probably have spent years in this, please answer my questions:

1) is there any type of tent suggested for 1-2 person/LONG term winter camping (must be compatible whit wood stove).

2) do i choose a place based solely on a) water source availability b) presence of small fauna/boars? Is there anything else essential?

3) Whit just preparing firewood and foods, how hard is to survive a winter whit maybe snow and -10c temps? Am i going to freeze the first night that snows?

4) is there a Based Schizo Survivalist Bible for this shit?

5) how many km/miles from the nearest faggy tourist spot do you think is safe to camp up?

6) how the fuck do i transport all the shit to the choosen location?

Answers like "dont even try is too late" will not do it. I dont give a fuck, even if is too late im going to try untill i have breath
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/out/ jobs thread

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What are some good /out/ jobs? Im thinking about being a forestry tech. Perfectly alright with manual labor, seasonal work, and travel.
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Pictures Thread #2

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Last thread hit image limit. Previous thread >>2137862
Post OC, preferably include location.
Pic is Lake Lucille, Sawtooth Range, Idaho
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/LCG/ LARP Containment General #3

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“We encourage you to have a look around the catalog first to see what we’re all about before posting your first thread”Edition

This is essentially a QTDDTOT thread, and the dedicated LARP thread. Post your infographics in here, talk about homesteading in here, LARP and pretend you’ll actually go /out/ at some point here.
Stop shitting up /out/.
Topics include:
“Going /out/ for the first time”
“I am thinking/planning/looking to…”
“How do I get started doing…”
“Doing x activity for the first time…”
Previous Thread: >>2120502
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Dude says it's not /out/ when you see manmade structures.

Is it true?
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Wildlife thread

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post pictures and stories of wildlife you've seen while /out/
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Larpers gonna larp. /out/doorsmen gonna /out/door.

River Rhine picnic.
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