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have you ever reached a point where you only think in terms of /out/?

Does anyone else do this?

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I saw pic related while lurking in a stalker thread on /k/. T.b.h. it sounds extremely fucking based. I know some of you will call it weird to hide in the woods but I just like the idea of being invisible to animals. The hiding from passengers part is a bit creepy maybe but still sounds fun.
Have you ever built diy camouflage like a ghillie suit? If so post pics pls
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>not bringing a girl when you go /out/
are you gay?
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Do you wash your hands when you piss/shit while /out/?
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>not making $400 a day planting trees in Northern Canada
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What's your excuse for not surfing? It's literally the best /out/ activity that exists.
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Brand new "to me" sc/out/ vehicle

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Just picked this beautiful old jeep liberty 5 speed as my new scout vehicle I'm very happy how you boys doing?
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Post dem /diy/ bows

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I'm a yuropoor and I'd like to be prepared for a SHTF scenario. To gather food (after my reserves are gone) there are three options: Collect plants, mushrooms, etc., Trapping, Hunting.
To be prepared for the last one I need a weapon. It seems that a bow is the easiest diy option available. How would I approach this? How long does it take to git gud at aiming? How do you train this?
Bowshooting in the woods also seems like a chill hobby so post any info you have.
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As children, was anyone on /out/ ever apart of a Scout program? If so, got any stories to tell about it?
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