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Strange experiences or places

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What is the weirdest shit you're run into when /out/ anons? Particularly I mean locations which experience strange activity, or are otherwise weird. Stuff like cult activity, abandoned buildings or complexes which still have inordinate security in place, places out in the styx that have way more activity than they should, any smaller buildings that had something going on or gave you a really bad vibe. Any of this types of shit.
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Is it true that there is nowhere on earth where I can go and never see another human again because of overpopulation? I fucking hate humanity.
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Tent thread

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Didn't see one up. Me and the senpai are going to Colorado in the spring to scope out some land my father is gifting us. Pic related. Wife and I are going to get a canvas tent, so far found these two.


Any things we should particularly look out for? I know we want
>wood stove jack

Also, post your favorite tents as well!
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Hunting with my dad

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>Be me
>Home from school for Thanksgiving break
>Go duck hunting with my dad
>Shoot duck
>Dog gets duck
>Duck isn't dead
>Dad wrings duck's neck and puts it in the car
>We hunt some more
>Go back to car
>Duck running around the car
>Dad wrings duck's neck
>nuggies time
>Get home
>Pick up duck for butchering
>Duck lifts its head and kicks its feet
>I wring duck's neck
>Poke duck's eye to test cranial nerve reflexes
>Duck blinks
>Hit duck in head with big rock
>Poke duck's eye
>No blink
>Mission accomplished
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Have any bongs on /out/ taken the narrowboat pill?
I have managed to save a bit of money and am strongly considering getting one to live aboard in from next Spring.
They seem to hold their value pretty well, a good used example will cost almost the same amount it would cost to get a new one built and fitted out.
For anyone that lives on one or has done in the past, how is it? Anything to look out, for or consider? One pitfall I see is security, if you aren't in your boat and it's just moored along some footpath somewhere it would be easy for opportunistic thieves to break in.

For foreign anons who aren't aware, these boats were traditionally horse drawn and used to transport coal and other goods around the country before the car, there is quite an extensive network of these thin, artificial canals all across England. Dutch barges and widebeam boats are better for living aboard but can only access a few parts of the network, are more expensive and more difficult to manoeuvre so a narrowboat is preferable if you actually want to explore the country a bit.

Also general liveaboard boats thread I guess, post if you live in a yacht or something else.
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Can someone tell me what type of spider this is plz. Just found it in my backyard
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my country is in a lockdown of sorts, the weather is cold
urbex/home is OUT

where could i invite her out? we want to drink and do drugs (just the two of us) in fairly comfortable conditions

additional info:
>big city
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You don't need a foldable chair, you don't need kneepads, you don't need a rug for sitting on
All you need is the third world squat aka the slav squat to keep your bum dry out in the woods
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Ugliest nature in the world.
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Climbing General

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Climbing General #15

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Useful Info:
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