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I murdered an animal

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>Camping somewhere in Australia, big monitor lizards keep walking around my camp,
>I let them be unless they try getting too close, merely standing up usually sends them in the other direction.
>i don't have any food scraps on the floor, keep rubbish in a bag hanging off the ground
>i think they must have been fed by people who camped there before
>one day this big mother fucker arrives, around 6 ft long
>he's more confident than the other lizards, it takes more to scare him away
>gets into mexican standoff with me instead of being scared away
>does a fake charge
>I grab my long shovel to scare him off, just by banging it on the ground (never within touching distance)
>he fucks off but comes back after 10 minutes
>this goes on for 4-5 times
>he's refusing to give up
>I'm sitting in my tent, chilling
>I hear noises, he's returned again
>this time I find the fucker climbing on my car
>he's half way up (it's a big 4wd)
>this time I touch him with the shovel to try and make him drop
>he hangs on and runs to my tailgate which was open
>in that instance, afraid that he's going to run into my car, I smashed it over the head with the shovel
>he was fucked up but still alive
>I pushed it off my tailgate and smashed his head until it stopped moving.

I felt bad, but I think he didn't give me any other choice.

What do you faggots think? Was it murder or justifiable homicide..
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Moving to the plains

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I live in Cleveland, Ohio right now and it's like an actual dystopia. How do you explain to a child why we don't help crackheads? How to you teach your child to resist unending advertising that begs them to just mindlessly take?
I want to raise a family on the plainsin Wyoming in a house I built, that we are strong enough together to maintain that home. I don't want my son to fall for the same promises of city life that I have for so long. Have any of you guys done it? How plausible is it for a city dweller to actually make a home for himself and family out in wyoming?
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Any /out/ists into falconry? I wanna learn more about this hobby.
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>Needing an actual fucking permit to walk on a path of dirt
Oh say can you see
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solo /out/ings

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Does going /out/ alone help ward off the loneliness, or does it make you even more lonely?
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Do you wash your hands when you piss/shit while /out/?
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Rain Covers

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Are these the biggest meme piece of equipment?
>only covers half your pack, giant gaping hole where your back goes
>doesn't keep your gear dry in anything but the slightest downpour because THERES INHERENTLY A BIG FUCKING HOLE IN THE BACK
>useless in river crossings
>needs to be combined with pack liner/drybags to be fully effective
>pack liner/drybags negate use entirely in the first place
What's the fucking point? Why do these exist? Why do so many retards use these?
I'm looking at getting a new hiking pack and am honestly struggling to find one without a rain cover included. And don't get me started on the fucking sleeping bag compartments...
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Applying for an internship in Denali national park this summer. Anything to expect in case I get it?

Boat camping

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A long distance boating trip has been on my mind lately, anyone else? River trips sound especially appealing: Missouri river, Allegheny river, Ohio river, Ottawa river, Lake Champlain and its waterways, etc. I'm new to this and keep running into hypothetical scenarios that make it prohibitive. The persistent challenge is logistics planning.

>road travel
Do you have a buddy drop you off upstream? Go downstream in the same boat? (ideally separate boats). Or hire a local to drive your truck/trailer hundreds of miles to the planned ending point? Best Idea I could come up with is if you travel downriver far enough there will be a Marina you could arrange to have safe parking spot at.
>camping riverside
Laws are all over the place, it could vary from town to town. Nothing really wrong with tying up to a tree and sleeping on your boat. There's also no stopping you from setting up a hammock on a steep riverbank between two trees.

Looking for stories, tips, and experiences.

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The other day I found some cool stuff. There is a fenced in area near my house. Haven't done the math, but it looks like it's a few square miles. Seems like it is commercial, there are no houses on the land. It could be a crash and burn zone for the airport next to it. I found a few things, and they look old. One of which was a flooded bunker.

Exploration thread, I guess.
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