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I just learned about pine needle tea, so today I went out and collected a bunch of pine needles from a young eastern white pine tree. What am I in for? Has /out/ ever tried any type of wild foraged tea?
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Buying My First Boat

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I have around $5k - 7k to buy a boat with.
I plan on using it for fishing in lakes, reservoirs and offshore by about a mile at most near Santa Cruz, CA.
I know that I don't want anything which includes the word "inflatable".
I'm a complete newb at boating but I've been watching a bunch of videos on buying boats and the do's and dont's of the hobby.

The $5k to 7k I plan on spending is including the price of the motor.
I would prefer something brand new but I'm cool with buying a slightly used boat and then buying a brand new motor.

I've been looking at a few models, the Lowe WV1670 caught my eye as did the L1852MT Jon and L1852 MT Aura Jon.
I'm cool with a tiller motor since I have less to worry about going wrong in regards to the steering wheel and its mechanisms.

I also hear that the minimum a boat SHOULD be for the ocean is 14 feet with a 6 foot beam but I see a ton of people on YouTube leave Half Moon Bay on 10 to 12 foot boats.
Your tips are appreciated.
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I'm looking for a weight saving hike friendly option, and a decent pair of binoculars for all other uses that isn't $1k.
are there any good military surplus binoculars?
Is Vortex a good monocular brand?
Are any of those cheap sub $50 monoculars any good at all?
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The Ozarks

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I graduated from Uni recently, and a lot of local alumni who were in the mountaineering club help put together trips over holidays. I was thinking The Ozarks could be fun over thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday) but I’ve never spent much time in Arkansas. Any standout trails or attractions? Generally we like to bring a few inexperienced but eager members along with oldfags, so harder trails are fine.

Any recommendations for longer trails that could be stretched into a few days? Would it be worth the extra detour to Hot Springs NP?

Desolate /out/ Destinations

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I went to Arizona a few weeks back to the grand canyon parashant national monument, and it is among the most desolate places to be in within the continental USA. It’s about the size of Rhode Island and is the most desolate place I’ve ever been to. I bet there’s no one around for 30 or 40 miles at its most desolate. I went camping for a week there and it was so refreshing to not have anyone bother you. A jeep with a lift kit is a must if you’re traveling out there though, since the roads are very rarely traveled on.

Have any of you traveled to a particularly desolate place?
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is the hate between city and rural people a real thing irl or is it just a meme of this board?
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*ahem* Dogs are wild animals, not pets, they are not your friend, and they are most certainly NOT welcome in woods and on trails. Your demons with fur bother the squirrels and birds, they shit everywhere, and they come and pester me. No, it doesn't recognise the name you've given it, it doesn't love you, it doesn't understand what your saying, the reason it happened to walk near you after half an hour of your voice going hoarse shouting "Rex! Rexy! Rex! REX!! REX COME HERE! REEEEX! COME HERE BOY!! REX!!!" isn't because he's a very clever boy or he cares about you, it's because you're retarded. The next time one of your big rats comes near me I will do a public service and shoot your dog. I do not care what you think, I will be making the world a better place with 1 less pest ruining the serenity of nature just because you refuse to take responsibility and have a real fucking baby. Thank you for reading this public service announcement. Fuck you.
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Footwear Thread

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Any ideas where to find something close to these? I like them quite a lot but cannot source them. Been wanting to get some everyday leather derby/jump boots for inna city and light hiking - times I wouldn't rock my meindls. Any recs for high-quality boots with a similar shape and flash welt/sole available n roughout leather of a similar color?
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/out/let here. Is river water pretty much always safe if

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You boil/filter first?
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Is this the ultimate /out/ bike?
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