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How effective are cigarettes for making mosquitos and other bugs go away? I don't smoke but i figure they could be a cheap means of getting smoke into the air instead of a campfire in our dry forest.
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Summer Foraging Thread

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Post your recent hauls and recipes!

>>2076535 (spring edition)
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Does anyone else get irrationally angry at the phonies that inhabit this place? Any time I’ve been inside I just see fat senior citizens buying overpriced shit for imaginary outdoor activities they will never actually take part in. They will buy their lightweight titanium cookware, freeze dried meals and hiking sandals to a campground with a power hookup and drive into town to eat at restaurants and pretend to be outdoorsman. I have never once seen anyone in there that actually looks like they would know how to start a fire without a lighter. If I handed them a ferro rod they wouldn’t know what the fuck they were looking at.
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Dangerous Terrain Close Calls

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Have any of you guys had any close calls in sketchy terrain? Any slips, drops, falls, avalanches? What was your experience and how did you resolve it?

Motorhomes and RVs, what do you recommend?

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Hey guys, my wife and I are looking to travel around the southeast USA for awhile to find a place where we want to buy land and build a home. We were thinking to buy an RV or Motorhome to do this. I've never spent any time in one before though and don't know much.

What brands would you recommend? Any general thoughts/tips for someone just getting into this? Appreciate the help.
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I need a new cook set in stainless steel, What would you recommend from trangia for two pots, a lid, and a frying pan; I really like the trangia pan handles.
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Invasive Species General /ISG/ #2

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Previous thread: >>2151363

Thread dedicated to the Discussion of invasive species including but not limited to: Fish, Plants, mammals, insects or whatever could be considered invasive to any eco-system /out/ there.

Zebra mussels (A problem in my area)

>Zebra mussels are an invasive, fingernail-sized mollusk that is native to fresh waters in Eurasia. Their name comes from the dark, zig-zagged stripes on each shell.

>Zebra mussels probably arrived in the Great Lakes in the 1980s via ballast water that was discharged by large ships from Europe. They have spread rapidly throughout the Great Lakes region and into the large rivers of the eastern Mississippi drainage. They have also been found in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

>Zebra mussels negatively impact ecosystems in many ways. They filter out algae that native species need for food and they attach to--and incapacitate--native mussels. Power plants must also spend millions of dollars removing zebra mussels from clogged water intakes.

Do tell of some invasive species in your area, or that you just find generally interesting.
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Permits totally btfod me

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DUDE. This is so stupid
>trying to get permit so I can go backpacking for 3 days by 3fingered jack
>parking is a PCT parking lot
>oh that’s cool ig
>figure out I need a “wilderness permit for that specific trailhead”
>look online
>no permits available till next Wednesday
Wtf /out/ I just wanna go tomorrow .

If there’s a fee station should I just pay 15$ since I’m guessing it’ll be three days I’m out? Leave a note on my car? I have a NW forest pass already. I fucking hate this.
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>you wake up tomorrow with nothing but the clothes on your back in an earth completely untouched by man
How would you fare?
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what is there to do in this shit state

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