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the other van thread is about to die but..
Is anyone else starting to get disillusioned with this cunt?
>spends 6-7 episodes picking a new van and slapping an engine in it
>"oh noes we have to leave the US!"
>gets to Jersey, UK
>spends 6 months, unemployed working on his van
>his missus ditches him 2 months in, claiming "visa issues" even though Aussies can stay in the UK literally as long as they like
>has only JUST finished the insulation and carpeting/interior
>hasnt even got the wood slats in the walls/ceiling or the floor in yet
>"boo hoo it's taking SO long send me PATREON money guys"
>next episode looks like he's flying to Australia to see his missus

Is anyone a Member or Patreoned his shit? Is it gunna be another 15 episodes before he finishes fucking working on his van? Anyone even know the route they're taking?
Looking at the normal video he posted yesterday it looks like it was all filmed a year ago.
I just wanna know how fucking much longer this cunt is gunna spend fucking around and not just finishing his build.

Nate Murphy did his build in 2 fucking weeks. I know Ben's working with a rusted piece of shit VW but jesus man.
Hell even the Australian electrician kid is building his shit faster, and that dude's putting a shower & hot water system in his van.

tl;dr Why is he building so fucking slow?