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Profitable Hobbies

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I enjoy the profitable hobbies style threads and thought I'd post what I've been musing on, hopefully for criticisms and advices.
1)Ive got a dubia roach farm. Plan on selling the frass as organic goodies.
2)worm farm. selling compost and worm tea.
3) mushroom farm. Working on getting the reishis and portobelos grown. Would like to do oysters as well.
4)I also want to branch into exotic spices, saffron seems nice, if time consuming to harvest significant quantities. I am also experienced in organic extractions, so I figure i may also be able to sell the medical extracts.
5)Peppers. Ive grown some bells and jalepenos, i think i may begin growing moruga and other 'designer' peppers for local markets (open to other types to grow)
I am of course interested in more cheap products I can grow needing only minor amounts of space. Espec interesting/ez to grow valuable spices.

My game plan is to slowly unlock a completely self sustaining and profitable niche farm. next is chickens, then maybe pigs? might be dreaming too big too soon.