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Black Forest 3 day outing, distance advice

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I'm going on a 3 day weekend start of April
I land in Basel/Euroairport at 22:00 on Friday and must be back at the airport by 11:00 on Monday.
I'm starting the hike as far as I can at the end of public transport lines in Basel, and aim to reach the Feldberg, then I can catch a train in Feldberg Barental, 10k from the Feldberg, that gets me to the airport in 2:30h.

Total mileage: 80km/50miles. Is it overkill in 2 days? I'm 33, fit (I'll be running a marathon one month later), and I'll be carrying 12 kg (26.5 lbs)

Iwas thinking early rise at 5, get walking by 6, 2 30mn breaks, stop around 17:00, so 2 10 hour days, jogging in descent to make up from ascent and maintain average.
Has anyone done something like this and has any advice? Any info about the Westwweg also welcome.