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Gas Masks? For prepping and /out/.

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Greeting anons of /out/ I am well aware that my post may not fully align with the content of this board, but it is an adjacent topic. Prepping and /out/ share many adherents and topics. I wish to discuss genuine gas masks for example are P100 worth it? My purpose in acquiring a gas mask is to lessen the chances of getting infected with an virus, to avoid chemicals such as tear gas and to filter out common substances such as CO2 and sawdust. I understand that they are three letters N , P and R that mark whether they are oil resistant/proof. Furthermore, 95-99-100 have to deal with the particles filter out. My question is where do I purchase a real mask and how do I care for it? How do I make sure the gas mask I intend to buy is genuine and not some LARP costume? To the kind mods of this very fine board I assure you this is fully /out/ related. Gas masks to filter out C02 in case of a fire or something of the sort. If CIA releases a new version of Lymes disease, after all did create the first one, then they would come in rather handy. They could also be used to filter asbestos for those who explore buildings of old. But my purpose is to learn how to procure a decent one for a modest price. I am no niggard with my safety however and would not be opposed to purchase a more expensive product.