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Deep Dark Forest Cabin

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Ok bros, here's the situation.

I'm in the USA. I have relatives in Finland. My family owns some property in Finland. Some of this property is 2 acres of the deepest, darkest, low light forest you can imagine. Within these 2 acres is an old hermit hut. Basically this old timer lived in this tiny old man shack with no running water and no power, for decades. Fixing up the old man shack isn't an option, I think he built it himself and it's just not the kind of place that you'd like to stay in. It doesn't have good vibes and it's been abandoned for over a decade.

I would like to have it torn down and replaced with a new tiny cabin. However, I don't want to do any clearing. I like the deep dark spooky forest. It's only 2 acres but it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere because of how dense the forest is. I love it.

The question becomes, if I have a new cabin built, how rustic should it be? How big should it be? Do I want indoor plumbing, or should I just have an outhouse? I need a way to bathe, but that can be simply heating up a big pot of water on a fire stove. I've bathed this way before and I enjoy it - but I'd still need a place to bathe, maybe in a separate small sauna building?

As you can imagine costs skyrocket depending on how modern I want it to be. Indoor plumbing + sewer hookup would add a lot to the price I believe.

Do any of you have experience with cabins like this? I'll post a few pics of what I'm thinking of.

I do not have any pictures of the old man shack unfortunately. Pic is not the old man shack, the old man shack is even smaller and the forest is much much denser and darker.