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Best location for large scale homesteading.

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Lets get serious and non-larpy about what it will take to homestead. Say you needed a piece of land which was big enough not just for you but multiple other families, how much acreage would you need, and where would the cheapest place be to get it if you were-

-Focused on getting land in North America, or at least the Americas (Ether Uraguay or Chile if not Canada/US
-Were able to spend up to 100k on the piece of land itself
-Wanted to ensure that you would be both legally allowed and physically able to set up your own small grid/ensure your own water supply/have free range about building and mainting multiple houses on the property
-Wanted to make sure that wherever you settle doesnt end up becoming uninhabitable in a few decades for poltical or climactic reasons

Based on this ive narrowed down my two choices to Canada or Uraguay. Im from a warm climate so the latter sounds most ideal but it would be a challenge to manage all the beurocracy and maintain good relations with the locals nearby if you cant communicate on a first language basis. Canada has the space and the english language but a shorter growing season, and can suprisingly be quite restrictive with what homesteaders are allowed to do despite their frontier past.

Southern USA would be ideal and was my first choice but water scarcity in its south and west will fuck you up in a few decades if you want to settle there.

Anyone here have wisdom to share on this?