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In this essay I will demonstrate how urban environments can pragmatically be mostly reforested, using myself and city as a base template. The argument is that the vast majority of land area in a city is used for unnecessary purposes, and reforestation of those areas would not hinder comfort or safety of the citizens.

I am a NEET, though the second/third paragraphs will accomodate employed situations. I go to 4 to 6 different locations over the course of any given week. My apartment, the grocery store, a coffee shop, the gym, and then sometimes a fast food shop or walgreens. The only ones of these that are necessary for maintaining modern security and not shocking the system with radical changes, are my apartment and the grocery store. The walgreens is convenience and grocery stores can be bolstered to subsume their purpose, fast food is unnecessary and overall negative for comfort in the long run, and as for the gym and coffee shop... If one were to accomodate nature and leave large tracts of land forested and usable by the populace, a gym would not be necessary. One could work, build things, tend to crops, and play/walk in nature for exercise. For coffee shops, their main purpose is community. So large clearings can be made in the forest, with dirt grounds and rocks, tree stumps, and built wooden tables and chairs as furnishing. Individuals can be free to bring their own tea leaves, coffee grounds, and pastries, and boil water in small fire pits that the community tends to. There is no safety risk here if everyone is educated on proper usage.