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I almost doubled my miles from my first hike to my second, I’m feeling proud :)
Thank you so much /out/ for the support. I’ve got a big ass question though.
How the fuck do you spot snakes? It’s ridiculously tiring to walk for so long while having to keep an eye for those fuckers.
I also saw some Californians with hiking sticks, speakers, huge fucking backpacks, snap backs, and eating cliff bars while I was sitting down drawing some snakes and bugs. I guess cancer does spread after all.
Any serious recommendations for me to carry on an overnighter/2Nighters? I’m planning on capturing bugs, logging them in my book, and releasing them. I’ll be taking pictures of the bugs I can capture and pasting them on my book, animals too but if I can’t take a picture I’ll draw it out.
Love u out, you’ve kindled a passion in my heart