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>new on board
>check out sticky
>over half the links are 404
Can we have a beginner thread or something?

I want to go for shorter day-long hikes, and then over a few months extend them to 2-3 days as I pick up some practice and more equipment. My grandpa was a hunter and always talked about the forests fondly but I never got the chance to go along with him. Now I am an adult and we are supposed to keep our distance with others I think it is the perfect time to try and be like him.

I have this backpack, given to me by my father, I don't know if it is good enough for a day hike. Anon's advice was have my backpack not "make you look like a cityfag larper", not sure this applies. Seems like it has plenty of space, padded shoulder holders, and pockets.
I also really want a knife, and just like everyone who only seen one on pictures, I am tempted to get a big bowie knife. However I do know that I am to get actual use out of it since I don't plan on hunting, (maybe fishing but I have no idea how feasible is that with backpacks and no vehicle) so some babby's first knife tips would be welcome.
I have some durable shoes, but no boots, or something that is specifically said to be hiking shoes. Got somewhat waterproof pants that I am comfortable in, and can stand friction though.
I did watch some "what to bring on a day hike" videos, but then the guys talk about shit like camera and other obviously just sentimental things that are not really helping me per se.
I know basic things to not fucking litter (I am surprised

I know I am supposed to lurk, but it is pretty hard to find out when people are just memeing or mean what they post when you have no idea what they are talking about. Most of the youtubers just like the sound of their own voice talking but not saying anything. Don't want to be like that anon who started a forest fire over watching an anime.