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>be me age 15ish
>SWFLORIDA aka americas Retirement center
>live in a "city" with spotty wooded areas
>see someone i knew from school and we are riding bikes in this neighborhood im not from
>its got a bunch of half finished and abandoned houses/ creak beds aka streams dividing neighborhoods
>nothing crazy or extra ordinary, just the concrete and wood frames of structures.
>some of the homes that were finished I looked into through the window were basicly empty with one or 2 things in the front left by some previous tennet
>I never walked up to a house that didnt look abandoned, just exploring and walking around sometimes there was a door open or a window to crawl in and you got the thrill of being somewhere where you're not suppose to be
>keep going deeper and deeper
>none of the housed were finished or had any human life anywhere
>personally wanted to see how far we could go and the guy I was with didnt know the area that well
>think I saw some racoons or a possum wandering by
>right before we head back i swing by this backside of a house
>the bikes are leaned up against the side of the house
>tall grass and a creek with a mini dam thing we have to control the water a lot in this area of florida.
> I could swear I saw some shadowy figure on the other side of the creek but I looked back and there was nothing
>now desu i was not using my full potental of my brain when I decided to walk toward the creek becuase I had an ominous feeling about this. And the other guy I was with didnt move
>this sense of danger kept growing the closer I got to the creek until I just instinctively stopped halfway there
>to my left there was either a thick tree low to the ground or a mangrove/ same difference
> And from that direction I heard it it was difficult to pinpoint and it's honestly so difficult to describe.