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Head Carrying General (HCG)

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Some benefits of head carrying vs back or hand carrying:
>Burns less calories
>More comfortable
>Easy adjustment (no straps)
>Keeps the sun and rain away
>Peak aesthetics
>Scalable and modular (stackable tubs?)?
>Improves balance, posture
>Increase neck muscle size

It might not be suitable for hiking in the woods/bush due to branches. Wind or uneven ground is also a problem. But it's good for urban settings or open terrain.
I hope to use it on my daily commute of 5K and for shopping.
To learn it, I plan on putting my back pack into a trash can/small plastic tub, place that on a piece of rolled cloth and then on my head.
Supporting the load with a hand or two is acceptable for novice.
In the future I hope to graduate to a trolley which is flat and can be placed front/back face down on the head for better balance.

On a side note, I don't know much about tumpline, but it doesn't look as fun.

Do you head carry?
Do you know of western people/groups that do?
Any tips/guides? Thanks!