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Long distance bycycling

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Any anons who did long distance bicycling? Im planning to go solo on a almost 3000km(1800miles) bicycle tour through europe. I have been already training alot in the past few months(and previously bicycling alot in the past years) aswell as gearing up my bike(ergonomic handles, seat, carrier). My next "practice tour" will be 130km (80miles). My goal will be to do 50-100km per day to achieve the 3000km. Can anyone share their experience? What items are crucial to take with me(except repair kit lol). Especially food wise, what should i take with me? Water wont be such a problem, i'll take like 4 liters with me, or less, i can just buy new waterbottles at each village/city/town i pass.
For accomodation i have a tent and also a hammock with rainprotection. Im still not sure which one to take. The hammock is more lightweight and easier to set up, but requires 2trees, while a tent is heavier but more relieable.