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The fuck did I just witness?

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Innawoods in Door County, Wisconsin (pic related) on a moonless, pitch black night, not a wind moving, not a sound to be heard but the falling leaves... and in the trees in the distance, I see the palest, faintest light, moving incredibly slowly. Far too dim to be a human/flashlight. Maybe 100 yards away through the trees, I have to reposition to see it. I stood there looking at it for 5 minutes, mouth agape in awe, until I got spooked as hell from the darkness and silence and got back in my car and fell asleep immediately, dreaming of swimming through a perfect, crystal clear lake and finding a mysterious large cabin on the other side of the lake - as soon as I reach the cabin, I bolt awake.

What the fuck was it? I was 100% sober. This whole experience creeped me the hell out but the dream was nice I guess. Anyone know any folklore or mythology that could explain this?