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*ahem* Dogs are wild animals, not pets, they are not your friend, and they are most certainly NOT welcome in woods and on trails. Your demons with fur bother the squirrels and birds, they shit everywhere, and they come and pester me. No, it doesn't recognise the name you've given it, it doesn't love you, it doesn't understand what your saying, the reason it happened to walk near you after half an hour of your voice going hoarse shouting "Rex! Rexy! Rex! REX!! REX COME HERE! REEEEX! COME HERE BOY!! REX!!!" isn't because he's a very clever boy or he cares about you, it's because you're retarded. The next time one of your big rats comes near me I will do a public service and shoot your dog. I do not care what you think, I will be making the world a better place with 1 less pest ruining the serenity of nature just because you refuse to take responsibility and have a real fucking baby. Thank you for reading this public service announcement. Fuck you.
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