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bit of a crosspost from /x/, but what do yall do for more spiritual/paranormal protection when innawoods? I quit smoking a while back, but still smoke cigarellos packed with sage and a few other herbs when I hike, and keep a pack of spirits in my bag to offer to others. obviously I carry a gun, and to be honest it's more for tweakers and feral dogs, but ive been heavily considering sprinkling some white ash into the cavity of my hollowpoints and sealing it with a little wax. i kinda annoy my friends a bit about being a hardass when it comes to littering, but for me im far more concearned about pissing something off or bringing down bad luck on us all than anything else. I heavily listen to my gut, and if im trying to set up camp and the area ive picked suddenly starts to feel "unwelcome" I wont hesitate to repack everything and keep walking. often I pour out a good amount of whatever im drinking, both when I crack the bottle open, and when I leave, as a bit of an offering. does anyone else have their "thing" they do, or am I just an outdoorsy schizo?