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Predator Hunting & Trapping General

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>Want to learn to hunt Coyotes, study up online and from experienced friends
>Scout for Yotes, ask local ranchers where they have seen them
>Shower with scent remover and wear environment appropriate camo
>Find a good spot and set up with predator call around dusk
>Shooting position is down wind, obscured by brush and forest
>Don't make a peep
>Try various calls, include prey animals in distress, coyote pups in distress, females in heat, locators, etc.
>Don't see a single coyote, go home empty handed everytime

What the fuck, am I just retarded? I was told coyote hunting was fairly easy because it wasn't hard to lure them in. I'm a fairly inexperienced hunter but I've been able to get up close and personal to deer and moose. What am I doing wrong with these bastards?

Also, Coyote/Predator Hunting and Trapping General I suppose. Gonna be a cold winter boys