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Composition and meaning

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Hey /p/
Been shooting for around 2 years but only started doing it seriously since beginning of this summer.

I feel like i've got a lot of the technicals down like Exposure, DoF, and using manual mode to capture what i want and how i want.

But my pictures are usually boring

I feel that what is missing from my pictures is 2 things: Composition & underlying meaning.

My pictures only turn out as good as how interesting the subject alone allows for it be, yet i see these pictures of the most mundane shit that i just get pulled into.

Would greatly appreciate if you guys could post pictures where you feel the composition and/or meaning is very interesting. I would like to start collecting an inspirational library to cross examine and study to improve my shooting.

Pic is one i took in the beginning of november that i quite like, C&C welcome.
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The best camera is the one you have with you.

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Why hasn't anybody beaten the Minox B at this yet?
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how can you decide between similar photos

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say that you have a set of photos, and you need to present one, what thought process do you go through when deciding?
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Twitter bans images and videos of private individuals without consent.
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if any of you p-tards are in Shibuya at the moment
then make sure you catch Keiichi Nitta's new
Yu Shinoda exhibition, 篠田ゆう - ANGEL -

maybe grip a tee for us that can't make it?
i can send $20 extra for one of those prints!
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in your honest opinion, what are the top 5 photographic techniques that I should focus on,
so I can become so amazing at snapping art, that kawaii cunts will gaze into my eyes just like
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Large Photography dead?

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Is there a viable way to do LF photography digitally? I mean with all the movements, front and back?
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Best entry-midrange level mirrorless I can get with IBIS and low-light video performance? I've looked at models like the M50 mkII, Lumix G95, a6x00, and G9, but I don't wanna prematurely decide and end up with a lemon.
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