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film or digital? what will it be?
You guys have been pretty wrong in most of these threads.
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I hate this place. Why the fuck is this so popular?
I can understant why thots worship this place but are the serious photogs in this place?
>everything is low res
>no data behind photos
>basically no desktop support
>was never built around serious photography in mind, but mindless snapshits with filters.
even the dinosaur Flickr is way better than this shite, yet none you fags want to use it because thots wouldn't come see and like your dick pics.
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/gear/ - Gear Thread

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Blast from the past edition

Old thread: >>3861192

>All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread
>Redirect other gear-related threads to this thread
>Remember to be polite.
>This is the thread in which you can be a gearfag
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Fuji Appreciation General /FAG/ #5

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good camera hygiene edition

previous thread >>3846554
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hasselblad vs mamiya 7

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is hasselblad's 100mm f/3.5 as sharp as the mamiya 7's 80mm f/4
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Got the S21 Ultra

This camera is freaking incredible
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The cleanest and brightest mask in the ocean

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2021 World Press Photo Contests winner in the Environment, singles category
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MFT lenses

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I got into photography recently (used to take pictures on my phone) so I'm still learning about technical stuff, especially lenses.

I currently own an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with a Panasonic G 20mm f/1.7 II Pancake lens for street photography, and it's pretty good.

I'm looking for more recommendations on good lenses to diversify my experience, what else would you recommend, especially for autoportrait ? Should I go for a 50mm lens or more ?
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What is the scariest photo you have?
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Favorite Film Stock

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Mine's the good ole' E200... so far.
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