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Drop a photo and say what's on your mind anon
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Dear /p/.

I want to kindly ask you for opinions on photos I did. Quite some time ago, I did similar thread with similar theme (plastic girl model kit) and you helped me a lot back then but I want to know what I should do next to continue improving.

Based on what you said, I payed more attention to light sources and made sure to avoid overexposures while taking photos by checking histograms frequently (helps that my new-used D750 can show one on live view) but I still have some questions and doubts I want to ask for (in next posts due to reply limit).

Thanks in advance for every suggestions and the like.
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I recently decided to explore infrared photography, I bought an A6000 and I converted it myself. What do you think?
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macro thread
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Landscape thread

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I'll start
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Lads I'm heading into London town. Making a thtead now for the resulting snapshits. There will be updates too mofos.
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Summer 2021 Photos (north hemi)

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Post your recent photos that capture the essence of summer. I know it technically begins on the 20th in the northern hemisphere but I don't give a fuck. I'll start this thread with my photo.
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Why do modern lenses have so few aperture blades? It wasnt that uncommon to have upwards of 14 blades back in the old days, with almost perfectly circular apertures at all sizes.
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Film choice advice

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I shot film like 20 years ago when I was a kid, recently bought a camera and wanna try some

I wanna specific warm colors, maybe slightly yellowish, and currently trying to choice between Portra 400 and Ektar 100, Portra 800 seems pretty interesting as well, but it's too much imo for a start.

I also consider color rendering (especially wide open) of my lens, which is Voigtlander 58mm 1.4, sadly didn't find enough examples, only few, which tells me almost nothing

Maybe there's some other film which I'm not aware of, maybe some Fuji, or from less popular manufacturers (although, I can find Portra and Ekatar in my region, not so sure about less popular film).

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Film Simulation General

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/First edition/

Dump pics and discuss film simulation related stuff
The more it looks like film the better I guess

let's see if enough people are interested to make a general
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