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All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.

Redirection and answering questions in this thread is encouraged.

And don't forget, be polite!
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I just got back into photography after working exclusively with film in highschool. I'm mainly interested in astrophotography, so it would be neat to see some shots from people who have been doing it awhile.

Here's one of my first attempts.
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ITT: unbelievable photos done by professionals
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Canon PIXMA PRO-100S

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Hey! I´m very new at printers and such things, so I´ve been wondering, is Canon PIXMA PRO-100S a good printer for starting? I wanted to do mainly matte photos, but I´ve read it´s not that good with them. Also I was wondering if any of you own this printer and has photographs printed, could you take a photo and post it? I´m really curious! Also, if matte isn´t working well with this printer, what other paper would you suggest that I use that isn´t glossy. (I mainly take photos of forests and nature in general) Thanks in advance.
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motor madness: the return

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hello autobros, haven't been shooting much at all this year, but thought I'd try to revive the good old days of car/bikeposting
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Would you ever buy a manufacturer refurbished lens? Or are there too many potential pitfalls?
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7artisans lenses. What do you think of this brand? They are cheap but are they good? Any experience with them? I'm considering getting one
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Bisti Badlands

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Hello /p/, I made a trip recently to the Bisti Badlands in New Mexico. This area is famous for its eroded rock formations and mountainous valleys.
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A friend of mine said that i should not buy the Sony A6000 because my iPhone XS can take "almost as good photos", thoughts on this ?
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