Portrait thread

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Post, discuss, and r8 portraits.
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Are there any super wide primes? Like 10-11mm?
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>carefully take apart and clean lens
>shine light
>still smudgy at parts and little dots in some

Am i autistic or is this shit how its supposed to be?
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/gear/ - Gear Thread:

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Fish friendly cameras

Previous thread: >>3487649

All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.

Redirection and answering questions in this thread is encouraged.

And don't forget, be polite!
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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the most based film to ever do it edition

old thread: >>3485436
All analog/film photography related questions and general discussion is to take place in this thread.
35mm, 120, medium format, large format, instant, polaroid, instax, C41, E6, B&W, developing, scanning, labs, darkroom etc.
Post photos as often as possible, we want to see that beautiful grainy goodness!

useful links:

>posting in /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you're a portrafag
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>owns $50k of gear
>knows a lot about cameras and lenses
>knows nothing about taking a good photo
>claims to do a few photo jobs a month, doesn't have a portfolio
>his flickr is full of boomer memes and snapshits of flowers and girls on horses
>doesn't use affiliate links (based)
>this old nikon lens is really good and you should buy it. coincidentally i happen to have 15 copies that are just about to appear on ebay after i upload this video
>does unpaid tech-support for fujifilm
>fuck sony and fuck sigma
>knows ancient greek
what's his endgame?
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shot my first rolls of portra 160

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Confess your /p/hotographic sins
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how to achieve this

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anyone has some guess on how to get this in post or maybe what was used to make this?