Ol' reliable.

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What is a source of inspiration that always gets you into the mood to go out and take photos?

Is it an image? A book? A documentary? A family heirloom?

What puts you back in the zone /p/?
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/SQG/ - Stupid Questions General

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Previous >>3484707

Post stupid questions that need no extra thread. Use /gear/ for gear related stupid questions.
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Welp?! I guess it's time to buy that m43 for birbing then

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>"Canon and I have agreed to end our partnership by mutual agreement".
>I am not an Olympus Ambassador and I don't intend to be. I've said to Olympus that I will say what I find about the system, warts and all, and I'm certainly not being paid to use it. It's all my choice.
>My future direction is to stay independant and to use the best system each individual part of my business.
>right now I am using the Olympus system for my wildlife photography, the Canon 5D4 for underwater and am testing a Panasonic for my video work.
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Any thoughts on this

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took this on a trip to the northern mexican sierra with my family. And edited it on lightroom. I would like harsh but constructive criticism.
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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FujiActuallyCaresAgainFilm edition

old thread: >>3490334
All analog/film photography related questions and general discussion is to take place in this thread.
35mm, 120, medium format, large format, instant, polaroid, instax, C41, E6, B&W, developing, scanning, labs, darkroom etc.
Post photos as often as possible, we want to see that beautiful grainy goodness!

useful links:

>posting in /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you overexpose colour negatives on purpose
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Are the Foveon / Merrill // Quattro sensor cameras the best kept secret of amazing photography? Seriously, the images that you can get from cameras with a Foveon sensor absolute destroy shitty Bayer sensor cameras at every single level.
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Street portrature

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Love watching Invisible People interviews on youtube. Are there any street photographers that focus on them?

shot my first rolls of portra 160

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Every other board has a dick measuring contest, so let's have one too.

Post a picture of the camera that you own in this thread. Preferably a picture that you've taken of your own camera for a little more validity.
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