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Why can't we move away from jpegs? They're practically the worst from worst in compression and quality. There is shit ton of better and newer codecs around.
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/p/ culture

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Hi /p/
Longtime /mu/tant and photographer but I’ve never been to this board. What are your board’s best memes? How would you define /p/ culture?
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I shot my roommates dog

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The thing deserved to get shot. I was in the mood to shoot something and it was giving me a stupid look like it loves me or something.

Post some pictures of animals you've shot so i don't feel so alone.
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Which camera companies will survive?

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Confess your photographic sins /p/

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Do you all have any tips on how I can photograph a bird without it flying away? I managed to get a photo of a goose, but not a bird. The camera lens I am working with is a 70-210mm.
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Is full frame a meme?
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Cadiz, Spain

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Valdelagrana beach
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I cant be the only one who thinks that street photography is pretty creepy? Imagine coming home from work and some asshole takes your picture and frames it on his wall as "art" because its black and white.
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