/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread

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Stupid questions that need no extra thread. Post them here and get enlightened.
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a6400 = a6300 with firmware update & flip screen

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You guys wanna edit again? Call my composition shit and teach me how to edit.

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/gear/ - X-T30 and Eos RP

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X-T30 and Eos RP valentines launch day Edition

This is the thread where we discuss everything related to gear.
Don't be a jerk and be polite.

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>Post your most recent photo(s) that you wish to share and have others eviscerate.
>Please, post images that are JPG format, smaller than 1 MB, and/or about 2000 pixels on the long side.

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What do you think of lens kits for smartphones?
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Lisa Saad - Hack all along

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So she copies and pastes others work and calls it photography, wins awards and acclaim only to be busted several years later.


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Thoughts on using white border for aesthetic
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What is it about Sony cameras that attracts autism?

It amazes me that the camera series has such potential yet the user base has never achieved a single photograph worthy of mention.
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Did you actually ever use this """hacks"""?
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