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g-g-guys, i'm afeard!

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>revenue is down 13.3% and operating profit has fallen by 42.9%. Profit before income taxes is down by 40.6%.
>sales of high-end cameras has increased — year-on-year revenue fell by 21.1% with profits down by 84.7%
>The company has revised down its forecasts for imaging for the year ending March 31, 2020, acknowledging that it overestimated both the size and its share of the market, and that the “ Shift toward ML cameras and the product mix change in the full-frame category have not been accelerated as expected.” The report doesn’t seem to pull any punches, saying that sales plan for mirrorless cameras was “overestimated,” and the company more broadly suffered from “slow execution on drawn out decision making.”
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Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Weather Sealed Kit with 14-150mm Lens, 3" LCD, Black,

Need sealed kit for winter, and this fits nicely. $999 right now. Can I expect some price cuts for black friday?
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/MFT/ - General Party Thread

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Discuss and post party related Micro Four Thirds related messages in here!
You may bicker and argue about specifications as well.
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Comfy Food photo thread

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Everybody eats. Take a photo of your next meal. Doesn't matter what it is just try to make it look as good as possible.
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hello my friends

how does a poorfag get into photogaphy? where to start? I have 150$ saved up (yes i am deathly poor) but i think i have talent. If i get the right camera, even if it is cheap, i think i can make some nice photos to show. No my phone cannot take good pictures it is a android from 2011
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Thread for Nikon lovers. Post Nikon shots here, pour favour. And discuss Nikon related news and gear!
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First Photo Series: small town Cyberpunk

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Yes, I suck at editing. Rate pls.
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Okay /p/, It seems as though there is a lack of anything resembling good street photography on this board as of late, and being a lover of good street photography, I consider that a damn shame. Fret not, though, for I am here to right these grave injustices by sharing some of my more recent shots.

Look over my works and be amazed! Or, you know, don't. I don't care how you swing in regards to my photography, all are welcome here, but If you have the time, I sure would love appreciate some feedback.
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Beginner Thread

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1) Ignore troll threads
2) Find your earliest beginner shots that you liked
3) Post here with the year
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