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I just got back into photography after working exclusively with film in highschool. I'm mainly interested in astrophotography, so it would be neat to see some shots from people who have been doing it awhile.

Here's one of my first attempts.
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/gear/ - Gear Thread

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Previous thread: >>3517758

All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.

Redirection and answering questions in this thread is encouraged.

And don't forget, be polite!
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>I am forgotten
What’s next for m43?

/vid/ - Video General

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You're not special edition
All video related questions and discussion is intended for this thread. Here we discuss techniques, gear and anything else related to capturing video footage. Please don't pretend to be an expert if you don't know what you're talking about. Kindly leave your ego at the door.
Posting short films/scripts or other work you've done is encouraged.
We tend to use and recommend DSLRs/mirrorless cameras because they provide phenomenal picture quality for their price, have large sensors (ie the same size used in high-end cinema cameras and higher) and have interchangeable lenses.
In contrast, consumer camcorders normally have much smaller sensors and a fixed lens.

>STICKY - https://pastebin.com/8genEgUy
>Helpful guide, additional books and more in-depth FAQs - https://pastebin.com/kG0gRmTZ


Previous thread >>3495085
When did you realise that dynamic range was a meme?

Quick FAQS
>what’s the best camera available on a “budget”?
The blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k, by a considerable margin
>what’s a good beginner video camera?
Buy a used canon m50
>Can I use a zoom lens for video?
>Do I need cine lenses?
>Where can I find a good 4k lens?
Anywhere. Your stills have a much higher resolution than 4k. 4k lenses are a meme
>Do I need 4k?
No. It will make your footage look sharper if it’s in focus, and it gives you breathing room in post. But 1080p is still absolutely fine
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posting a few pics,wanna hear your thoughts on them
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/fgt/ - Film General Thread

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rollei film edition

old thread: >>3515622
All analog/film photography related questions and general discussion is to take place in this thread.
35mm, 120, medium format, large format, instant, polaroid, instax, C41, E6, B&W, developing, scanning, labs, darkroom etc.
Post photos as often as possible, we want to see that beautiful grainy goodness!

useful links:

>posting in /fgt/ doesn't make you gay, unless you shoot 120mm film
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"Let's make a video about shooting portraits in a tool shed! The shed doors act similar to large flats that you'd find in a studio! Please ignore the fact that it's 2019 and I never learned how to use a flash of shoot higher than f2.8."

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that the film photos are not terrible, Portra 400 has nice skin tones, but all her digital photos she went crazy with the processing and the model looks sunburnt or orange instead of making the skin look darker.

If only natural light and f1.2 - f1.4 gets you 515k YouTube subscribers, I must be doing something wrong.
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How many of you are on patreon?
I know models have the market cornered and will make the most money, but is it worth it for a photographer to join?

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Have you taken a photo today?
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