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/fgt/ Film General Thread

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Who makes the best film simulations?

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Ideally for lightroom. Obviously the real deal is best and the the Fuji jpegs look great. What's everyone else using?
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How are images such as this one made?

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>Shooting tungsten film stock on daylight

Based or cringe?
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Canon 200d

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I would like to replace the 18-55 1: 4-5.6 IS STM kit lens in my APSC camera. Is Sigma 17 50 2.8 the only right choice?
I will add that I photograph landscapes and portraits.
Canon 200d
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Panasonic GH2

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I've had my trusty Panny for 11 years now, along with a handful of old manual lenses. I'm broke and can't afford anything new but I feel like I've gotten to know the old girl, and have come to enjoy the "noisy sensor" aesthetic that is possible with the limited colour space and dynamic range. Here are some nice shots I have gathered over the years with what would typically be nobody's first choice for a stills camera.
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recent pic thread
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Hitler in color, AI optimized

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Whole photo gallery of Hitler in color on
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Eye-like daily driver camera

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What camera will have the least perspective distortion at close range and mimic the eye most closely?
If an object were 1 foot from both my eye and a camera, could they take approximately the same picture?
Also, are smartphone sensors superior because they possess micro-lenses on the sensor and the dslr sensors do not possess this?
If I only wanted to use a single lens system, never zoomed, and desired portability; would a smartphone be a logical choice then?


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post it in here

just got a h-alpha scope but weather is shit, I hate winter
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