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>All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread
>Redirect other gear-related threads to this thread
>Remember to be ashamed of posting gear posts on photography board
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Bros, since when has Fuji become such a good allrounder? They seemingly went from a hipster niche to perhaps the best models for generalist beginners in such a short timespan.
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It's titmouse time
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I went to a rave
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What’s /p/‘s opinion on the Calumet Caltar 90 f/8?

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I want some wide angle fun without the Super Angulon price tag. Worth it? 4x5 BTW.
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The perfect camera doesn't exis-......

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Zeiss ZX1 here to shake the camera world to its core
>Big dick full frame 37 mp
>small af, sleek af
>Rxir ii - BTFOO
>x100v - BTFO
>Q2 - fucking destroyed
>Ricoh GR3- lmao

Finally the perfect compact is here bros. Putting my car on craigslist as we speak
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Which 'RAW developer' app do you use?

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This past July I shot and developed my last roll of 35mm film and I'm almost all out (have 10 rolls left in a fridge but I won't touch those unless it's an emergency) and have bought a digital camera few days ago to finally move to digital age. I'm an amateur so I just do it for fun and don't make money off it.
Anyway, I started looking at various RAW software and quickly got lost in all of the options and features.
What do you guys use? What's the best? What's the comfiest?
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Astro thread

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Post your astro pics, get me inspired to shoot some astro again. Here are a couple of old ones.
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As requested, I'm starting my own thread. To begin, I'll repost a good list of people to look at for inspiration:
August Sander
Evelyn Hofer
Bruce Wrighton
Malick Sibide
Hiroh Kikai
Andrea Modica
Richard Avedon
Judith Joy Ross
Michael Joseph
Bryan Schutmaat
Bruce Davidson
Karlheinz Weinberg
Mike Disfamer
Katy Grannan
EJ Belloq
Peter Hujar
John Myer
David Hilliard
Larry Sultan
Doug Dubois
nother list
Zanele Muholi
Matthew Brady
Ilse Bing
Diane Arbus
Lee Miller
Vivian Maier
Lee Friedlander
Robert Mapplethorpe
Peter Hujar
Cindy Sherman
Phil Toledano
Nan Goldin
Elinor Carucci
Jen Davis
Latoya Ruby Frazier
Shen Wei
Evan Blaise Walsh
Jess Dugan
Pieter Hugo
Masahisa Fukase
Larry Clark
Elinor Carucci
Will Steacy
Duane Michaels
Phillip-Lorca Dicorcia
Tom Bianchi
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